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Jan 1, 2021

    1. I could not find a thread for this awesome maker so I made one. I'm waffling on whether to get Horus from Bjdivas with their good layaways but leaning towards it. Is anyone else considering or has anyone taken the plunge already?
    2. I'm glad he's offered through BJDivas. Much more tempting and much more feasible hehe.
    3. I'm in a split order, BJDivas assists with those. :3
    4. What parts will you be getting? And what are your plans for them? I read on the makers site that with the exception of heads that most of Horus parts don't hybrid well because his rather unique measurements.
    5. I'll get the body, maybe an extra pair of hands on top. A friend of mine is interested in the head. If we dont find people for everything BJDivas is trying to fit in other people. :3
      Yeah, he has especially broad shoulders. For the head he's mostly 5-7mm off of the normal neck circumference. Should be able to make that fit. He either gets a Ringdoll or Loongsoul doll head. With some nice coloring in the Face up the skin tones shouldnt be much of a problem. Right now I am just planning a normal nice black suit for him. It should look nice with those shoulders. I have the bonus of my grandma being a seamstress, and helping me. Don't have to worry about finding fitting outfits. ^^ I'll see where he goes, I prefer to make that up when I have the doll here and a feeling for him.
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    6. OMG, if I could just get the Horus head to fit another body I'd be all over it. It's beyond gorgeous! <3 Only...I don't like the sort of derpy human head, which doesn't really seem to fit, to me, at least. Want, but just can't justify. I hope someone gets him...I would so love to admire!!
    7. The human head isn't my taste either. I think it's the lips, at least for me :/
    8. Definitely the lips. :sweat
    9. The human head definitely had a weird version of duck face going on. I think with a good face up it can be minimized though.
    10. I think you're right. Would so love to see him with a better faceup!
    11. I'm also in a split right now, grabbing the human head (I agree he's a bit strange, but I really like the way the artist painted him). I love the idea, but I can't handle bjd over 65cm so I'm hoping to find a shorter body that will be a good match for him. Impldoll or Granado maybe? I know he's supposed to match Soom, but idk how hard it'll be to find a dark brown shorter Soom body at a decent price.
    12. The neck is going to be the concern. The Horus head has a neck circumference of 12cm. I don't know of a smaller body with that thick of a neck off the top of my head.
    13. As far as I know from checking iplehouse has 12 cm too. :3
    14. I just put a full Horus on a massive layaway with BJDivas. Bit the bullet and got him, I'd rather snag this boy than long after yet another grail.
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    15. that was my feeling as well, like i'd be hating myself for passing him up when i can't stop looking at the photos.
      plus a lot of my doll "story" is about gods, demi-gods & similar so Horus is a shoo in. i can't wait to see him in person, and i know i'm going to need help with posing since i'm pretty new at all this, and his engineering is really complex. :lol:
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    16. I'm also looking forward to examining his body and it's engineering, and seeing just what kind of poses he can hit.
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    17. I had been so happy to see each update from the artist via Instagram! Superrrrr excited now the doll is finally selling!!!! Most excited to have the super cool body :chibi
    18. Big congrats @PennyForTheGuy! I envy you the Horus head so much - and that body looks like it has enormous potential. He's going to be amazing!! I hope you'll post a few pics when he finally arrives. :thumbup

      Edit: Oh, totally missed that you got him, too, @Grimalkin! Congrats! The more of these guys the better. I can't wait to see what everyone does with him! :D
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    19. Oh I plan on doing a box opening and spamming pics in here too! I've got an insta he'll be all over to.
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    20. @PennyForTheGuy - what colour resin did you choose?
      i wound up with the dark brown, as i slid into the pre-order at the very last moment, but i'm glad for it now, after seeing the finished one. the pearl is pretty amazing too though...