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Strange collector?

Apr 1, 2017

    1. Am I that strange to have such a different collection of dolls?
      I don't have all dolls in a particular size of from the same company
      Even not just realistic or non realistic dolls.
      I have for instance a DC Alma but also a MNF, Leekeworld Mikhaila and yosd sized dolls (and a tiny)
      Only 2 are related (DC Alma and Faust) I love them all but it's a bit of a wierd collection

      Are there collectors who are just the opposites? For instance who has only dolls from one company
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    2. No, you aren't strange at all! Some people like to collect in a way that makes their collection cohesive, while some just like to buy whatever they feel like. Then there's people who want variation to their collection.

      I sure am fond of dolls that have certain features and are a certain size, but I will never limit myself. If buying something feels right, it just does. Just always keep buying dolls that make you feel happy and don't worry so much about whether or not the new doll will look good next to your current dolls.
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    3. Thanks :) Thats just how I feel :) I love my crew even if they will look very old on a photo together.
      Noticed I'm working to making some couples like the DC sisters I have now.
      And yes they all make me happy
    4. I can definitely see the appeal of having a collection of dolls that all match and fit with each other well. Seeing someone's cohesive collection really looks nice, but I think variation is nice too! It all depends on the collector! :) Although I'd like to have a collection of dolls that all look nice together, I'd hate to limit myself from all the different companies and sizes of dolls this hobby has to offer!
    5. I also have dolls from different companies and in different sizes. I like dolls that look unusual. ^_^ I think I would get frustrated if I tried to make all my dolls "match" because even if you get dolls in the same size range, such as 70cm, they may look odd together if they're in different styles, such as more cartoony or more realistic. So I just buy what I like. ^_^

      As I (hopefully) get more dolls over time, they may form different groups that look like they belong together, such as a group of tiny anthros or a group of cute little Yo-SD kids, but I won't be upset if they're a big mismatched group, either. And other people probably won't see how mismatched they look because when going to meets or doing photoshoots, I typically only bring one or two at a time, anyway. ^_^
    6. No, you are not a strange collector. Some people like diversity and you are probably one of them. Other prefer to stick to one company or style or size. Nothing is wrong or right.

      There are so many beautiful and interesting dolls around, why would you limited yourself in your doll choice because the dolls you like don't look similar. If the dolls you like make you happy, just go for it. And if it bothers you on photo's you can make them feel cohesive in other ways, like dressing them up in the same colors, same wig style etc or giving all them all one element that connects them. My collection is also quite diverse, but it is the fantasy element and the stories behind them that ties them all together. For me that enough.
    7. Most of my dolls are SD scale and somewhat realistic and they're all in the same world or storyline though some are much more closely related than others. Then I have three tiny dolls (16-26cm) who are babies/toddlers to the SD crew.

      And then...I have two Minifee girls who are sisters and not at all related to any of the other dolls. Totally separate stories.

      I have a few tiny pet dolls who are pets to the humans (3 to the SD crew, 1 for the Minifee)

      THEN...to get even weirder...I have an Aimerai QT Monster Enfield Horror and an Island Doll Magic Land Ghost, who are buddies but in their own little fantasy world, not connected to any of the human or animal dolls.

      I used to try to make all of my dolls fit in the same world, regardless of scale, style or species, but that was too chaotic and nonsensical for me, especially when at one time I had a 14cm baby fire sprite living in the same world with 40-70cm humans who don't believe in the paranormal at all. Having separate distinct worlds makes more sense and doesn't limit me in what dolls I can buy.
    8. You're not alone or strange. Although I do have favorite companies from whom I've bought multiple dolls, my collection is pretty diverse. My mismatched horde makes me happy. :love

      I do know collectors who are very committed to a specific style or look for their dolls, like collecting all FL Minifees with faceups from the same artist, and I think that's great, too. There are as many ways to collect as there are collectors.
    9. So far I'm pretty new to collecting dolls and I got my first doll just 2 months ago ( it's a 1/4 angell studio doll )but I started this hobby at least 1 year ago.
      For me I prefer dolls from different company so as to explore variety of options to see which one offer better possibility or things like that
      Each company also have their own unique kind of look or feel to the doll and I am fond of most of them xD
      Really hope to slowly broaden my bjd family over the years as I just ordered my second bjd recently. It's a 1/8 size also from a China company but different. It's from huajing doll.
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    10. Stange? No, I think you are just an eclectic collector! You probably just love variety, and there is nothing strange about that. :-) Just enjoy and have fun, it's your collection afterall.
    11. @Guinan, I don't think having a variety of dolls is weird. Collectors buy things that they want, so there is bound to be variation in the choices they make even if it's from the same company.

      Personally, my collection includes many different sizes ranging from 11cm (my smallest), to 80cm (my biggest.) The large majority are Iplehouse dolls because I love the company's aesthetics, but I also have dolls from companies like Dollshe, Impldoll, Fairland, Planet Doll, and a ResinSoul. Some are realistic, others are fantasy, and I love my vampire dolls.
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    12. My crew is totally mismatched! I have micro size up to my biggest guy at 66cm. From anime, anthro, to realistic style. I just buy whom I like and don't care if they 'match'. I just never could stick with one style or company for my entire collection. However, I do appreciate collectors who do try to keep their collection matched, their dolls all look so carefully chosen and styled so well.
    13. You are not strange at all! I prefer to have a big range of styles and sizes, and actually, in my ideal collection, no two dolls would have the same body. (We do have a few that are the same - from the Soom years haha.)

      In my "doll world", they're mostly fairies and magical creatures of various types, so it doesn't bother me if they aren't proportional to each other. Then again, I'm not much of a photographer and I haven't even taken a whole group shot since like... 2009... so that may be part of why I don't mind. I just buy the dolls I like and squeeze them in somewhere. :lol:
    14. Good to hear I'm not the only one :) I'm not a good photographer but ask my daughter if she can make a few. Been a member here for about two years but never posted a photo
    15. I have different sizes and styles as well... I think that 1/12 ("human proportions" Yo-SD) works best for me because I can make them rooms and miniatures, but I gotta say I have SD and MSD as well... Maybe MSD is the size I kinda dislike more, but the girls are just so cute.
      I think the only thing that my girls have in common is that they are vampires... And if the mold is not a vampire, I just mod it or paint fangs on it.
      Seriously I have a problem.
    16. I am partial to fantasy which lends itself to all different looking dolls. I was collecting American Girl before this and I decided a purchase based on how different she was from the rest I had. I think it makes for a more interesting collection it is not weird at all.
    17. I need cohesion in my doll group and sometimes it really frustrates me as there are so many dolls that I REALLY like, but they would not work out as they are just so different from the dolls I already have.

      Mature minis are on my blacklist, but there are some out there I really love (looking at you Fairyland and Withdoll). My collection is mainly SDs, immature MSDs, and YO sized dolls. Mature minis would just not fit in. I am even picky about what immature minis I bring in. I got a Kid Delf Maska, but his body was so thin and his head was so small next to my old classic Kid Delf girl, I ended up selling him. I loved his look, but he was just too tiny for me.

      Anything with a more realistic styling is out as well, and anything over 65cm is in a grey area as they would tower over all my other SDs.

      I did kinda break out of my mold when I got my Doll Chateau Agnes with her being a bit taller and her body type being so different (she is on the original youth body, so it is not as extreme as the more recent bodies), but I used all my Teenie Gems with their animal parts and Agnes' cat like face as justification to bring her in as their guardian.
    18. I don't think you're strange at all. If you buy what makes you happy that's all that matters.
    19. I don't think that's strange at all. You just have an eclectic taste and like lots of different styles :3 There's nothing wrong with that.
    20. I relate to this sort of. I want my doll family to flow, but at the same time if they're too different it's almost dysfunctional when they're all together :/