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Stick To What You Know?

Oct 13, 2010

    1. Since I got my first doll from Dollmore, I've been drawn to Dollmore stuff. I'd like to explore other companies, but I'm kind of impatient, and I'm afraid I'll need to wait a lot longer than I had with Dollmore (I'm not willing to wait months). Eventually, I'll branch out there and get stuff from other places (I've also dealt with Volks).

      But here's my question: Do you find yourself tending to stick with companies you dealt with before, or do you like to explore other companies? Even if you have branched out, and bought from other companies, have you ever found yourself drawn to ones you've used before?
    2. I think that if a person is 'stuck' on one company but interested in expanding, the best thing they can do is interact with a doll from a different company. For example, if you have friends with dolls, or if conventions are held in your town, give the other companies dolls a chance by really getting to know their bodies and their faces, etc.
      Its fine if you only like one brand- stick with it! but if you're just nervous, do the research on the new company your interested in, in order to assuage your fears.
    3. Yeah, I'm kinda stuck with Fairyland. I just love all of their molds (or most of them) and the body probably has the best design I've seen for BJD's so far. But there's one thing they lack, and it's everything else besides the doll! They're lacking on the clothes, shoes, eyes, wigs, accesories, furniture, etc department. So I buy everything else at Dollmore, Luts or at Nine9style.
      I would say the main reason why I'm stuck to Fairyland is because of the body design, I might buy heads from other companies in the future and make hybrids out of them with Fairyland bodies :)
    4. I love exploring :D When I'm looking for a doll, I normally browse a lot, and try to find a sculpt I like. So far, I've stuck with two companies (Luts and DZ), mainly, though many of the dolls in my WL are from several different companies. And I'm intending to complete that wishlist :D
    5. Three of my five dolls are from Iplehouse, including my first and latest, but I wouldn't attribute that to the fact that my first doll was an Iplehouse doll. Rather, I think I was drawn to Iplehouse because I just like their aesthetics. I'm really drawn to the way that they sculpt their bodies, and I often still fall for a body before a head sculpt (i.e. the EID woman's body!).

      I also have one complete doll from Soom (which was my second doll), as well as a body, and a head from MNM. My next planned doll is from AiL.
      Hehe, though I admit that after that...it's a long line from Iplehouse again!

      It has often been said around the forum that individual companies will have a certain look, and that their different sculpts could be brothers or sisters to each other. So I think it just stands to reason that if you fall in love with a certain doll, you will probably be drawn to other sculpts from that same company. ^_^
    6. I love almost all the different companies, I have dolls from Luts, Bobobie, Nobilitydoll, Leekworld, Orientdoll, Dollzone, and fairyland, I make a lot of my clothes or I get them here off the the MP, I also love the different sizes, so far the only one that I don't have is a 70cm and up, I love checking out the different companies threw most of my friends, several of them have dolls outside of my section and it's actually what got me into Luts dolls, I fell in love with the Delf molds and also the Kid delfs, I really want to get a Bory! I searched and searched, but over all it was seeing and holding the other dolls that made me a fan and got me to buy all different types.
    7. I get dolls based on what kind of scuplts I like, or what goes best with the character I have in mind. I have dolls from lots of different companies like Luts, Fairyland, Angel of Dream, Dream of Doll, Dollmore, And Doll in Mind. I am getting a minifee and a pukifee in the mail though, so that would bring up my total of Fairyland dolls to 4. And I hope to bring home a dollshe boy and an EID boy rom Iplehouse one day.

      Though super long wait times discourage me too. I do research on how long the average wait time is so I know what to expect.
    8. I crave variety. Crave it. I'm that way in real life, too. So as far as the hobby goes I couldn't stick to a single company even if I tried. I do have my preferences but when I look at my doll shelf I love surrounding myself with different styles, resin colors, joints. The more types, the merrier in this BJD household!

      I do find myself being a "repeat customer" to certain companies, and some companies pop up on my wishlist more often than others... but I think that is because I am drawn to a certain style of sculpting more than anything else.

      If the wait is what concerns you, you could always consider the second-hand market. ;)
    9. I will generally base where I buy my dolls from on the customer service of the company in question by researching about them (check out their feedback, if I enquire about something, how fast their response is or if they bother responding at all). I also like to know if people have had problems with them in the past and what was done about the problems.

      I won't order dolls from a certain company (which shall remain nameless) after a bad experience with them despite the fact that I do like their sculpts a lot but it isn't worth the hassle.

      But yes, if I've had a great experience with a company, I will be more tempted to go and look at their available dolls first before trying a company I've not dealt with before. I'd rather give my hard earned money to a company who cares about their customers rather than ones that don't regardless of how nice their sculpts might be.
    10. I do a bit of both. I explore new companies or individuals; there are many individual seamstresses that have their own sites but aren't actually a company who's work I really like and often buy. Though I'd be lying if I said there weren't certain companies I am more drawn to buy from because I know I can count on the quality of their items or their service.

      I am a bit hesitate with some companies as I either can't find much said about them on the forum, their website doesn't have much information and/or they have bad feedback of sorts (long wait times, bad communication, bad quality, etc) by other users on the forum.
    11. Well, I'll admit; I'm a Lutsaholic... Whenever I think of wanting new wigs or eyes or clothes, I think Luts. As far as my wishlist goes, there are more Luts dolls I want than from any other individual company... But! I definitely want to broaden my horizons and try lots of different companies... At first, I only liked Luts dolls... I wanted and liked other dolls, but if I had to stick to only one company it would be Luts in a heartbeat. Since going to doll meets in my city, though I've found myself being interested in other companies and heck, even other sizes (before, I really only liked MSDs... I appreciated other sizes, but generally didn't want them for myself. But seeing an SD in person changed that very quickly >___<)
      So I agree with Linzabeth, if you find yourself clinging to one company or type of doll, seeing other dolls in person can easily change that <3
    12. Firstly I'd just like to say that I'm a dollmore fan forever and beyond- I got my Cass (a Maunier Adam) from them, and I've never loved a doll more (no pun intended! lol) But I think it's also good to branch out, even if you do have to wait for long periods of time. I waited nearly three months for Maika my Bobobie An, and he was my first doll. Admittedly, that wait was the reason I went out and got Edissen, but still. I love the fact that all my dolls are different- and more importantly, I absolutely REFUSE to pay for the same thing twice. This applies to bodies. I have active plans to hybridize at least half of my doll collection now and in future, because I like several sculpts from the same company. However, I like multiple companies. Dollmore is great- I'm not going to lie, and I'll be a customer for life- but I think it's good to branch out and get different things. Just don't limit yourself if you see a doll you love and it's from another company- you never know how you'll feel until you get it home!
    13. I agree with shirahime. I recently in the past months, had a bad experience from a popular doll company. Not to say the least, I unsubscribed from them. I should have paid more attention to the feedbacks but I didn't and I had to go through a lot of hassle with the company. I did branch out from Volks to this doll company, but ever since this bad experience, I have to be more cautious. And Yes, I do tend like to stick to Volks because I love their dolls but at the same time, I'm also open-minded to any future companies that does well.
    14. The only reason why I'm addicted to Fairyland is because of their dolls. The wait was soooo long. @.@ But I love their dolls. They all have this thing about them. <3
      But I do wanna buy from Iplehouse. I love the square lips! <3
    15. I prefer some companies (dollstown, volks), but that doesn't mean I don't look for other dolls. I still have two Iplehouse dolls I want to buy and I do tend to like these rare artist dolls and Unoas.

      So no, I don't stick to what I know, but I do have favorites.

      Edit: I just realized I have doll heads and bodies from eight different companies. Heh, I'm less loyal to companies than I thought!
    16. I love to explore companies! While I've only had the money to purchase from 4 different ones, I love seeing and looking at new companies, and my wish list is pretty varied in terms of companies. I admit I love FL and I have two puki's and one MNF incoming (and a floating MNF head), but I adore my Bambicrony! I love the Limhwa style, Ariadoll and Angell Studio are amazing, also Unoa. I think that's the fun part of this hobby for me, there are so many 'flavors' and I want to try them all! :D
      But I don't think I have favorites in terms of companies, I do have favorites in terms of dolls though.
    17. I also love to explore companies. I don't think of any particular website when I want to go looking for 'that perfect sculpt' or clothes, etc.
      All four of my dolls are from different companies and the next three I'm currently planning on will also be from different companies. XD Although there are another two I'm thinking of getting sometime from Luts which would bring my Luts dolls into the lead with three from there!
      I'm not sure if I did this deliberately without realising or if it just happened that way... But it's fun! I like collecting different doll boxes and communicating with other companies. :P
    18. I prefer having dolls from different companies. I like seeing how their overall style is different, and I also like seeing how different the bodies especially in joint engineering. I have had dolls from ResinSoul, Luts, Popodoll and F-doll bodies, a head from Dollshe and a tiny from Felixdoll. My next planned doll is from Dollmore. While I enjoy experiencing different dolls from different companies, I do end up preferring some companies over others. I don't think I'd ever end up with all my dolls from just one company however.
    19. Although I shop around at different doll companies, I do return to some when I really like their dolls. I like to have all sorts of different dolls, but why shouldn't I get another from the same company if I like their dolls? ;)
    20. While I wouldn't go exclusively with one company, I limit myself to a handful of them. There's more than enough on my wishlist just from the companies I already like to keep me going for years!

      Now that I've tried more companies, I'm actually less likely to branch out again. I haven't had any negative experiences in terms of customer service or anything like that, it's just reinforced my priorities in terms of quality and style. That said, I am waiting on my first doll from Fairyland :sweat.