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Nov 27, 2017


Can a MSD date an SD?

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  2. Sure can! In fact, it's magical!

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    1. Can an MSD girl date an SD boy or would their sizing be way too off?:wiggle Has anyone ever done that? If so, I would love to see some photos! I went with my Mystic Kids Lillian and she is so beautiful but none of the MSD male dolls look very mature and rebel like >.<. So I wanted to ask this before I go ham:shudder and buy an SD Boy and Girl.

      Thank you and PS: Have a beautiful week!
    2. Short answer: That's entirely up to you and your preferences.

      Long answer: Actual height can range a lot even among "SD-size" dolls, but it's likely that the size difference will be much greater than an average human pair of similar age/development, especially because SD-size boys tend to be much bigger than even SD girls... So if you've got a 45 cm girl and a 65cm guy, for example, that would make the girl only two-thirds of the boy's height (probably coming up to the level of his ribs), which typically looks more like the height difference between an adult and a young child. If the heads are very different sizes, that will also make them look like they're very different ages (children have smaller heads, but once you get to be an adult the average head size doesn't vary much even between adults of very different body heights). And if they're from different companies, there's also the potential problem of wildly different proportions which, when put next to each other, may make one look normal and one look like an alien.

      But when it comes down to it, dolls aren't alive, so if you want to explain it that the MSD looks like a child but is really an adult with primordial dwarfism or the guy is a giant or something like that, or just decide that the discrepancy doesn't bother you and ignore it, you're free to do so. I'm sure your doll won't care if her boyfriend is nearly twice her size.

      If you're worried about their height difference looking "natural," then it's probably better to keep an eye out for mature-looking MSD sculpts. For example, Iplehouse and WithDoll come to mind as companies that offer more mature boy faces (but not so mature that they would look 20 years older than your Lillian... I think the fact that BJD sculpts of all body types tend to have large eyes and full lips skews the perception of age, especially for girls, so many dolls with the body of a 17-year-old actually have the facial proportions of a 6-year-old).
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    3. I have an SD10 boy (56 cm) who likes a cute little MSD girl - they look adorable together, totally like a couple of middle schoolers. So sure, it all depends.
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    4. Personal opinion: I would say probably not. Lillian is only 45cm, and most SD boys are 65cm ish. That's a big difference! While not impossible, Lillian also has a very young face so she looks like a young teenager. With a mature male sculpt, I'd just see a 13 year old girl with a 40 year old man.

      But that said, you may find a smaller SD, because there's a lot of variation. And there are girls (like me! Who are tiny and look very young. Next to big guys, I probably look like a child.)

      At the end of the day though, they're your dolls! ^_^
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    5. ^ Keep in mind that smaller SDs (in the 55-60cm range, like the Volks SD10 line) are likely to have less-mature faces and chunkier childlike/preteen bodies
      I'm 5ft 1in (about 156cm) and my boyfriend is 6ft 3in (over 190cm) tall. That's a pretty extreme height difference as far as couples go, but the top of my head still comes up to a little below his collarbone, not to his ribs. And a small adult may be the same height as a tall child, but the proportions of the face and body will still look very different.
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    6. In my honest opinion it looks wrong in so many ways, not only on the "ethical" standpoint. The proportions of SDs and MSDs is very different and it'll either look like each doll belongs in a completely different reality or that the MSD is a child or a person with extreme growth disability. Or both. But it really depends, some people just don't care much about those things.
      But then again, it's an opinion. If you like how it looks no one's gonna stop you, really!
      This thread has line ups of many different dolls together. Depending on how picky you are, you'll notice even many dolls of the same scale look weird together due to extremely different proportions and sculpt styles. Here are a few posts with examples on the Requests subforum (some have broken pictures, but I included threads that have at least one): (this includes dolls of many scales)
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    7. I'd say it'd depend on how maturely you styled her and what her face up looks like. Her sculpt still has chubbier cheeks than an SD so if her clothes and face up aren't mature, she'll probably start to look like a preteen/kid next to an SD. I have seen it done well in the past but mostly with a shorter SD next to a taller MSD. Go for it if that's what you want.

      Edit: I have a friend who is almost literally half her boyfriend’s height despite being the same age so I guess that’s why I’m not as squicked out by massive height differences so long as proportions are good.
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    8. I have several odd height couples (all males). Among them are an MSD/SD, SD/tiny and some MSD's that have very different heights between them despite both being within the MSD height range.

      For my MSD/SD couple the difference was necessary as one of the pair is 7 feet tall. The SD/tiny pairing is because the tiny in question is of fairy stock (he's a Soom fairy, so is a mature male). For the MSD's, again, the height of the characters plays a role in the height I needed them to be as dolls. One is 6'-6" to his partner's 5'-10" (46cm with 42cm).

      How you choose to pair your dolls is your business. But if you do have odd sizes together, people will frequently make assumptions which are probably not the right ones for the relationship the dolls are supposed to have with each other. As long as you're okay with that and any comments that might come from that, knock yourself out and doll whatever way makes you happy.
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    9. Yeah. You're right. I guess I was trying to be diplomatic in my answer. In al, honesty I think the msd-SD looks wrong. It can have distasteful connotations if it appears to be an adult with a child, though, and some people will take offence,

      Looking like a young teen with me is unfortunately not just about height... I'm 36 and regularly have to prove being over 16. It's annoying... :sweat
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    10. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out and give me some information. I really appreciate it!!! There are definitely a few very good points in here. I was hoping to see if any of those mentioned BJD's are up in the Marketplace. Just waiting to be approved so I can see, I checked Instagram and the facebook pages but don't see any. I was hoping to have one by Christmas

      Haha personal opinion appreciated! That is definitely not the aesthetic or look I am going for at ALL in regards to a child dating an adult O.O. Which is why I wanted to open this up for discussion >.<
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    11. Lol I feel that... "You'll be glad for it when you're older!" :| Though in the last couple years I've changed my hair and my face has slimmed a bit, so I at least look late-teens and not early-teens (actually about to turn 25).
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    12. chubi, thank you so much for putting all this information together! The more I am researching this type of subject the more I am starting to see that they would just look too much different. As said before, the aesthetic of child dating an adult is not at all what my goal is here. Just a really feminine girl with a tough and outcast type of guy. Thank you again!

      Hello everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide such great and helpful information! The resources provided photos/feedback etc. was exactly what I was looking for. I have decided I either need to get myself an MSD boy or an SD couple together. The adult to child look is the complete opposite of what I want to achieve:barf. Thank you again, have a beautiful week:hug::aheartbea<3:daisy!
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    13. I am not a fan. I have done it in the past because I paired my dolls with friends dolls and neither of us should have to change our dolls to suit the other, but I think it looks bad for the most part. Either the MSD looks very childish next to the SD, or the proportions look very wrong. If you work out the proportions, on average, an MSD is about the height of an 8 year old next to an SD adult. I'm a shorter person (5'5") married to a tall person (6'2"), and I still come up to his shoulder, not his waist. Of course, there ARE couples in the world who have extreme differences (like 7'0" and 4'10" for example) but they are very rare, and even then, the adult head sizes usually aren't as extremely different as in MSD and SD.

      If you want a tall, masculine guy for your MSD girl, maybe Souldoll Vito, Soom Idealian 51, Luts Model Delf, Iplehouse FID, or Dollshe Fashion? They're all around 46-51cm, but more mature than the typical MSD.
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    14. Some of those I haven't even seen before! Thank you so much!
    15. No problem! If you are having trouble finding what you're looking for, I'm sure you'll get enlightenned by looking at some MSD databases. Most of the time hobby beginners have a hard time grasping sculpts potentials due to the lack of experience in seeing them customized differently (unless you already have a good sense of observation related to art studying and such). Thay may or may not be your case, it might just be that you just haven't found what you're looking for yet! MSDs are much more varied nowadays so it might be a good idea to search for the brand of the girl you want and look at them with different brands of MSDs. If you like a certain combination proportionally, check out their store and see what you can find.

      I've found this thread which doesn't feature boy dolls, but at least it's a good girl comparison. Usually the same brand's sculpts look good together, so maybe check out and see if there are any males to your liking in whichever stores you found look good with Mystic Kids. This is the only thread I've found with this kind of information unfortunately! Maybe it's worth it making your own thread asking for this, if you think it'll be helpful? Either that or straight up "please show me tough looking guy MSDs" hahaha XD
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    16. Haha! Yes - show me your beefy men's!! Like you say it might just be that I'm still very new. I think I am going to switch my focus onto Lilly and focus on her more from a solo aspect for now. Explore with the hobby until I maybe get a better idea of what I am looking for. I plan on venturing into hand sewing clothes tomorrow as well as tinkering with my Nikon D7200. :abambi: After i make something to cover her up because right now she has nothing lol