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Story About Volks at the American International Toy Fair

Feb 26, 2005

    1. Oh my gawd, if that happened, my head would KERSPLODE! :DDDD!!!!
    2. Aiiieeee~~ I want to go already. 8D<3
    3. Thanks for posting this - how exciting!!!
    4. :love x 600,000 etc. That's my fan response! Thank you for even considering Volks!
      And thanks for posting this up. :)
    5. That'd be so awesome! I hope it'd be in New York, not Los Angeles or somewhere way far away. :D
    6. I know where ever a Volks showroom/boutique opened in the US, it would be far away from me...but I would definitely make a special trip to get there!! So excited, can't wait to see if it pans out!

    7. Please, please, please let it be in NYC!
    8. Hi! Glad you liked our coverage. I wrote the report for ASMzine, and my husband and I took the pictures in the gallery together. Our website (alteredstatesmag.com, also asmzine.com) usually covers action figures and science fiction-y stuff, but over the last few years, we've branched out to cover fashion dolls and related collectables. I really really wanted to go in and see Volks at their Toy Fair booth this year, and fortunately we were able to do so!

      Unfortunately, a lot of the people were away doing a photo shoot with Isao... so we couldn't get pictures of all the dolls. Still, it was wonderful to get to see what they had there.
    9. Last Sunday night, the editor of FDQ Magazine, Pat Henry along with Doug James (CED Fashion Dolls) and myself went out to dinner with all the Volks Folks who attended ToyFair. We all had a lovely time.
      Anyway, during dinner Shino told me that right after ToyFair, she & Akari would be meeting up with their parents (Mr. & Mrs. Shigeta) in LA to begin looking around for a possible site for the Showroom.
      I think it will be wonderful to have Volks in the U.S. Once it is here, it should be a bit easier and quicker to get items shipped (also less expensive). Let's keep our fingers crossed.
    10. Damn sounds like they are looking in LA

      I want New York City too!!
    11. I'd love if it was on the west coat, but in reality as long as it's in the US it'll be more attainable than the ones in Asia (For the next few years, anyway - I'm moving to Japan evetually, so....)!
    12. *waves little flag* C'mon California, then I can road trip over there. :3
    13. I wonder if they will need faceup artists stateside? (Looks at Volks with sad puppy eyes)
    14. It's great to hear that a shop may be in the US, but I'm a bit bummed that it will be in LA. :( I travel all over the east coast, but rarely go to the west coast. Jim and I have talked about going back to CA for a visit but planned on avoiding LA. I guess we'll have a change in plans if a Volks shop is there! :lol: I haven't lost hope that a store will open in NYC.
    15. Dude it would be totally awesome if it were in LA. *is only a 45 minute drive from there* I would be soooo poor though XD
    16. OMiGaWD!!!

      They should put a store in the Mall of America... shit, that'd be awesome. It's a super-not-far drive for me! Plus... they're doubling the size of the mall so it'll be the biggest in the world. That'd be freaking amazing if they put it here.

      Oh my... *faints*