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Studio Naiko

Apr 1, 2018

    1. Does anybody know about this artist? I've been following the artist's Instagram (I think she does faceups as well), and just found her Taobao. I keep trying to find straight-on photos of her head, as the brow ridge is interesting, but no luck.




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    2. She has made two heads (Sanzo and Kanji) and that Adonis half torso bust piece. Other than Naikolin's images you don't see very much of them. I can't assume very many were made. I was interested in Kanji, but I missed out. I keep thinking about messaging her to ask about generally rereleasing her heads or if she would do a release if she gets X number of orders.
    3. @idrisfynn

      I was able to contact her Taobao through an agent, TaobaoTrends who said you could buy Sanzo by the end of last month (which I took to mean at least starting yesterday). I just wish I had a better idea of the scale...
    4. I assume the scale is on the large side. I know she uses Super Gem 2016 for Kanji's style shots.
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    5. Here's the head in case anyone wanted photos:

      The link to the Instagram and Taobao is above.
    6. So, how does he compare scale wise to other of your big guys? What about neck size? Does he fit any of your other guy's bodies? Does his resin work with any of them? I'm so curious!
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    7. @idrisfynn

      I will post a comparison with some of the bodies that I have, but it may be a couple days—I’m in my hometown but away from my dolls on spring break.

      Here is a comparison with the only doll I brought with me:

      Studio Naiko Sanzo Normal Skin X Dollstown 17yrs Boy Honey Caramel Brown

      Studio Naiko Sanzo Normal Skin X Dollshe Arsene Honey Caramel Brown
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    8. [​IMG]
      Special Anti-UV Brown

      New White Skin

      Normal Yellow

      Dyed Pure Pale

      Snow White and White Skin

      Normal Skin

      Imported Tan

      Smaller 70cm bodies are OK, but a 65cm male body might be better. The 60cm body I have appears too small.
    9. I love this artist. Seeing her work on instagram all the time is amazing. Thank you for posting pictures and links @americanseamstress !
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    10. The Sanzo head looks like Clementine from Westworld. Thank you for the links americanseamstress, I'm going to follow this artist.
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    11. I ordered a Sanzo head through Taobao trends. I'm excited to get him! Thank you so much for sharing the information @americanseamstress
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    12. @KiwiNinamori

      Awesome! I look forward to seeing photos of your guy!
    13. Thank you for your comparison photos. I'm getting Sanzo too! He's on his way home in a few days. I was planed to put him on my Crobi doll B-line body but after saw these photos I kinda worried that he might not fit and not to mention that I feel like the proportion of the head on Angel-studio's body is what I'd want for him.
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    14. @Ravimhee

      Congratulations! I hope the hybrid works how you want (crossing my fingers)!
    15. Oh! These lovelies just arrived today and I had the sudden thought that I had never checked to see if there was a thread for this artist! So hi! :D


      I was SO excited when I saw that Stacy's Pink Ocean was gonna do orders for Naikolin. <3
      I'd been admiring these guys for a while. Eee! So excited. :whee:
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    16. I like so much her face ups and the pictures on her Flickr are delightful, she's one of my favourite artists
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    17. Thank you, I'm excited to paint them! ^__^
      I love opened mouth sculpts too! The lips are so pretty and I'm so excited that they have wrinkles. <3

      I'm really pleased with all the little details in these heads, like the multiple grooves for the s-hook. So nice!

      @Dolly Wardrobe
      She's one of my favorites too! :D
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    18. Does anyone know whether both Kanji and Sanzo would look good with an immortality of soul 70 body? :sweat
    19. Ah, sorry @Crudnuts I don't have any IOS bodies. :sweat
      Hopefully someone else can help!
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