Stars Are Falling BJD

Feb 22, 2021

    1. Hi guys!! I haven't found a thread for Stars Are Falling bjd's, so i created one. There are 2 heads 2 heads that I am currently eyeing. The Q head and the Rin - SP head. If anyone owns a Stars Are Falling head, please post your babies photos here.

      Taobao official store: Stars are falling - 淘寶海外
    2. I do not own any, but omg they are pretty!:chibi Everything is sold out sadly.

      I have found their weibo 微博

      for future reference.
    3. I'm waiting for pre-orders to open. But im at a lost as to which body to use.
    4. I used the own one! It was a Chian sculpt when the company was still called Papatu. I used a Dollzone and Dolleaves boy body as the heads are smaller. Beautiful sculpts. They also have an Instagram under papatu_saf. They won't really answer questions on how to buy though. They also listed that Universe doll will work too!

    5. Oww.. Amazing!! Do i read it right that you used to own one? Do you still have pics you can share?

      I stalked some doll owners from IG and from what I can gather they either used a fairy castle and luts kid45 body. I did read about Universe doll, but I'm looking for other options.
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    6. [​IMG]
      First photo is my Chian! He was on a Dolleaves boy body. The first one in WS. Second photo is the company for reference. He was cute! Hard to find nowadays! I hope you find a Rin and Q! I bet they'll be cute! And yes I think Luts does work too!

    7. Oh my Gosh!!! your doll is amazing! I hope i could get one too
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    8. Tysm! It was such a cute sculpt! I hope you can find one too! I bet you'll love it! :aheartbea

    9. I'm already inlove

      Btw, which skin did you buy? Does the skin color matched with the body?
    10. Ah he's been long sold out but I occasionally just like any doll they'll appear second hand. That's where I got him! He came to me on a Dolleaves boy body in WS. The resin was spot on but I'm not sure if DL has changed their resin since then!

    11. Ow. So you bought it secondhand with the body. I didnt realize the possibility of them being sold with a body on. Thanks a lot though. You've been a big help.❤
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