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Storing Extra Parts (hands, feet, etc.)

May 8, 2019

    1. This has probably been asked before, but my search-fu failed me. (Pointers to existing threads appreciated.)

      I've got various resin hands, feet, tails, ears, etc. for various dolls and would like to find a convenient container to store them for easy access but that won't have them rattling around getting broken. Wrapping them all in bubble wrap or foam padding or the like makes it a hassle to pick out the parts I'm looking for.

      Currently I'm leaning towards just taking a shallow box with a flap type lid (think say the shape to hold a keyboard) and lining it with a layer of foam on top and bottom and having that hold things in place, but given I have tinies to SD maybe that's not even the best idea.

      Anyone have any better suggestions?
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    2. If you're not transporting the stuff at all you could really just store it in some plastic drawer bin or a tacklebox with all those little sections? Resin is pretty strong but if you don't feel comfortable you could just line those with some foam or something.
    3. I found a large Chinese brocade presentation/gift box that works nicely, like this but taller. It's already padded on the inside so I stack everything in it. Looks nice sitting there so I don't have to hide it away.
    4. I plan on using an wooden essential oil case , there are a few different sizes too
    5. I use my dollboxes. All hands, feet, and spare parts get put in small clear clear baggies, then smooshed between pillows. I even do this with my floating heads. Eventually though, I think I'll get a velvet lined organizer that's easier to travel with. It won't have to hold all the parts, but allow me to bring at least a few options.
    6. Tea boxes! At least for smaller parts they are great, because you have different compartments and they are high enough that the part in question doesn't need to be too slim for the box to still close. However, would probably still put in some lining (a tissue at least), in case the wood is stained or otherwise prepared. You can get them with a glass top as well, that way you can see already what's inside without opening them.
      I personally have most of my extra parts just bubblewrapped in a box though, because I never use them (they are my "in case I ever sell this doll I want to be able to sell it in full" parts, like high heel feet). I so rarely use my extra parts anyway that wrapping them up and storing them in a bin is fine with me.
      The only ones I once in a while use are weapons, and those are wrapped in a thin sheet and lying on a cushion inside a drawer.
    7. Hm, this isn't something I've used, but what about one of those foam cases for tabletop minis? They have the pre-made foam compartments.

      Personally, I have a hat box and bubble wrap my extra parts and keep them there because I don't use them often either. The ones I do use more (like extra hands for certain dolls) I have in little spare doll boxes (like from doll boots or heads) with cotton stuffing between them.
    8. I have little drawstring cloth bags (made from recycled sari so they look nice too) I put them in. I wrap the pieces in bubble wrap and put as many pieces as I can fit in. Each doll has their own bag (if they have extra pieces) then I'll put them in the box I store their clothes in.
    9. I store smaller parts, like hands in one of those plastic, divided trays, with the lid that snaps down. I keep that in a vintage overnight/train case and just have my other, larger spare parts, like leg parts, etc, in the case in plastic bags to keep them together. I haven't had any problems with anything getting damaged. The only problem I have had is the parts that have been stored usually stay more white and less yellowed than the doll they belong to. Some train/overnight cases also come with trays that would be great for holding the hands and feet and smaller extra parts.
    10. Thanks for the suggestions. I have various of the plastic divided tray type containers but was a little more worried than many here about possible damage from them rattling around inside those slots. Perhaps I'm being overly cautious.

      @Lady Ravenswood my listed idea is actually from miniatures storage. I have some miniatures with *very* delicate parts and found squeezing them between layers of soft foam worked great at keeping them safe. The hassle being they sometimes stick in the foam when you pull the top layer off. Nothing's ever as simple as it seems it should be. :XD:
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    11. Most of my dolls bigger extra parts, mainly the Soom fairies' wings and legs, are in their boxes in bubble wrap or the pillow carriers they came with. I have an extra head in a little padded box it happens to fit in perfectly..
    12. I mostly keep mine in the doll boxes, but if it's something I might swap out regularly, I keep them in the plastic tub with the doll's clothes.
    13. I love extra parts, sadly I only own older BJD, and it wasn't really a thing for BJD companies to have tons of extra parts when I purchased most of my dolls. I only own one that had the option of two different sets of hands, and a dreaming face plate. His box comes with a black-foam tray right on top of him with a lid, so I keep all his hands there inside their original baggies, and store him without any hands in his cutout (because the hands are blushed and I don't want to damage them). I own a lot of extra parts from OT figures and toys, so I store those in mini-plastic containers with lids -- there's no fear of breakage with those pieces, however. The containers are translucent, so you could put a padded lining to prevent damage, and still see the parts you store inside easily. Most of them are stackable as well, so it frees up some room if space is an issue, they are inexpensive and come in many shapes and sizes as well. (:
    14. Well..."You think it's a cookie box, but it's filled with sewing stuff". In my case is "You think it's a cookie box, but it's filled with bjd parts and accessories". Grandma's right, cookie box is indeed human's best friend. :kitty2
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    15. I keep mine mostly in head boxes, Dollheart clothing boxes and other small boxes, then all in one of those Kallax drawers from Ikea. Heads are in a second drawer. Dolls I'm not using but also not selling in a third drawer. Some of the heads are wrapped, if they have faceups (mostly my extra heads) but none of the parts are really cushioned. They're all just in boxes.
    16. I think an old cigar box would work, it depends on the size of the pieces though. I have one I just put some old foam in and cut out little pieces for the parts to fit in. It's kind of complicated but it works wonders!
    17. I keep them in their original boxes wrapped in bubble wrap and under my dolls' bed so they yellow (more or less) at the same rate as the doll and don't become mismatched but are both still out of the way and easily accessible.
    18. You could probably look into jewelry storage ideas as many are padded and made to resist scratches but I think your plan sounds lovely!
    19. Not the most environmentally friendly solution, unfortunately, but it works really perfectly for me:
      I keep my extra parts in small clear plastic bags with a ziplock and plenty of the little bags go into a bigger sturdy box or drawer compartment.
      As I keep them mostly in a drawer, the slightly stiff plastic bags are protective enough & keep the small parts from rattling around.
      It has the added value, that you can see easily what is contained. Or if you are forgetful like me, you can write the information on the outside (which is basically, why I came up with this).
      Taking things out again is easier than bubblewrap, too.
      I use Ziploc Minis from Toppits a lot ;-)
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    20. Divided plastic boxes for jewelry works fine for me! I recommend it but I put the parts in a plastic bag first, then I put them in boxes... ^^