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Strangest place you've ever taken your doll and gotten noticed.

Apr 26, 2012

    1. I have taken my dolls with me to work, on a train ride with my son, to an office where I was waiting in the lobby for 2 hours+, to the park etc. I have gotten some funny looks but mostly amazement at the quality and how sturdy they are. How were your experience? Good, bad? Share them here. I don't feel as strange having them around when people notice and admire them though if there was a bad reaction I don't know how I'd feel.
    2. The only places I take my dolls to are anime conventions. I've never seen the appeal of randomly carting your doll around in public.
    3. Lol Well...when I first got my doll, I took him to Walmart. I like carting him around places, everyone asked and was curious about him. They thought he was very beautiful.
    4. I took mine into college, the teachers loved him and wanted to know all about it XD I got some very pointed stares from other students, LOTS of hiding behind hands and giggling for some reason. Overall the reaction was mostly positive though, and it was kind of fun XD
    5. I take my doll only to anime conventions, but the day I got him, I went to the Asian Market with some friends and I got a lot of negative backlash, actually. That surprised me. Some had looks of disgusts, other just pointed and laugh.....It was kinda sad.
    6. Me and a couple friends took our BJDs to Disneyland. We got a few odd looks, some very curious questions (one very enthusiastic lady in line for Indiana Jones), some rude looks (we were taking pictures at the White Rabbit's door by the Teacups when a mother came up with her child and hemmed and hawed and tapped her feet and looking all offended) and grabby boy who, when we were taking a picture of the three dolls in a chair at Mickey's house, walked over and tried to pull a hat off on of the doll's heads. The hat was being held on with elastic and he nearly took the boy with him! My friend nearly had a heart attack.
    7. This. My doll's haven't seen the outside of my apartment/house in two years now because I haven't been to a con in ages. I just don't feel like it's all that appropriate to have my dolls with me really anywhere that's not my bedroom, although I did take them to class for a 'show and tell' once (and once only)- at my professor's request. He had found out that I'd ordered one from Japan (it was a Japanese class) and wanted to see them. Otherwise, my dolls are just one of several non-portable hobbies I have.
    8. Im still waiting for my doll, but my friend has a mini she carries around with her. I think of the little guy like a toddler too young for school and so goes every where with mommy. We plan on taking our dolls to the craft stores to make them new things, anime conventions, dolly meets and starbucks! Yes starbucks; What better way to spark interest in your favorite hobby than having people ask questions in a comfortable social environment! :D
    9. Work, kind of. I say kind of because my sister and I worked at the same place and she brought him to me. He was in the mail from getting his face up, she was coming to work and I was leaving work. We box opened him at my desk and he got passed around my job for about 30 minutes. It was really neat to see my coworkers discover a BJD. I got mixed reviews but nothing overtly negative.
    10. I'm another one who doesn't take their dolls anywhere other than doll-specific meetups (Four, in the past five years). When I, briefly, lived at my place of work, I used to leave a tiny on my desk, but only in the same vein as my co-workers had Furbies and cactuses sitting on their monitors.

      I think that considering them an essentially non-portable hobby is usually the best course of action.
    11. I regularly take my dolls (mostly one at a time) to school with me (high school). Most of the time no one has any trouble with me carting around a box with a doll sitting in it. Might be because it's a small (like graduation class of 16 small) school and everyone knows me/knows of me.
    12. I'll take my dolls with me to places when it seems like I may actually get some photo opportunities. I don't just lug them around for no reason though... I would be far to worried about them breaking, getting dirty or just having to carry them all the time.
    13. AT&T store. I'd just come from Hobby Lobby, and I was waiting for service by the wall. The lady that came up to help me noticed him sitting on a the display pedestal and was very sweet about it. I,meanwhile, was slowly dying of mortification because the giiiiiant tv on the back wall was showing a Fox "news" story on women who spend large amounts of money on realistic dolls. XD I think it was talking about the Reborns, but it still felt like other customers were trying very hard not to look at my mini human. :p
    14. OMG silverholly that is a bad set of coincidences. I am one of those that I take my dolls anywhere I might get a good picture, always bundled up, but most of the time where I go, my camera and at least one of my dolls goes along.
    15. Since I got Frei, we're practically inseparable (yay for travel-sized MSD!). We've been to waterfalls, mountaintops, beaches, historical ruins, and he gets attention everytime (mostly from kids and students up to college level, adults rarely). I only leave him behind when it's going to be detrimental for either one of us (I almost took him spelunking one cave with me. The tour guide suggested against it. Would've been an awesome photo op *sigh*).
    16. I bring Nao to my class once, and Rion too. One of my student is interested in my dollies after seeing their photos in my social network account, so after class I show her the doll. But that attracts crowd.
      All of the other teachers seem interested with it, and of course, the other students. The boys seems less interested than the girls, but they are interested too.
    17. I believe there was a thread about this a while back, maybe in pictures requests Im not sure.
      People would post their dolls in strange places. One girl had her doll hanging from a hook in a bathroom stall, lol! I wish I could find that thread.

      Anyways. I never really took any dolls out and about.
      Only an anime convention, people were staring at my doll when I was carrying him outside though.
      Then again they were staring at our costumes too. We were at the Amtrack station so go figure, lol.
    18. I took my doll to a state-owned garden while in Cosplay for a spring photoshoot, and a astounded a local professional photographer who was trying to photograph trees. He ended up taking shots of my doll and me instead!
    19. I don't plan on taking my dolls anywhere special. I'll take them to the fabric store to put supplies and such of up them and make sure the size/color/whatever is right.

      I'm lucky enough to have a house on a hill, completely surrounded by an ocean of vines, with a huge park on the top of the hill behind us. (I have no neighbors, yay! Just roommates.) So, I'll probably be taking them there to try some photoshoots.

      OH and I may take my sci fi boy (once I have him) to our Sci Fi museum and get some neat pictures.
    20. I've just gotten to the point where I have missed so many places I wanted to take a picture of my doll in that I bring at least one with me when I go somewhere with my camera. Other than that it's spontaneous, sometimes they just go to our mother in law's house to get together with their cousin doll Ellie. (Our friends BJD)