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Staring instead of playing

Aug 18, 2006

    1. I couldn't find a thread about this. I was wondering if there are any owners who to prefer to just look at their dolls than play with them. I find myself doing this a lot. The closest that I would do when it comes to playing is surfing the internet with a doll on my lap. Is that too bizarre to you guys?
    2. Of course that's not strange, I'm sure many people do that. I love to stare at them as much as I love to play with them, they're just so gorgeous! ^_^
    3. Yeah most of the time that's what I do, unless I's dressing her up for piccys
    4. I much prefer staring at my boys, I don't like touching them because then I have to clean them more often. Any contact I have with them outside of photoshoots and redressing is usually limited to them sitting in my lap while I wander the internet or watch a show, like you described. Enjoy your dolls the way you feel is right :)
    5. Ditto. They tend to sit around where I can see and enjoy them, though sometimes a month has passed without me actually picking one up.

      Sometimes I sit one where it is in my way, so I have to pick it up :)

    6. I play with my lot all the time... but sometimes I find myself just staring at them in wonder of how amazing they look. I should think a lot of people do. I mean, these dolls are so beautiful. ^_^
    7. I play with my boys sometimes - cuddling and posing and stuff. But usually they sit on my computer desk and keep me company. I especially enjoy staring at Radriel. D: He's just so pretty.
    8. Why, yes, I like to stare at my boys! I just take one of them out (they have to take turns because my eyes get tired trying to stare at all of them at once... XD) and sit him on my lap and stare. And feel happy. And stare some more. I love staring at them. (G doesn't mind it, Wish thinks I'm nuts anyway, KC tolerates it but my staring sessions do drive J a little crazy. Eventually he'd yell at me to stop.) 8D
    9. I do that a lot. Sometimes I'll do something with them, or just handle them to change their outfit/eyes/hair/etc. But yes, mostly I just look at them xD
    10. I'm with shimmeringcat, I find myself just standing my boy on my lap and just feeling that happy glow because he's just so darned gorgeous!
      I like to drink it all in, and savor the beauty. :)

      But I like to play too. ;)
    11. Same. I just love staring at them. ^^
    12. Yeah come to think of it, I rarely do a photoshoot. And mostly have him on my lap while surfing DoA :)
    13. At the moment Minx( Odelia) is going for a different look ;) ...I'm still making bits for it, but she just looks SO cute, that I can't stop staring at her...I also feel that as she is not perfect as such( has a bit of a gammy leg), I feel more comfortable holding her etc.,She definately has the strongest character out of my dolls so far....I:aheartbea her...
    14. I'm a starer as well. I do enjoy changing out their clothes and poses occasionally as well.
    15. *Raises hand* With me, it stems from the fact that I'm not a very active person to begin with. When I wake up, I have my shower right away, and then I pretty much sit in one place until it's time for bed. There are some physical issues going on that make it difficult for me to hold him, even if it's just in my lap (if you can imagine the sort of problems an epileptic might have in that area, it's akin to that, though I'm not epileptic myself), so I feel safer (and less irritated with constantly having to move him aside or otherwise adjust him) with him sitting beside my computer, where I can see him as soon as I glance up. He does get handled - I brush his hair if the cats muss it; or I'll adjust the way his head is tilted - but it's rare that I do anything more than that simply because of the amount of effort and frustration involved.
    16. I stare a lot at my dolls. I stare at them and think about clothes I want to make for them and eye colours and wigs etc that I would like to try out on them.
    17. I looooooooove to stare at them, but sometimes I hate it because of they're makeup getting worst by the time *I'm sorry, my English sucks >_<*
    18. My dolls are in my bedroom and face my bed and sometimes I just lay on the bed and look at them...I don't play with them that much..to me they are more to look at..but i do change their clothes and their wigs, and take pics once in a while...they are just far too expensive to treat them like a regular doll..
    19. When I recieve my dolls, I'm sure I'll be a starer ;)
      With my other dolls (e.g. Blythe, Pullip etc), I change their outfits and pose them (for pics) and sit them on my lap while I browse the internet, but that's it mainly ^_^
    20. I've only had my doll for just over a week, but I'd say I've done equal amounts of playing with her, and just sitting her in my lapt while I do something else.