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Stardoll discussion thread

Aug 3, 2007

    1. Has anyone else seen this page yet?



      It seems to be a new company. I am totally enamored with the Dreamgirls closed-eye versions!

      So anyone else want to share their thoughts? ^_^
    2. Hmmm. I saw those a few days ago, and they are pretty, but I don't really like how the heads are shaped.

      I wanna see some boys! :)
    3. Yeah, the heads look great from some angles, and kind of odd from others. I think the neck hole is set kind of close to the chin. I like her features though, and I really like the body, even though it's a bit slimmer than a lot of the 1/3rd SD girls. I love her hip bones. =P
    4. Interesting, they are made of French Resin as well, I really love the tanning one with the black swim suit, her makeup is just lovely.
    5. It's nice to see more and more females with full lips.
    6. anyone know where the website has gone? :?
    7. That's odd... maybe they're doing upgrades or site changes?
    8. anyone know what has happened to this company? I know this is kind of old news...but it seems they've basically dropped off the face of the earth...! Website isn't workin, either..
    9. @pinkeed I don't think the two are the same company. The website is korean and 5stardoll is based in china. Also I dont think 5stardoll ever released a sleeping/closed eye mold.
    10. O opps, you're right! Sorry about that.

      Stardolls are still being sold on ebay though, if anyone is interested.
    11. I seem to remember Stardoll once being associated with use of the copyrighted term Dollfie, and some other controversy. I've never seen them anywhere but eBay.
    12. Sunrise Art, LLC on eBay sells Star Doll (at an unbelievably low price, BTW -- $358 + shipping for a full set 1/3 SD)... does anybody have any information on quality??
    13. Stardoll (the one mentioned at the beginning of this thread) was a Korean company that is now defunct.

      Star Doll/Sunrise Art LLC (a.k.a. LDDoll, Laura's Dream Dolls, Jinjin Dolls, etc) is a bootleg making re-cast company (they primarily copy Volks dolls) that sells on Ebay based out of China.

      5Star Doll is again based out of China, but is not to be confused with "Star Doll" as it is a legitimate company that is carried through dealers like Mint on Card.

      Sunrise are a known bootleg company. There are threads about them here, here, and here. From what people have said after handling them the quality is poor and they are banned on the forum (as the company themselves claimed they were not re-casts although they are mainly slightly modified poor recasts of Volks dolls). You can read more about that here.