Starting Over

Jul 5, 2017

    1. I almost don't want to bring up this topic but sometimes it does come to mind and before I know it, I'm awake all night thinking about it. Have anyone ever thought about starting over in the hobby or have done it? Staring anything over can make you anxious and I think that would be true in this hobby as well. Just wanna hear your thoughts and experience on this.
    2. I definitely have felt it, and in a way, I've sort of done it. I still have my first doll, but aside from him and his son, I haven't kept any of the same crew I had when I started the hobby. I've been in the hobby for nine years, and other than those two, I've had all of my current dolls for less than half that time, many for less than a year.

      I didn't do a sudden transition. I have had a larger collection over the past 7 or so years, and I gradually sold off dolls and bought others. I roleplay my dolls, and often when a certain RP became stressful or boring, or if I lost an very important RP partner, I'd sell off the dolls connected to theirs.

      One thing that did scare me is that Amir was the first and favorite for so long, then I slowly shifted to his son, Parker being my favorite. I thought of it like old generation passing the torch. But within the last few months, I've found my favoritism shifting again, this time to Luc and his friends and story, and that really scared me. Since I started the hobby, my entire crew and plotlines have focused on Amir and Parker. I had many other characters but they all related to those two in some form. Luc has a completely different story. Because I connect my dolls, Luc is aware of Amir (his roommate works or him) and Parker (mutual friends), but they don't connect and they don't hang out or anything. Their stories almost never cross. It's been weird for me realizing that my crew is shifting focus, and I've even worried about it, if I'll regret selling off the artist/musician crew in favor of the college crew.

      I think in the end, it's okay. It takes time to adjust, but if you're longing to change things and start over, there's a reason. If you've lost interest in your old dolls, it's time to try something new and exciting. If you're not 100% sure, maybe keep one or two favorites, but put them away in storage for a bit while planning or shopping for new dolls. See if you miss the old one, or if you're more excited for the new. That may help ease the anxiety of your choice.

      EDIT: I should maybe note that I'm the type of person who is almost always looking for new things to try and I'm easily bored and irritated at keeping anything in my life the same for too long, so that may also affect how often I buy and sell dolls.
    3. I've sort of started over. I used to collect primarily 1/4 sized dolls. Now I have one, my very first doll. The rest are either smaller or larger. (Mostly larger)

      I don't think it's too strange to want to start over. Your tastes change, so do the style of the dolls.
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    4. Well, I´m thinking about it a lot. When I found out about BJD I have bought my very first 1/4 body without thinking it out properly. So I do think, I´ll sell the body and buy a new one, propably SD and start collecing just SD´s.
    5. I started over like three years ago - sold most of my dolls and years worth of clothes to fully concentrate properly on one storyline and their 'needs'. So far I have no regretted it but instead think it was the best decision I've made, it certainly made me more happy with the hobby, my dolls and my creative involvement.
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    6. I have dolls I would never consider selling but there are others that I think are not right for a character or just don't like them as much so I sell them. Not a complete start over but a bit of a overhaul to make me happier with my collection.
    7. I do understand you feelings... had them myself back in 2008, crazily long ago, if you might ask.
      To be honest, I was still very young, 16 back then, and I saved up so incredibly much money aiming to buy one. But I was afraight. If spending a shit ton of money I'd rather spend on art materials or maybe saving up for my driver's license. So I didn't do it.

      All those years I was enjoying other people's dolls and face-ups, and I never got rid of the urging feeling of wanting one myself. So this year, after such a long time of thinking about it, I finally gave myself a go buying a second hand doll and giving her a new home which would be mine.

      And I couldn't be happier.

      Please take your time with that decision. It's not just 5 bucks, it's enormously much money - not only for the doll, but their clothing, maybe furniture, face-up material, etc.
      It's not just a toy you buy, it really becomes your friend who needs love and a caring hand maintaining their strings.
      This hobby - on the other hand - is one of the most beautiful things I can imagine next to drawing. It becomes your way of doing art, maybe expressing your own style or just living your ideal through the doll.

      Don't stress yourself. You'll be happier with it if you really outwait your decisions.
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    8. I am starting it over again . I left the bjd world for so long . I am sort of ready to start over . I still love my bjd but really like to get into smaller fashion doll size . A male doll now !!!! I really want one badly
      Plus I am ready to create some fashion for my bjd again .
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    9. I guess you could say that I'm starting over.

      At the moment, I still have my first doll. But, I'm looking at getting a new couple, if not crew, in by the end of next year. I hope it's within a year, as opposed to the end of 2018, but I know what this hobby is like for wait-times.

      I just never really fell in love with my first doll. I think I tried too hard with his character and bought him on impulse. Then again, he came at a time that was difficult. So, there was some affection and adoration there. I had somewhat bonded with him. Then he was 'abandoned' and ignored. I am slightly fearful of that occurring with the new dolls, but these have pre-existing characters that I adore. I am in the process of writing their story and wanted dolls representing the two main characters. If not their three friends as well. But, I don't want to spend all this money on a gang of dolls to have them just sitting on a shelf. So, I thought it would be better to stick with the pair. Plus, I'm getting them blank so I can do their faces. I can do a little more to personalise them. I might learn how to make wigs, so I can make the girl's and get her hair colour the way I see and want it. Because she's going to be 68-70cm, I may even have to learn how to make clothes for her too!

      But sometimes, when something doesn't feel right, it is better to either wipe the slate clean and start again or give it up as a bad job.
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    10. I'm doing that right now. Mostly because in the last year, many of the dolls I wanted didn't exist and the bjds I had were the next best thing that was available. I struggled with feeling guilty for wanting the newer better doll. Then I decided I'd be happier to sell the not so perfect one, and get the doll that fits. Just a few left to find new homes and I'm so happy with my collection now.
    11. I'm actually thinking about it now that my favorite company discontinued all of there older bodies and sculpts,I'm not a big fan of their new products. I have a lot of msd size dolls from dollzone, I'm thinking it's about time to downsize and maybe move on to bigger size bjds. If I do decide to change, Ill keep my new collection to about 4 dolls and then just be content with that.
    12. I'm really glad you guys replied. At the moment, I'm thinking about what I really want and it makes me relax a bit reading your stories and take on this.