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Stealing other doll's clothes!

May 31, 2007

    1. Hi! I was wondering what other dolls you can steal clothes from for your tinies? I was imagining you could use Kelly/Shelly clothes for some of the smaller girls but was wondering, would Amanda Jane dolls clothes be any good for some tiny bjd's? I only ask as I bought one on the flea market tonight for 25p imagining that would about be the size of some tinies..... she's between 18-20cm tall. Anyway, before i go buying a tiny, would be nice to know what i can do besides buying some of the way expensive tiny clothes.... you know.. until i can afford them ;)
    2. Depending on the size of the tiny. Some Bratz and Soda pop girls clothes fit.

      For the larger tinies mix and match barbie clothes fit
    3. Madame Alexander 8" things fit CherishDoll Chubby and will fit the Hana angel/devil with some waistline alterations (they are thinner than the MA dolls). I have bags full because I used to collect the international MAs and sold them all nude so I could keep their clothes for Tinies.
      I have some miniature-Barbie things (looks like a 1970's thing?) that fit my Elfdoll Tinies. and Kelly/Tommy clothes fit the Oriendoll So Ji's that I have and my Pipos Namoo.
      Roxydoll Becys can wear some Tonner Tiny Kitty things (if the waist isn't fitted) and some Barbie things, if they aren't too long.
    4. At the bottom of this nice article about Tinies in Dollicieux (online BJD magazine) is a chart that groups many tinies roughly by size and also lists some commercial dolls whose clothes may fit that group:


      And from my own experience and what I have read/seen....

      14cm Elfdoll - Some Kelly shoes (jellies, sandals, one straps), Kelly pants as capris, some Kelly short dresses as tops, Dawn clothes that are not tight in the waist and do not have tight sleeves (modern Checkerboard Dawn clothes are often shifts that fit), Bratz Babyz, Bratz Kidz, maybe Winx

      Banji - Mini Barbie Princess with sleeves removed and wide armholes, Bratz Babyz (not Kidz), Winx, Tiny Betsy shoes

      Bambicrony - some loose-cut or very stretchy Barbie clothes, Ann Estelle (a bit loose), Bitty Bethany (a bit loose), LeeAnn doll clothes (heard boy stuff is looser), some shoes made for commercial dolls (LeeAnn? Bitty Bethany?)

      Limhwa ToYou - Takara Jenny clothes, and loose Momoko/Blythe clothes (must have large enough armholes and sleeves)

    5. Cherishdoll can wear Ginny clothes, Bambicrony can wear some Patsyette clothing. Not all Kelly clothing fits my OD So-Dong, but a lot does. The tiny Bratz Baby stuff fits her too, as well as some of the dresses from the MA HappyMeal dolls. Soom Aren (and I assume Uyoo) fits almost all the Barbie stuff and Takara Jenny stuff. Don't know about NDL Lucy yet, she's on the way. The one night I had a Banji, I fit her in one of the Bratz Kidz outfits, but it's too tight for my OD. That's all I can contribute at this point. :)
    6. Notdoll Lucy wears Tonner's Tiny Betsy & Tiny Ann Estelle clothes the best, albeit a bit loose in the waist. I *heart* my Lucy!
      Roxy Yam wears Kish's Ellery very well as well as Tonner's Wee Patsy, although I have squeezed her into one or two Kelly/Sheely hand-made things. OD-Ji wears K/Shelly best and looks fine in Wee Patsy's togs.
      My new Pixie Lily wears Riley's things best and can fit Vogue Ginny's things (though they are too big in the waist) Shoes don't fit at all. Does any one fit Ginny's shoes? I have several pairs that need a home.
    7. A few more dolls and sizes I have that are not already mentioned:

      LaTi Green can wear some of Tonner's Ann Estelle items, if they are long enough. They are usually too wide for my tastes, though. Boneka 28 is perfect if the bodice is smocked or tighter. Boneka 24 works even better than 28, if the hem can be lengthened enough. Affordable Design's LeeAnn jeans do not fit, they are too short and tight. LeeAnn's shoes, skirts, blouses and dresses do fit nicely, though. Some of Kish's Bitty Bethany items will work, but mostly they are too wide.

      LaTi Yellow can wear Kish Ellery sizes, except for the hats or bonnets, they are too small. Boneka 15 fits perfectly. Kish Riley shoes work well, too. LTLine Fam also fits these same sizes.

      Serendipity Lovely Freyja can wear some of Tonner's Marley Wentworth and Ann Estelle outfits. She looks fabulous in the frothy pink Marley outfit named "Party of the Flowers," and the "City Style" jeans and coat outfit looks good, too. The long-waisted yellow Victorian dress does not look good on Lovely Freyja, though! It is just too long! She can wear Boneka 24 if the skirt can be lengthened. Ann Estelle items are usually too wide in the waist, but I have a few items that look nice on Lovely Freyja. I think the Ann Estelle dress that looks best is named "Flower Girl" and has a high waist and very long skirt. I have not found any shoes that I think fit well, they are usually too wide.

      Serendipity Cumi and AGA Fairy can wear very tight Boneka 15 and Riley shoes, and the 5 inch Madame Alexander fashions. Effanabee Wee Patsy fashions fit well, too.

      ElfDoll Hana and Orient Doll Joong can wear Riley and Tiny Betsy/Ann Estelle clothes. Sometimes they are too short, but it all depends on the style and what you like.

      Orient Doll So can wear Boneka 10.

      Hope this helps!

    8. I had a Wishel and I was able to get him into some Kelly and Tommy clothes. And I found an off-brand kelly type doll whose clothes also fit.
    9. I have 2 Orient Doll Sos and 2 Pocket Fairies.

      OD Sos: I found that some Kelly/Tommy clothes fit. Kelly shoes should fit the ODs (Tommy shoes do) but they are a tad difficult to get off the feet (or maybe I'm a little too delicate when it comes to pull shoes off but I don't want to break the string holding the feet on). The clothes that fit well are the tops/dresses that open completely in the back (I couldn't get the tops/dresses on that were partially sewn up the back). The pants fit but are difficult to get on (one must persevere) but are fine once on.

      Pocket Fairies: Madame Alexander's Petite Playhouse doll clothes work. :)

    10. im getting too tempted by tinies... more and more by the day! Now that I know it isn't impossible to clothe them for less than $40 I will probably most definately get one. :) I have my eye on Bobobie Erin, OD So Ji, Lati Yellow Miel, etc. lol My wants are huuuuuuuge.... my budget isn't.
    11. AR little Giennies fit the Kelly / Shelly clothing and shoes
      however I do not recomend the stiff mary jane shoes, they are a PITA to get off.
      Any of the rubbery shoes like the sandals or sneakers are good, and also the ballet flats (which are stiffer but no trouble due to the shape)
    12. Did I read somewhere that NDL Lucy can wear the Only Hearts Club clothes and shoes? I hope so, I bought a doll yesterday to strip for my Lucy when she finally arrives. :)
    13. Lucy looks great in Bratz (regular, not the new sister size), although the pants are too long, as are the sleeves. Same thing with the Only Hearts. The skirts and short sleeve tops look fine on her, although I only have the one outfit. I'm afraid to try & force the shoes on her as they may never come off!
    14. Lucy can wear some Barbie shoes. I have plain black pumps that fit her perfectly, and some white pumps that don't fit as well, and also white sneakers. More elaborate shoes don't seem to fit at all, and I think boots would be too hard to get off.
    15. Thanks SisterCuervo and Chraurelius. I have bunches of Barbie shoes I can try, and I'll be careful if I try the OHC shoes on her. The outfit should be ok. It's a skirt and top with long striped leggings. Now if she'll only get here! :)
    16. My Lucy and Wishel got a box of Kelly clothes as a gift and between them they can wear almost everything. Kelly tops are crop tops for Lucy and a little tight on Wishel but fit OD So's just right. Kelly shoes that are flexible can fit both if they have open toes. Barbie slides fit Lucy well. Lucy's legs are twice as long as an OD or Wishel so long pants come just below or at the knee. She is more slender than Wishel (who is guite chunky compared to So. but tiny compared to Erin.) Lucy has a MA Micky Meal Blue Fairy dress that I used as a pattern to make other things. Lucy's head is very small so a 4" wig needs to be firmly attached 3" would be better if you can find them. The only tinys I have actually owned or held are those three plus Namoo who spent only 10-12 hours at my home for a stop over on the way to Lolly's

      My Lovely Freyja can wear loose Vogue and MA dresses. I made her some shorts from the Yo patterns on DOA and knitted her a sweater.

      OHC shoes are way too big for Lucy beause she has very skinny feet, but would probably fit Eric or Erin

      Hope this helps someone.
    17. The 10-12" lines with childish/chubby bodies, like Cutie Delf & Petite Ai can wear Bleuette clothing, although it will be a little loose.

      Bleuette is a French doll who was made from c.1905-1950s or 60s. She is associated with a newsletter aimed at teaching little girls to sew, crochet, and knit. There are a lot of newsletters in that stretch of time, with lots of patterns to be used or adapted and used. :)
      There was also, a few years after the doll started, a commercial doll line.

      Ann in CT
    18. Nikki clothes fit Lati white. Even the shoes. Not sure if Mattel is still making Nikki though.

    19. Ok, reviving this because I need to ask what clothes can an OD Joong-Choo steal? :)
    20. Bratz (regular size) and Only Hearts Club is what I use. OHC shoes fit, but I think Blythe shoes fit too?