Store your floating heads?!

Oct 10, 2020

    1. So I got sick of not having my floating heads where I can see them, and last week, I realized I could possibly stick them in baseball display cases. It turned out they seemed a bit small... good for minifees maybe, but then I saw this multi baseball display case, and voila! Perfect! Now my floating heads, and sleeping heads, etc... have n easily accessible and safer than on an open shelf place to be. Plus I can see them clearly and enjoy them, and switch them to a body if need be. Only my coconut headed Impldoll Plaice is having a hard time in there, even with all the hair they fit!!
      Someday they'll be cleaned up and placed better in there, but first... a wig stand....!
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    2. That’s actually a really cool idea! You can display your dolls in a stylish way, keep them organized, and still enjoy their face ups.
      I also noticed you said that with this display you have easy accesses to switching them to a body. Are these heads going to stay as floating heads? Do you save space by just keeping a couple of bodies and then switching out their heads?
      Sorry for the questions it just kinda of interested me.
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    3. I wish I remembered where I saw it but someone stored their floating heads in a tea cup cubby. It was really cute.

      I try to store my heads on a bust if they have a face up. If they are blank, I have them wear a beanie so they don't have any accidents. They just kinda sit on the shelf waiting to be whole :'< someday....
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    4. I would love to keep all my floating heads in clear plastic containers like the ones DIM used to send their MNM heads in, years ago. They are very useful for storing larger heads, but still letting me see which head is where. I only own six of those, that came with my MNM I got directly from DIM, but own four more floating heads I would love to keep in those as well. I have "a lot" of floating heads, but I never had any plans on getting bodies for most (only had plans for one). I don't want to display them however, just keep them safely organized inside my closet, away from most light and heat, and from my seven fur babies. DX
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    5. Mine and my BF's heads are stored in with a face mask in a plastic baggie inside of an Impldoll carrier along with the tons of fantasy parts and weapons he has. XD

      There are a few doll busts I've been eyeing for the heads that have face ups, but as of now they're stored away.
    6. I've never seen anyone do that before! It's a really neat way of displaying them, and at the same time reminding yourself of what you've got.

      (Mine lie around in a dark drawer, staring sadly into each other's empty eye sockets and wishing that I would give them some love. Quite honestly, that's the way I prefer it; looking at them makes me feel so very, the Anne Boleyn thing they've got going on is a li'l bit creepy to me. :sweat)
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    7. I don't currently own any floating heads, but when I do, I store them away. Each of my dolls has a shoebox size tote with all of their things. The floating heads go in their own tote in a chest of drawers until they get a body. Or get sold...
    8. I currently own 2 floating heads, one is on a bust and the other is in her original box.
      Ideally, I would like them to get bodies sooner rather than later but the bust/box system works for now.
    9. I really like this! Baseball storage and teacup display... interesting. I made a cardboard box with dividers, stuffed with paper towels... which is fine, but I really like the idea of having them displayed. My brain tells me all the time: I collect heads just because I like them, not necessarily with the intention of making a full doll of them, so what's the point if they're not displayed? Thanks for the idea!
    10. my floating head(hopefully soon to be plural) is set up on a little stand I made out of spare parts. That container is a really cool idea, especially when you have multiple! Making stands for all of them doesent feel super efficient haha
    11. This is such a cool idea for floating heads!