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Studio ANother Secret - Mr. Rabbit and Alice

Jan 24, 2011

    1. Hi, I have a good notice :) Another Secret tell me that in february 3 new heads are aviable for sale!

      Link to new head images!
    2. I saw two of the heads and they are just lovely! I can't wait to see what the third will look like. :D

      Lyderic -- I thought Orchid would look great on that body. Congrats! :D
    3. I'm totally in love with Mr Rabbit!
      Can anyone tell if this head will fit to Fdoll boy body?
    4. Thank you very much for my Orchid ^^

      I love the both new modls, Alice and Mr Rabbit, look at the profile of Mr Rabbit :aheartbea
    5. Both heads look wonderful so far- can't wait for more photos!!! :3
    6. Mr Rabbit has teeth part ( they add a picture of it) it makes me love him even more ! a great mold
    7. Alice is VERY cute...<3 But it seems like Mr.Rabbit & Mr.Hat won't be released until next month? ><
    8. Oh, I like Alice as a sculpt and the makeup looks great, too.
      Do they have a shop or anything?
      *looks at Alice again* ^^ Mohair wigs are one of the best to achieve an Alice in Wonderland-Look.
    9. I want to see more of mr. hat before I decide to order mr. rabbit. Mr.Rabbit has a sexy profile.
    10. I'm in love with the Mr. Rabbit sculpt. If only his nose wasnt so thin (I'm not a fan of this style D: ) I'd be tempted to bring him home once released. I'll just have to stalk those who do get him~
    11. Oh, I like Mr. Hat! Also his name totally cracked me up because of South Park. :XD:
    12. When will they be available for sale?
    13. I guess they are saying Alice will be released on the 14th
      and Rabbit & Hat (lol) sometime next month. Where is a
      better picture of Mr. Hat?
    14. Could someone tell me how to order at this shop? ._.
      Sorry for this stupid question >.<
    15. Sorry, found out :P
    16. Atleast I'm not the only one who had to do a double take with that name. Now when I see him, all I think of is South Park.
    17. I LOVE Alice and Mr. Hat! (I don't watch Southpark though so I'm out of the loop! XD)
    18. I'm in loooooove with Mr.Rabbit! ><" I dont know why, but i fall in love with these sculpt which looks like rabbits... (like Alice In labyrinth, somehow.) XD Moreover, I dont really like rabbits.. Weird!
    19. I'm new to this company--does anyone know which bodies work well with them as far as size and color? I'm really interested in Alice and am hoping she'll work with a dollstown soph body.