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Stories of Doll Irony/Coincidence

Feb 14, 2011

    1. I know it's probably happened to at least some of us...
      You see a doll you want, and suddenly that doll crops up everywhere and it seems like it's haunting you. Or you find an outfit for your doll, and then an opportunity comes along that gives you the chance to buy it.

      I know I've had my share, such as seeing a beautiful CD Yeon-Ho for the first time and afterwards saying I MUST get that doll, I see him EVERYWHERE and it drives me nuts!!!

      Or saying that I shouldn't buy more dolly things and then, the perfect one just slaps you in the face! It's not always frustrating, and sometimes it's a god send that you find them.

      My questions are:

      What experiences have you had good/bad of 'doll irony'?

      Has that made you want the doll more? Or do you feel you're now 'destined' to have it in your collection?

      How do you typically handle it when this happens?

      (mods feel free to merge or delete if this topic has already been covered, thanks)

      Thanks for sharing!
    2. I've had a few bits of doll irony myself. The most recent was with two certain pairs of doll shoes.

      So, there were these two pairs of doll shoes I have been hunting down for about a year and a half. They came with two different limited fullsets from 2005 and because of this they were really hard to find and when you did find them, they were really expensive and it was never possible to buy just the shoes alone. :doh

      I had oddly found one of those limited pairs of shoes alone 6 months ago though - only to get it and have it be crushed by the packager of the item and they denied it, so I ended up with a broken item and I wasn't able to get any money back. But still, I kept on searching and kept on searching. Then finally, I just gave up in a rage. I was tired of looking, tired of getting ripped off, tired of getting disappointed... :...(

      And of course at this point, what pops up in my face...? Both pairs of limited edition shoes, brand new! :o Someone who I always greatly admired within the doll hobby messaged me to say she was interesting in getting the fullsets (or rather just one of them) for the clothes and asked me if I would like the shoes from that set and she said she would buy the other set and sell me the shoes if I wanted them, too. Now those long-awaited shoes that I hunted down for ages but was unable to find, until I stopped looking are on their way to me. I now find it amusing how when I searched for them, it was like they ran away from me. Then when I stopped searching, they came running at me lol.
    3. Wow, that's some determination!
      Why does it seem like clothes put people on this
      wild goose chase that seems to last only until you're
      too broke to care, or you give up? lol

      I'm so glad you found your shoes!
      That was very kind of them.
      I wanted this outfit from NDoll
      and they abruptly stopped selling it
      as soon as I was interested in purchasing
      it. @@

      But it was still available on their
      Japanese site so that was a taunt.
    4. That's not really ironic is it? It seems more coincidental... @OP examples

      I adored IH Ashanti's pic, but she was sold out when I first saw it. Then they released Benny and omg perfect doll love. She was everything I loved in Ashanti and a size I was familiar and comfortable with. Wonderful timing and coincidence, but not ironic. Especially since they started the CDS...THAT could be ironic if I hadn't got the fullset. You "kill" yourself trying to get a limited doll, just the doll, only for it to turn around and not be limited a few months later?

      I love IH's SID outfit Le Roi Danse and wished for something simmilar for a smaller doll. I started to look through the commission's forum, and then Dollheart's Romance at the Palace collection went on pre-order. One of the suits is exactly what I want and the colors are great for the doll it's intended for. Happy coincidence, yes! Ironic, no.

      I don't feel like the doll or outfit were "meant to be" and I didn't want them any more because of the timing. That tends to happen a lot. I handle such occurances either by squeeing in delight because I listened to my intuition or howling in frustration because I didn't.
    5. That depends on which meaning of irony you're referring to, I believe there are at least eleven meanings to the word irony. (Yes, I am a dictionary nerd) One of the stated meanings of irony includes an outcome of events which is contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.

      Such as expecting to be empty-handed and live forever without an item only to have it in your hands a second after saying that.

      -Edit- Ah, I figured you meant the most recent post since nothing was quoted. My apologies for the misunderstanding. -Edit-
    6. Oh yes, plenty of this recently . . .

      I fall into the "shouldn't be spending money on doll things right now" category, but then the perfect outfit popped up on Rosen Lied and I thought, "Well maybe just one."

      Well, the outfit, which was limited, sold out before I could get it, so that was the end of that.

      Except a week later they came out with another great outfit, which I bought. Along with a wig and some shoes (just to make the shipping worth it, of course).

      At the same time, Fairyland finally came out with just the perfect outfit for my poor neglected MNF boy (you have no idea how hard it is to find clothes for MNF boys) and I figured I'd be kicking myself later if I didn't get it, so I did.

      And it wouldn't be good to have the perfect outfit without any shoes, so I bought some from DDE.

      Finally, with my wallet crying, the limited outfit I had originally wanted from Rosen Lied miraculously came back in stock (someone must've cancelled). :doh
    7. Like Rikka said, there are several different definitions of the word 'irony' but I chose
      it to keep it more general since not everyone comes out with 'the upper-hand'.

      I think both words are a good match though! ^^
      Coincidence is probably a more general way to put it.

      Though I'm glad you got your outfit Silverholly.
      Benny has such a sweet and innocent face, as well as
      like you said, probably being easier to work with.

      Yeah, and sometimes the original simply
      gives you the idea, and then there's the alternative.

      And wow Chaos, you had that dolly luck on your side!!
      Although we end up as broke as a joke are dollies are happy, right?lol
      You sound like me when I end up looking through Luts' site. lol
    8. What experiences have you had good/bad of 'doll irony'?
      A couple come to mind. One would be the fact that I had a character come from a doll head I hadn't intended to keep - Crobidoll Nao. The stubborn fellow grew one, and said character is now being used in stories. Then Crobidoll comes out with Zack, who's actually more suited to the character, and I snatched him up, him being a one-time-only LE. :sweat. So Not-staying Nao's fate is up in the air again.

      Another would be the fact that I attended numerous Dolpas, put my name in for more One-off Williamses than I can count, and then a few months after I got home, I won one on the VolksUSA lottery on the first try.

      Has that made you want the doll more? Or do you feel you're now 'destined' to have it in your collection?
      For Zack, it really did feel like dolly destiny. For Williams, I'm still not sure just how I'm going to relate to him, because he's not here yet. It does feel like the end of a long slog is coming to the end.

      How do you typically handle it when this happens?
      I angst briefly, then just go with it, to the detriment of my bank account :sweat.
    9. Hmm. My doll irony is actually based around the characters of my dolls, more than the actual process of shopping for dollies. When I first wanted to get Lief and Cain, I shopped everywhere for them, trying to find the perfect sculpt for my two angels. Their plot revolves around a couple of concepts, but in summary, Mars features a lot, as do the names of the Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, etc.) Anyway. I finally found my dolls, and Lief's sculpt name was Raphael (One of the archangels) and Cain was Mars. (Where most of the action takes place in the story.) The only way it could have been more perfect was if Lief's sculpt was called 'Gabriel', because that's his role.

      As for what it made me think: I thought it was a huge coincidence, but a nice one - like it was something helping me choose which sculpt to buy. I get compliments from people reading my story all the time, that the dolls look like the characters in their head, but whether this is image-projection or not, I'm not sure. It's nice, though, either way.
    10. The bad: I ordered a SoulDoll Paris (this was back at the end of 2005) only to have them start running a basic kit sale at a much lower price a week later :doh I constantly miss sales.

      Suddenly needing to buy some article of clothing that I could've sworn I'd seen plenty of, and then as soon as I need it, I can't find it!

      The indifferent: This isn't necessarily good or bad -- just a tad frustrating, but there's nothing like seeing a doll I would really like to have, at a great price... at a time when I probably shouldn't spend the money. Even though I could most likely put the money back into my account in relatively short order, it still makes me uneasy to spend it. And this is why I try and stay away from the marketplace unless I KNOW for a fact that I'm prepared to plunk down the money for a doll.
    11. While I don't consider it irony, but rather a fortuitous and unexpected outcome, I recently had an experience like your examples. (For those debating the choice of "irony" in the thread title, check this out. The disagreement here is stemming from the fact that while one of the definitions of "irony" does have an appropriate denotation for what the OP is trying to say, the common usage of the word, and the connotations of it, tend to be negative rather than positive. This makes the positive examples in the first post seem counter-intuitive. A word being accurate from the standpoint of definition does not automatically make it the best word to use. However, they are not actually wrong, and neither is the title.)

      Anyway, on to my own story.

      I have wanted to own a Dollti SD-sized boy since back when they were being sold by the company in 2005-2006. The boy I wanted the most was Dollti D, in normal skin, but I did like Wooyan and Mooyan as well. I had planned to buy one, and begun setting money aside, and then they suddenly discontinued sales without warning and disappeared. I searched in vain. Then the company reappeared sometime in 2008 or 2009 (I don't remember which), but they were selling tiny Oz-themed dolls, and not their previous models. I was hopeful, and kept watching the site, but they never re-released the larger boys and girls. Then their site disappeared again, and it seemed like I would never get one. Still, I kept looking. Since only 25 of each doll were meant to be produced (I think the breakdown was 22 normal skin, 1 white skin, and 2 tan skin, but I might be off on that), and of those 25, not all were released, it seemed that my chances of getting my hands on any Dollti boy, much less the D that I really wanted, were very slim.

      Imagine my surprise when in August of 2010, several Dollti dolls suddenly popped up on eBay. The listings were obviously written by someone who wasn't fluent in English, and seemed to indicate that this was a "sale of old leftover stock" by the original Dollti company! Of course, it seemed rather suspicious at first, but several members of DoA, including myself, made contact with the seller and he was able to provide pictures that appeared to confirm that these were in fact the original Dollti dolls that the company had never gotten around to selling back when they were first manufacturing them, and that they had been sitting in their boxes in someone's closet or spare room or warehouse for the past 4-5 years or so.

      The seller stated that there were several girls left, but only one boy, a Dollti D in white skin. I watched the auction like a hawk. His faceup was gorgeous, just blew me away. I was in love with it. The financial aspect would be tight, because there had been no advance warning and I hadn't had any money set aside, but I would be able to afford him as long as he didn't go over $600 or so. Still, a little voice in the back of my head kept saying, "But...you don't want him in white skin. You want him in normal, or maybe tan. You don't really favor white skin dolls."

      The end of the auction approached, and I bid. Then another user outbid me. I hesitated, still torn about the fact that he was white skin, and finally decided to go for it. But my internet connection was a bit laggy, and I didn't get my bid placed in time! I had lost him. It seemed that I would never get my Dollti D after all, in any skin tone. And to make it even worse, he sold for only around $450, much less than the tentative "maximum" I had set for myself! I was devastated. I kicked myself about it for weeks afterward, and kept going back to look at the pictures of him that I had saved.

      Then near the end of September, a friend here on DoA whose normal skin Dollti D I had restrung way back in 2005 messaged me without warning and said, "Hey, I know you once wanted one of these Dollti guys. I've decided to pare down my collection a bit and I'm going to be selling mine. Did you still want one, or should I list him for sale?"

      I was both completely flabbergasted and totally over the moon. Needless to say, I now own my long-coveted Dollti D, and he is exactly as I had always hoped he would be. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    12. Kiyakotari -- that is a fantastic tale. Fabulous!!

      I don't have any really wonderful stories of delight like that, but I have a bunch of the frustrating ones. The "How come there were five bazillion pairs of THIS particular style of boot on ebay a month ago and now there are none to be found ANYWHERE?" and the "for pete's sake... there are always inexpensive whiteskin bodies floating around DoA unless I need one now.." ;)

      and the having a must-get uber limited that would not be denied pop up immediately after having done a no-no and purchased a second EID on Custom Doll System. Couldn't get a normal skin, for which I could pay layaway. NooOOOOooo, of course not. The credit card, it wept. You try to be good, and responsible, and all that and poof. :) (at least it's poof in a happy way!)
    13. I don't really have any awesome stories like that, though I was happy to bring home one of my Grail Dolls this year.

      I didn't know at the time that SOOM did layaway when they released Glot and Glati, and when I found out months later it was already very much too late. From then on any time I saw a Glati on the market it was either way out of my price range or I simply had no money to spare for dolls. Last month a friend of mine had decided to sell hers, and waited for me to get my tax return in so that I could buy him. I was ecstatic, and now he's home with me. ^__^

      I don't think it was meant to be or anything like that, just that I have an awesome friend.
    14. @ Timid: That boy of yours is a total fighter, lol.
      I've actually had that happen with characters before and it's never not memorable.
      It's like they absolutely take over your brain/space/time and long to exist, huh?
      I hope the character himself stays, I think he deserves it!:lol:

      @ Chibihaku: Hey, I should read your story one day!
      I love angels/archangels===>>points to Avatar. It does sound
      really cool and the doll thing was a bit creepy. But in a good way.:lol:

      @ Taco:
      That happened with me and my Pan. His price dropped for a free face-up
      a week after a ordered him. I wanted to kick myself. lol
      And you have a Paris?! I'd love to see him!:D

      @ Kiyakotari:

      That was a an amazing story of ups and downs. I felt like was reading a heartfelt book.
      Am I happy you got your boy? That was true searching. And a great friend!
      And thanks for the excerpt. The fireworks part was funny. I think I'll take Silverholly's advice and add the coincidence in the title. I don't want people to keep getting confused.

      @Baakay: Right, aren't clothes the worst for that little trick?

      @cyberia: I know what you mean about Glati! I want one soooo bad!
      He's so adorable! And when Soom came out with the second sale I didn't get him because I wanted the Dream Caller or at least the WS.
    15. Kiyakotari, that's so amazing you finally got him home in the end.

      What is UP with that? I'll suddenly need a wig in a certain style I swear I've seen everywhere, and then there won't be a thing like it anywhere. How do the wigs know I'm coming? :lol:
    16. Wow...I think this started right from the begining of my doll hobby. After I got my first I started looking at MNF for my second...I was saving up to buy him and then the mold just happened to show up on the marketplace.

      Infact that`s happened twice more. The most recent being my DIM Ace that I just got off the marketplace.....it`s very odd how dolls that I want seem to suddenly crop up on the marketplace. I see them on the website say `oh this mold would be perfect for so and so` and then bam! I find them suddenly for second hand on the marketplace...usually for a great deal. New posts too...not ones that have been there for awhile.

      Infact I was talking to a friend of mine about thinking a Dikadoll mold would be perfect for a certain character that we both love and then suddenly he was right there on the marketplace the same night, a mold that I`ve never seen on the marketplace before. Its very odd. O_o

      I`ve gotten several of my dolls this way...sometimes sooner then I planned because they were to good to pass up. It`s great in a way....but in another it`s a little hard on the ole bank account. hehe
    17. I really like the minifee bodies...but didn't find many sculpts I like (only one that really calls to me is Seorin) ...I was going through photostories the other day and loved someone's doll...though I could not tell what he was (er his mold anyway)...when I asked....Seorin. :| Then I found another on flickr that had been heavily modded; really loved the doll, didn't recognize this mold. Tagged as Seorin. It's driving me crazy !
      He's my goal doll this year.
    18. I pretty much cried when Soom's young artist covell sold out right as I had built up enough money to put him on layaway. He stayed that way for quite some time and I resolved I'd have to find him on market later, but I guess some people let go of their layaways because all the sudden he was available again, and I happily proceeded with a layaway to bring him home. He hasn't sold out again, which is a shame, because he's absolutely gorgeous in person and I love him to bits. :3
    19. Nothing complicated here, just purely coincidental and a bit strange. xD

      About two or three years ago, when I started looking at and longing for Volks dolls, I had a 'what if..' concept about a very cutesy, white-skin doll that Volks might release. THE 'Perfect Dolly' for me. I even had some embarrassing daydreams about it. *laugh*

      First, I found a one-off Volks Aya that was unfortunately out of the price range for a poor student like me so I gave up on it but secretly kept it bookmarked for a while. Some time passed and my interest in this hobby sort of waned. And about the end of last year, Volks released Lieselotte and I was gone. She was the grail that I never knew was my grail? Haha. It was like Volks read my mind (scary O_O). Before the lottery though, I thought my chances of obtaining her were nil. From the looks of things, she was already super popular and I felt that everyone would get her before I would. And this is when things got kind of funky. Before the the official announcements, I had a dream of Lieselotte and Charlotte and someone saying in a very playful tone, "There will be 1.75 millions released!" And then I won both Lieselotte and Charlotte. To my chagrin. Because I had no money for Lieselotte. BUT, Rochelle from KDL takes layaway so I got her. And hey, she was less money than that Volks Aya to boot, so I totally felt like I won there. :lol:

      She is the concept that I looked for in a doll since I first entered this hobby so I'm done searching for what I wanted. :)
    20. I just remembered another one. On two separate occasions while in the line to look at One-offs at a Dolpa, I spotted gorgeous One-offs that I wasn't quite close enough to ID the sculpt of. My reaction was, Wow, who is THAT?

      I get closer and in both cases they were Maki Ts. Yeah, I keep falling in love with One-off versions of a sculpt I already own. And don't need twins of. :sweat