Strangest sculpts you've seen

Jan 24, 2016

    1. I couldn't find a thread about this so I figured I'd start one!

      What is the strangest/most unique sculpt you've seen?
      Please no Doll Chateau, I love DC sculpts, but I want to see more exotic sculpts!!

      Find something with extra limbs or eyes? Something with an odd face and horns or crazy hands or feet? A weird body?
      Let's see it!! c:
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    2. I remember a doll back in the day with squishy nipples (press papilla good feel) and a twirling penis :mwahaha
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    3. oh my gosh, I just looked that up, that is pretty weird!
    4. Pretty much all Circus Kane doll ! They all have those strange proportions or unusual faces, it makes them really interesting, though they're not for me. The only one I really have troubles with is Kameko, she has way too much eyes T__T that kind of distubs me, otherwise her sculpt is really cool and full of potential.
    5. Circus Kane Kameko for me. Granted, I think she looks AWESOME, but she is definitely the most unusual peice I've seen.
    6. Dollshe's Orijean. Looks like an alien, but I have a soft spot for him.
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    7. The little Cyclops babies that Ailleen Doll does from time to time are definitely some of the most unusual sculpts I have seen.
    8. Try artist doll companies. Irrealdoll, Plasticmoon, Nefer Kane, Dollpamm, Apodoll, Cerisedoll, Secretdoll, Marbled Halls, Aileen Doll... I could keep going! :D
    9. Notdoll lab Toadstool is the weirdest sculpt I've seen. The face is just so... unique?
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    10. I saw a picture of one of their dolls and have been looking for it for a while now, wow!
    11. My own favorites?

      Argonautica's sea creatures...
      1/3 dolls | Dolls | Argonautica Dolls

      I'm still sad that I didn't find out about them until after orders were closed. I'd have loved to have a blue Prias.
    12. There's a doll artist named Miura Etsuko, who has some freaky yet awesome sculpts. I thought this one was pretty cool, since the doll is shaped like a violin.You can see more here, including conjoined dolls and dolls with stitches: slides

      Dollzone's Moment and Anson are also pretty nifty, they look like exotic flowers.
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    13. I remember that too! I believe that was made by Nobility doll :lol:

      DD-Anne Lotus Near is a really unique (and really awesome) doll. Since he was an artist cast doll, there were not many made. He had many arms, bat ears and a third eye in the middle of his head. Still one of my favorites and wish I could get my hands on one some day!
    14. One of the weirdest I've seen was Aimerai's The Enfield Horror! I think he's actually off topic here, and such a little weirdy, though he does stay true to the legend, in a cute sort of way. I like the little dude.

      Notdoll also had a lot of really strange sculpts. As someone else said, Toadstool was really odd. Their Belladonna lways seemed weird to me, too. Her mouth is really different from any other BJD I've seen.

      SecretDoll Persons are pretty out there too, as well as HZ's Roro tinies.
    15. I can't seem to find pics right now and I've forgotten the name of it, but I recently saw this pudgy little four-eyed sculpt whose body was what I can only describe as "caterpillar centaur". It had a jointed bug body with a human torso and arms on top. It was 1/6 scale? I believe it's an artist doll. Wish I could remember... Anyway, that's probably the strangest.
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    16. I don't know if they're popular or not, and they're not strange in an alien or creature way, but I found Bishonen House dolls reaaally interesting! I had never seen a bjd like this before, so disneyish!

      I really like this thread, and it's the first time I read about Mewie Fish dolls, they look awesome!!
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    17. I agree with the Nefer Kane suggestion and I own one of her more recent releases, who has a head based on the moon, so full of craters and with her tiny eyes set very far apart.

      There's an artist called Dokudoll, who makes cyclops heads (see my avatar) and they are all artist cast as far as I know :)

      You should also check out Gem 11 from Gem of Doll, she's a cyborg in grey resin with lots of copper cogs and an interesting arm :)

      Notdoll were an awesome company, I loved their unusual head sculpts so much, especially Belladonna.

      Also have you seen the fullset Isaac from Dollzone, that mechanical arm is truly something else!

      Oh and loosely fit, as the sculpt is just a normal SD Female, however she is made out of entirely transparent resin, BG Rayon Ice Girl.
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    19. yeah that one was the first one that came to my mind to. Cant remeber the artist anymore (it was artist cast). Eventhough he was unique looking, he was so freaking cute!

      edit: hope this works. Im on my phone.

      bjd caterpillar | Tumblr
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