Suddenly loosing motivation for my dolls?

Jul 29, 2017

    1. I kind of feel like I'm not as into my dolls as I should be... I'm hoping two that I ordered will change that (one is a fairly big project) But why might I feel this way?
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    2. Im so sorry! There are many reasons why you might feel that way, but one possibility is you took on to much at once. maybe you did to many projects, photoshoots, doll purchasing, etc, at once, and are now burned out. Try slowing down with the buying and the sewing and the dyeing and the putting together, etc. just enjoy the dolls you own, exactly how they are, and let dolly peace fill you XD.
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    3. What seraphbjd said.
      Also it's the low after the high of ordering. You get a little kick from the fulfillment of your wish and then a "now what" because the item is not in your hands instantly. The buying itself can be addictive.
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    4. Creativity is a cycle! Whether it's dolls, writing, drawing, or any other craft, you can't always be productive and engaged. Sometimes you need a break; sometimes your creativity just needs to hibernate. A tree doesn't bear fruit year round, after all.

      For myself, I find my willingness to engage in doll stuff varies day to day. Some days I'm raring to go on every single project I have planned at once, and some days I just look at my boy's box and go "meh". It's natural! Try not to get too anxious about it, though I know that's easier said than done. Let yourself enjoy the breather and before you know it you should be ready to go again!
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    5. This.

      Also, y'know, how you're feeling in general can have an effect on dollie motivation. When I'm feeling blue it's hard to get excited about dolls, or anything really >_>
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    6. Maybe you got too many dolls at once? Or you are overwhelming yourself? Or maybe you just need to stimulate yourself more? It really comes down to how you feel. If you feel that "Man I can't get that, I still need to get shoes for X... but I can't find any..." then maybe you have too many dolls, or if you're getting too frustrated with an unfinished project, maybe you're overwhelming yourself, etc.

      I haven't had this issue yet with bjds, but when I was collecting pullips, I got really burnt out. I ended up getting a lot of MIO kits, and I loved putting together stuff for the customs I wanted to make when it got warm enough out I could use MSC (as it was winter and I'm from Wisconsin); I also had a lot of dolls with stock faces as well. I really loved the ideas I came up with them, but I found myself with the desire to find out the next dolly deal and I found my satisfactions really... disappear.

      I ended up selling all of my pullips to help fund the purchase for a few bjds, and I've been slow enough getting them so I have characters set for them when they come, and then they can continue to develop and blossom after that. I'm also putting more emphasis on getting lots of different clothing/accessories for them -- which I really didn't do with my pullips which I think may have lead to some dissatisfaction, since playing with that kind of stuff is always fun.

      If you do photography and don't have a carrying case though, I'd suggest maybe seeing about getting one. I took shots of my Withdolly Ruby, Belle, around my house and I was having a hard time since I don't have one yet (it's in the works though!) and I found it really difficult to do while carrying her around with a towel as a blanket for her. XD;

      As others said though, it's often a cycle - if you've been doing a lot of stuff recently, don't pressure yourself too much :)
    7. Money has been tight at home and I'm too exhausted most days to take much time for my dolls. That, and my favorite company closed, so I can't complete the set as planned.
    8. With every long-term hobby I've had, I've gone through cycles of interest. Sometimes it's all I think of. Other times, I realize I haven't touched it in months. I think that's very common, and I believe it's especially true for creative hobbies because they take so much out of us. Even if your new purchases don't spark your interest, that's okay. Just give it a little time.
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    9. I find myself in and out of this hobby a lot, personally? Usually other projects come up or I don't feel like investing in it actively - and that's fine. Just because you're not participating in the hobby doesn't mean you don't still like your dolls. :lol: your passions will be revived, friend.
      And sometimes getting a breather from a hobby is good, because you have fresh ideas and ambitions for old projects when you come back! That said, bringing a new doll into the fold does generally help me get back into it, since I don't buy dolls often at all, so that might be part of it for me LOL
    10. That always happened to me. I just simply tried to do something else and usually months later my love comes back.
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    11. You might be feeling too much pressure? I had this feeling before many times and I know it can be overwhelming. Don't be so hard on yourself and try to slow down. All the advice you had so far is great.
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    12. Are you run down? Are you going through a period of acute stress? I make a lot of clothes which I have to make patterns for, and sometimes, when all three problems are present, I am unable to muster passion for the hobby.
      When the energy is down or is not high enough to tackle multiple hurdles, it affects everything.

      I have noted as well, that, if I choose to deal with one thing instead of doing what I really want to do, I lose steam. Perhaps you are the same?

      My view is: do what you want to do, instead of doing what you think you should be doing. ;).
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    13. I always find that my interest in actively working on my dolls comes and goes. I had to learn that it's okay to set them aside and just enjoy them as art pieces, instead of forcing myself to work on them. These off periods usually gave me some clarity in what I wanted to do with them in the long run, and gave me a breather from constantly working on things.

      It's okay to not make every doll a project, too. Sometimes you just want to own something nice to look at, or play with when you have the time... I find trying to make projects for everyone drives me nuts, so I try to focus on one thing at a time, and just let my other dolls be, well, dolls LOL
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    14. Our dining room table doubles as my doll photo studio so when my wife has a luncheon or doll club meeting or... then I need to pack up the props and backgrounds and take a break. Sometimes I don't set up again for weeks. When the creative muse strikes, and it always does, then I get stuff out again and go back at it. I dont know anyone who is "all dolls all the time."
    15. One of the big advantages dolls have is that, unlike kids or pets, they *DON'T* require our constant, daily attention...
      If you don't feel like messing around with your crew, then don't!

      Put them aside for a few days (or longer, if you find you need an extended break-) and stop worrying about it. There's no rule that says dolls have to be a 24/7 lifestyle. You can walk away for months or years if you need to, and then come back to them when you feel the mojo. They'll wait.
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    16. When I feel this way, it's usually one of two things:

      1. I'm feeling disconnected to the characters, either my entire roleplay situation in general, or a particular character is no longer enjoyable for whatever reason. SOLUTION: Either revamp or sell the one bothering me. I it's as a whole, take a break and decide where to go from there.

      2. I'm very motivated to work on them, but unable due to time, money, materials, space, can't find what I want, etc. SOLUTION: I wish I knew...
    17. I go through bursts sometimes. I play video games as well and write. So sometimes I just don't feel like messing with themvery much. Or motivation dies down a little.

      Recently my dolls have been on my mind a lot with life getting kind of crazy. They help me destress.
    18. Life and interests have ebbs and flows. Be kind to yourself.
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    19. I had that feeling with my former hobby - modelhorses. But there were competitions scheduled. As I wanted to do it right, I was always to get horses and dioramas ready in time. At the end, I had a ton of partly-finished projects lying around, which they are to this very day. I simply could go on no more, absolutely was burnt out.

      With BJDs, I just do what I want. There also several unfinished businesses, but who cares? If they are still there in 2 years, that's fine. I do not put myself under any pressure. They are my own, perfect little world in the chaos and unsecurity surrounding us.
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    20. I more feel like I don't exactly have what i want in a doll
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