Studio *ANother Secret* discussion thread

Oct 4, 2010

    1. Love them. I ordered Orchid and can't wait. I wish she had open eyes too.
    2. Eyes can be opened ;)
      So excited! I've ordered Orchid a couple days ago ^^ It is great to see the blank heads too (see another secrets blog.)
    3. Simply love the sculpts! If I ever have the chance to order one in future I'll definitely get Bamboo and Sunday's Song, cause those two are my current faves x3
    4. I agree, Sunday and Bamboo are my faves of the three.
    5. THXXXX very much for support all above~~:aheartbea

      We will continue to work harder~:)
    6. "Sunday" is the name of the maker (of Bamboo, Song, Orchid and Chrysanthemum if I understand well). ^^
      edit: I did not, see below.

      I love Song's pouty expression. <3 Great work!
    7. Emmm............... it shoud be half correct.

      Our studio hv seven artists of 7 weekdays. I m Miss Tuesday and we also hv Mr. Sunday.

      I made the week series --- like elements as &#26085;&#26376;&#28779;&#27700;&#26408;&#37329;&#22303; --- include "SUNDAY"song and "MONDAY"moe.

      And Mr. Sunday made Bamboo, Orchid and Chrysanthemum.

      Seven day artists and the week series ------a little interesting coincidence..^^

      By the way, "SUNDAY"song look abit like the artist-Mr. Sunday------another interesting coincidence~ lol

      Maybe abit mix-up?:lol:
    8. Oh my I will have to order Song eventually, he is soo beautiful! :D Love his profile sooo much, and those lips! Reminds me a bit of Hypermaniacs Omicron? I hope these heads are not limited!
    9. I am really impressed with these sculpts. It's so nice to see a new company emerge that actually can sculpt, rather than tossing out whatever bland looking molds they can to try and make money in the hobby. Orchid is my favorite. ;)
    10. Ohhhh I've never heard of this studio before! I'm loving all the sculpts- specially little Bamboo!!!! :aheartbea
    11. Congrats to you both!!! :D

      I really like how different each artist's styles are as well! They're very unique sculpts and I really like the names for each of them. I am very excited to see what else the artists will come up with!

      Loagaeth -- I really agree! It's nice to see a new company emerging that is very skilled in sculpting coming into this hobby. Many new companies are not at all like that.
    12. Thanks for the explanations! ^^
      So you are the maker of Sunday Song and there is another maker named Mr Sunday. Yes it's a bit confusing at first, sorry for my mistakes. ^^;
    13. I will definitely be getting Song in the future. He is gorgeous. Will you be raising your prices or keeping them constant? I need to plan on how much to save!
      Is it possible to perhaps reserve a head for the future? Sorry about all the questions!

      These dolls are phenomenal! &#9829;
    14. :o Chrysanthemum is beautiful! I like that all of these sculpts are pretty unique. :>
    15. Oh seeing these sculpts just cheered me up a little!!
      They are really beautiful...I may have two favorites
      already but I'm still looking at them all XD
    16. Ohhh these are so beautiful. Definitely unique, <i>definitely</i> the product of some very talented sculptors.

      Tempts me to spring for a larger doll....... |D *currently an MSD fan*
    17. I really love Orchid but they are all so beautiful!
    18. All of these dolls are gorgeous!! I haven't been this excited about a new group of sculptors in a long time! I am sorry to see that the heads won't be available after this order (if I'm understanding the most recent announcement correctly). I don't know what exactly I would do with a Sunday Song in my crew, but I really want one!! :lol: He'd look awfully cute with my girlfriend's Hyper Omicron! :D
    19. Thye're lovely, and if anyone send that chinese sculptors can't produce dolls the wuality of Volks or Korean brands then this is surely proof they are wrong! I'm amazed by all of them. I purchased a sunday song and orchid, and would dealy love bamboo as well if I only ahd the money >< alas it's too much of a big payment for me all in one go at this time. So sad they won't sell them again after this!

      I knew about Sunday Song for quite some time now as Guujoy (Miss Sunday) posted him on a forum I go on, i've really been anticipating his release, but the other sculptors work is also beautiful! this is really talented group