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Starting them young... what age to collect BJDs?

Dec 26, 2005

    1. I was evil yesterday and took my ten year old neice to the LA Volks store. The night before, I'd brought four of my dolls to Christmas dinner at my sister's house and my neice had a lot of fun posing them so I could take pictures. She says she doesn't play with dolls anymore, but that mine are "cool." So I took her to the Volks store to show her stuff (and to buy her a Dollfie Plus and some accessories... she named her new doll Alexis after we painted her together) and she seemed to like it. She was quite taken with the display Yori (the night before she had really enjoyed playing with my Yori) and all the options for wigs and eyes and clothing.

      I told my sister that I was trying to get her daughter addicted to expensive dolls and that her new dollfie was just the gateway drug. My sister rolled her eyes at me, but whatever. Hehe.

      So, has anyone else here started a young girl or boy on the path to BJD obsession? I'd love to hear some stories. Personally, I think my neice is just a little too young to really appreciate a real BJD, but in another year or two, who knows? What do you all think?

    2. yes, cunning plan. My mom started me with Mme. Alexanders and antique dolls. My daughters are two and five months and I can't wait to start them. my two year old already has a zillion dollies.
    3. My son is ten and he has three BJDs of his own. *points to sig* Bomi, Jade and Harang are his ( He was adamant about them being in my signature XD) and he'll be getting a BF Jerome in the near future. ^^ He loves the minis and all his boys are based on his original characters.

      I got my four year old niece a head start by getting her a mini pullip for her last birthday, since she's not quite ready for the resin yet.
    4. Aww, I wish I had someone little to get addicted. :( I just gave my aunt the URLs to all the sites since she already collects some kind of baby dolls that cost alot and precious moments. I'm trying to get her to upgrade. Maybe after she sees one in person...
    5. XD Oh yes!
      My younger step-sister - she's ten..and she really adores Kai.. and when I take him over to my dad's at the weekends she'll sit with him in her lap and play with his hair and is absolutely determined that she's going to put her new knitting skills to work making him a scarf.

      I decided to be cruel, and I showed her the DoD website. She's fallen in love with Twing Key and now every time I go over - the words 'Can I have one?' come out of her mouth. XD

      My plan is to get her a little 27cm dollfie/obitsu to get her started, and paint it for her and things ^-^'
    6. My son is going to be four in February, and he's already wanting a BJD of his own--a mini boy, not an elf, with pink hair and purple eyes. I've already started teaching him how to be careful with them, and he's very trust-worthy around them. He doesn't touch without asking, but he does sit next to them and talk, or sometimes bring them toys or little books. I f igure he'll be ready for one of his own (with supervision) by the time he's five or six.
    7. Well, I've gotten my younger sister interested. She's eleven, and she's wanting a Kid Delf Nara. Hopefully she'll be able to save up eventually. :D
    8. aww~~ that's so nice of you buying your neice a dollfie plus! ^-^ I own one too!

      Today I tried to get one of my friends interested! She really likes my SD but she said that bjds are to expensive for her. Well she loves manga, anime and cosplay and need money for the stuff she uses for the costumes... ^^'
    9. all these stories are so cute!! ^_^ um.... i showed my three friends what dollfies are, since they've had to put up with my "i want a dollfie" pining for the past year or so since they've become my friend. i showed melissa oodles of piccies of el and lishe and now she wants one too. XD my friend crystal is absolutely obsessed with camine from DOD. she takes my notebook (i printed a piccie out and glued it on there) and drools over it all class period. hahahaha...
    10. My younger cousins don't understand the point in dolls ( they're four and almost seven year old boys), especially since they tried to stab my American Girl dolls eyes out... so I have no one younger to turn onto the BJD side....
      The two little girls I baby-sit for are curious, but they're more interested in the fact that I still play with dolls......
      I did manage to turn my friend on though and she's buying her own soon...

      As for my own fixation, I blame my parents, for buying me a Gene when I was eight and a Josefina from American Girls when I was nine....... the funny part about it is, when I went to pick out my Gene, the owner of the store was prepared to give me a big lecture about how Gene's are not Barbie's, until I told her I completely understood that I couldn't get them wet or cut-up their clothes or their hair.... she stared at me in disbelief for a second and then remarked to my dad that I was the most mature eight year old she'd ever met...
    11. Well, I got my mom hooked on BJDs, but I don't think that counts as starting young. But she got me started with Madame Alexander dolls, and making porcelain dolls when I was younger, so I'm just paying her back. XD
    12. Well, not being the youngest member of DoA, but one of them I would think, (16), I'm not too far off myself. ^^ But my 12 year-old sister is really growing attached to the DoD's U....
    13. Yeah... I'm the same way...
      I'm sixteen going on seventeen in the new year, but I've been into BJDs for about three or so years.....
    14. I have no one younger. ;_; I'm the youngest in my entire family (at age 16) and there are no other kids in my neighborhood. T_T

      I would LOVE to get someone addicted though. I do annoy my friends with Dollfie rants though. <3
    15. I have 4 female cousins living in England, I plan to take Blanche and Keyes with me next time we go over to visit, so I'm hoping I can corrupt them because they should be about the right age (9, 8, 6,5) to start going ooh, and realizing they are not Barbies. I'm just a bit worried though that Anna (the only one into dolls at the moment) will pull her whiney-princess act and force her parents to buy her one. >> do not want to be blamed for that...
    16. I almost want my niece to get one and have her lose interest and let me have it.... I think she might be able to talk my mother getting her one for her bitrthday in march... Hmmmmmm Maybe I can convince her to get a boy and then I can have three... hrrrrmmm * starts plotting* She's said she wants one and loves mine so I think that I could have her get one and rescue it if she loses interest... hehehehehehehhee....
    17. My five year old son loves to play with my BJD, but it's me who must "animate" them (thankfully).
      Luckily I have Czech friends who have schooled me in the proper Vampire accent, haha!

    18. I got my 9 year old sister hooked. We've both been interested in the hobby for about 8 months, and she already has her own doll. Her next goal: Isao.
    19. Does a year younger than me count? I'm 16 XDD
    20. My sister is 12 but she is way to much of a klutz to have a BJD. She is not all that careful with the dolls that she already has let alone one that is fairly fragile. She has not really shown any interest anyway.