Stocky girl body?

Feb 24, 2020

    1. I've seen a few curvy/fat/chubby sculpts that are really great but they all have a pear shape body type (which is indeed lovely) But I'm wondering if there is a stocky heavyset type girl doll out there! I'm still new to this hobby (I've got my first doll though!) so I'm not so sure where to look! Thank you! c:
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    2. What size/style are you looking for? Off the top of my head, Summerbird Viola is good for a 1/4 scale stylized doll. LegrandDoll Lidia might also work. For the 1/3 scale, Rubinesque Beauty Claudette may work.
    3. Ah thank you! I was thinking of a 1/4 scale! Viola is too pear shaped and delicate for what I’m looking for but Claudette is closer to my idea! Though she is a 1/3 scale so not something I would try to find ^^
      I think another way to describe it would be like a stocky/heavyset strongwoman type body
    4. Claudette actually has a preorder open for a 1/4 version going right now! I recently ordered one :chibi

      Unfortunately muscular female dolls are hard to come by, especially in 1/4 scale. Dollicioso's Isabella has sort of a thicker, stronger body type, but she's small... about 33 cm.
    5. Thank you both! I figured more muscular stocky girl dolls would be a bit scarce! I’ll have to keep these in mind since Claudette is too much money for me right now ^^ but she is lovely!
    6. I own the 1/3 Paulette (Claudette’s sister), and I put off buying her for years due to the price, finally took the plunge last year and I have zero regrets. This girl was supposed to be a side character to my crew and has quickly become my favorite doll. She is 100% worth the high price! <3

      The biggest problem is that standard BJD clothes do not fit her at all, so I have to make every single piece of clothing for her, but the artist included a ton of simple patterns with her, so it’s really not a big deal at all. :D