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Starting from Scratch

Aug 14, 2016

    1. Question, have you ever been out of the hobby so long that you had the urge to sell every doll you own and completely start over again? Due to being unemployed, I had to leave the hobby. Unfortunately 2 years later I am still in the same boat. But I still get on Flickr and other places to see all of your lovely dollies. I plan on returning to the hobby once I am stable again whenever that is. I took my dolls out today after keeping them in my closets for months. Looking at them, I couldn't help but feel guilty. It's like the parent in me just wants to give all of them a better home to someone who can actually do for them. Isn't that strange? Has anyone ever felt this way? Over the years my taste has changed and I just want a fresh start but at the same time, their are dolls that I have not even given a faceup to or got a body for. I just feel like maybe I rushed in this hobby way too fast.
    2. I just returned from a four-year leave of absence a couple of months ago. I only had one full doll and four floating heads, but I just picked right up where I left off when I got back into it (and ordered quite a few more dolls/heads/accessories). I can understand how you'd want to start over with a clear slate/home them in the meantime though, and it does sound like you rushed in a little too fast. If you have a desire to rehome them you probably should - especially since your tastes have changed. If you really wanted to keep them, you wouldn't feel like selling them. I did away with quite a few entries in my wishlist when I came back, but I'm just as attached to my one full doll as I ever was - actually, even more so, since unmentioned damage on him when I bought him secondhand contributed greatly to my leaving the hobby in the first place. If you want a fresh start, go for it!
    3. Thank you. I know that I will most likely sell a lot of my crew off. But I am waffling over the first doll that I bought with my own money and a floating head I never gave a chance. I don't exactly want to sell him I just want to buy him in a different skin tone. He's just very sentimental to me and stuck by me through a lot of hard times. Though he's just a doll there is something oh so magical about him that I find very difficult to trade in. And even if I keep him and by him a chocolate twin it would feel weird having them both around. But I definitely rushed. Decisions decisions.
    4. Have you considered dyeing or painting him? Maybe giving some of your existing collection a revamp will make you feel better about where you stand.
    5. I've been in your position before too. I almost had to sell all of my dolls at the beginning of the year, and am coming up on an event which could cause me to have to let more than I want to go. While I don't think there is anything wrong with starting over if you think that might be best, I would recommend keeping any dolls that you are really attached too - at least until the very end of selling off the others. It's no fun to sell something and regret it later.
    6. I usually switch between my hobbies, which can mean I sometimes go months without touching my dolls but they are still very special to me and I couldn't imagine selling even one. If I had that inkling that maybe they would be better off somewhere else or there's nothing more I could do with them, then they are long gone. If they hold sentimental value, they stay and I enjoy them on my own time :)
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    7. Omg I would be way too scared to do that to him. I definitely want to try and get him a new faceup in the future. I do love him dearly