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Stupidest thing you've ever done with your BJD?

Aug 17, 2005

    1. Whats the most utterly, embarrassing and ridiculous thing you've ever done to/for/with your BJD? :oops:

      For me, the first one was when I was opening up my boy's headcap to replace the eye putty with white blutack (which smelt alot better and looked less horrible). Well, after popping out the putty and his eyes and cleaning it, I went back upstairs to my mom's room and put his eyes aside and rummaged for the blutack. Well after finding it, I realized I'd forgotten where I'd left his glass eyes :| I searched the entire room for 15 minutes, and finally sat down on the bedclothes in frustration and leapt up seconds later. Looked down and turned out I'd sat on the sharp end of Shinta's glass eyes. Left a nice cut on my butt for a while; poor boy didn't know whether to be pissed or laugh his head off. *_*

      The second time, I was playing with him and noticed his wig stuck on firmly without any help. So I held him by the legs upside-down and shook the poor boy. XDDD Needless to say, he was really ticked with me for a while.
    2. Well, I'll admit - you've beaten me in this department.

      So far the stupidest thing I've done was to leave Ichiiro sitting on the edge of the kitchen counter, 'cause I managed to drop him and break his hand within five days of his coming home. :oops:
    3. My doll and I snuck into a corn field once and took pictures. Milan climbed up a corn-stalk. It was hilarious XD
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    4. nero toppled out of his bed (which is on a shelf above my bed) and fell into bed with me! :grin: it was cute till i realized 1)he had fallen and 2)he might be hurt!

      he wasn't but it was kinda funny...

    5. XD *glomp*
    6. Trying to paint Luke's faceup. I am not an artist by any means. At least I can say I tried.
    7. When I was fixing Kelyn's wig, making sure it would stay on by putting a rubber band around his head, I took him and shook him upside down to make sure it was secure. XD;

      I've also fallen asleep with Kel in my arms only to wake up with him squished between the couch cushions. XD; I woke up 'cause his hand was pokin me in the ass. Poor guy. He was just relieved when I rescued him from the depths of the cushions. Although, now that I think about it, he was probably also relieved that I didn't react to him touching my butt. :|
    8. Ruined a perfectly good Isao faceup. Twice.
    9. When i snapped one of Shikai's fingers off trying to make a gun fit into his hand. XD;;;
    10. Scratched off Odette's beautiful lip.

    11. I was putting new clothes on a doll one day, and sat him down on my dresser while I went to find some pants. Well, my dresser is made of stained and unsealed wood, so when I picked him up to put on his pants, his bum had been stained a lovely shade of brown.

      It was quite amusing, actually... ^^;
    12. I was putting boots on my girl's feet this morning and her wonderful, locking knees ... locked on a bit of my finger. Ouch. Fortunately, I think I can say that that's the absolute worst thing I've done--underestimated the power of her knees to lock themselves and the force with which they do that. -__-;
    13. Hmmmm...probably dangling Darryl from a bread rack at work to take pictures of him. I STILL don't know how I managed to keep him from falling into the fryers.... :oops:
    14. Only a couple of minor things:

      First, last weekend, I wanted to have all of my boys together, so I rearranged my displays in my bedroom, so I could put them together on my large dresser. However, when I put them up on the dresser, I forgot about the one-inch gap between the dresser and the wall, and Saint-Germain's wig promptly came off his head and fell behind the dresser. :x I've been spoiled by Poshdoll's wigs and forgot that this wig (Dollmore) was a bit loose on his head. Sooo...I'll have to use the swiffer handle and try to fish it out.

      The other was last night, when I was adjusting the eyes on my Hound (I don't care for the side glance, so was centering them). The eye putty is almost the exact same color as my bedspread, and I managed to lose one of the eyes (encased in putty) temporarily. I had to stand up and pat around with my hands before I found it. :lol:

      Fortunately, I have yet to do anything catastrophic, but since I plan to take my Hound apart to suede him...stand by sports fans! :oops:

    15. Dropped him... on many occassions.

      "You clumsy stupid woman, don't drop me again"

      Sat him on a cabinate thing we have at home, above the hardwoods. Luckily I hadn't walked into the kitchen yet, so I was there to catch him fly off of it thanks to the crazy ass SD10 torso. I caught him while he wa upside down diving, and then quickly curved him up and held him close. x3

      Gah! Sorry... (T__T)
      Stupid... woman... :evil:

      Hmn... I've also shook him upside down and carried him like that for the hell of it sometimes, just to piss him off. x3
    16. Handled Jaede wearing cheap black nailpolish. Thankfully nothing was permanently damaged.
    17. Ari's crazy legs booted me on the end of my nose last week when I was trying to change her socks. I ran to the bathroom with my nose pouring with blood worried sick that I'd bled on her.
    18. XDDDDD;; Lmao, ouch.
    19. i'm in on this one... was wondering WHAT the heck were all these little red scratches all over Memphis (MEMPHIS! memphis!!!) and finally realized it was from my red nailpolish.

      They win. I'm not wearing dark colors anymore!

      And after I'd had JB for only about 2 weeks, I guess I was holding her oddly and her leg broke - at the joint, at the top where it glues together. I wasn't being careless, just the leverage I guess of WHERE I was holding her... anyway, superglue and almost a year later, and it's still fine, so... urgl.
    20. left poor Kohana on the window ledge when i went to answer the phone, it happens to be the cat's favorite place in the house, when i came back he was gnawing on her foot! thankfully i was able to fix most of the dents, there are still 2 on the underside of her foot :oops: