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St Mina Version 2

Oct 1, 2004

    1. As per usual when it comes to my posts in the News section, i apologize if this has already been posted. :grin:

      My brother (whom i recently got addicted to dolls) told me he swore he saw two versions of St Mina and i promptly told him he was wrong and he sucked. But it turned out there IS another St. Mina. :|

      So yes. News: Customhouse have got up another St. Mina, except this one's smiling! *_*

      I still prefer the first sorrowful version :oops:

    2. I agree. I prefer version 1 too.

      "and i promptly told him he was wrong and he sucked"

      That's classic. :grin:
    3. Have to agree. I like the first Mina better. The smile on Mina2 seems too forced... but, maybe that's the beauty of it? hmmm :|
    4. I like the second MIna better, she looks less evil, I guess I am attracted to open-eyed dolls after all.

      - Therese
    5. Yeah... I like the 2nd Mina better XD
    6. I think I have to agree... I prefer the second one as well. ^_^ I'm not so much into the Saints heads though... >_<
    7. On the topic of saint-dolls.. do you reckon Demian and Mina #1 uses the same sculpt?

      - Therese
    8. *looks at them closely* Yeh... they seem really similar. They just opened the eyes a little for Mina and shaved the cheeks a teence.

    9. i have to say i like the first one ALOT better, i love her creepy sorrowful look... the first looks forced to me as well.
    10. I've never been too fond of them, either. But I have to say that I like the first one better. The second one just looks too cheerful to really be a Mina.
    11. yeah, maybe that's it. i like the first one because she looks so sorrowful. the second one just looks *weird* to me.
    12. yeah, maybe that's it. i like the first one because she looks so sorrowful. the second one just looks *weird* to me.
    13. ver 2 is so cute, may be i will customize my ver 1 additional head to be like that
    14. am suprised no one mentioned the BULGING :roll: eyes on v2! :o
      first thing i noticed :wink:
      why did they have to make a second version, i ask you?
      did we really need 2 versions of her? and what is this 2nd Mina all about?
      my apologies, but Mina v2 is without a doubt one of the ugliest dolls i've seen!
    15. I think she is the most beautiful one! of the 2. The first one makes me want to sink into a horrible depression, which I don't want that to happen :o . I didn't like her until the 2nd one. I am in love with her sweet face and Asian features. Number 2 Mina is awesome.... I might be getting a Mina after all. :chibi
    16. Sorry... that was me above. :roll:
    17. Thank you. I was getting a little worried that this was not the right place to post my excitement over having ordered St. Mina version 2.

      I'm new here - is everyone pretty much just blunt and opinionated?!

      I'm hoping for a YES answer to that. Just making sure I have a chance of fitting in!

      I went on Domuya pretty sure I was going to order a different doll, and saw her. I was instantly smitten. It was only later that I put together her face with that of the Unique Ai Damien (sp?) ... whose face haunts me.

      I am very excited! I hope to show her pretty - or ugly, whatever the taste may be - around here soon!
    18. I REALLY look forward to seeing your St. Mina 2. I think she looks so lovely and realistic (the first one looks too sad and bitter for me). As for being blunt and opinionated....well, some of us are that. There's nothing wrong with this, so long as you are polite when dishing out your opinions. :)
    19. I've been looking at Saint Mina v2 also...and thinking about getting her...I can't say that I think any of these dolls are "ugly". Some I like better than others, of course, but the only "ugly" doll I have seen was that one for sale on Yahoo Japan!! And that's a whole different thread!!!

      AZ :wink:

    20. Hi Guys:
      What is the basis of the "Saint" dolls? All I know they are characters in "The DollMaster" movie and what is that about?
      Are they dead children? Dead dolls? Dead children dolls? What? :?
      I love Mina version 2. She looks so precocious. Version 1 Mina definetly evokes the feeling of sadness, even inner despair. They are truly very unique!!
      Steph C.