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Sugarble 70cm Males

May 26, 2011

    1. Ok, had to start a thread for these guys. The body is awesome! I can't wait to see more photos.
    2. Hmm. If the price is right, that could be a very useful body *subscribes*
    3. This guy has been on my radar for awhile (as I belive he is sculpted be the same sculptor as lovelyhouse/dollti dolls, whom I am a big fan of) ever since I asked sugarble on their Q&A last month if they planned to release Sd sized guy!

      The body, and what I can see of the head (so pretty) look soo excellent. I am very very excited!
    4. I would certainly like the body! Not so keen on the head but I love the muscular frame. I'll be interested in how it poses.
    5. Do you guys think that this body looks like soom's idealian? or it's just what i feel? :sweat
    6. Hard to tell just based on that picture. He looks like a cross between an Idealian and an Iplehouse SID. I can't wait to see more pictures!
    7. I think a large part of the resemblance is because in the picture the body is posed in a really similar pose to the company photos of Idealian/EID/SID. Lounging around with bent knees. There's definitely some inspiration, though.

      I definitely like the design of the chest - looks like it will be able to do poses without awkward gapping. Colour me very interested in this body. And the head looks very cute, too.
    8. I like the cute, smiley face on that body. Idelian and Iplehouse EID look very serious and mature, while his face has an enjoyable expression. I suppose the body looks similar because more of that size are being released by different companies. A proper comparison is needed to tell how many similarities there are with other dolls, but I am waiting for more pictures.
      Anyway, it's a really good project, and I like Sugarble dolls.
    9. I'm a big fan of Sugarble too,but i found their size too tiny for my tastes.
      I like this body,very manly and muscular but i need to see more piccies and i guess that some resemblance with IDealian body is more visible than some resemblance with EID iplehouse body,wondering about the joints and about measuraments.
    10. Well, color me interested :)

      Love the tan color, and I'm in need of a big ol' hunk of resin for one of my characters, so if this guy's face works then I may have found him!
    11. Actually i'm just curious to see how this hunk will turns out ^^
      still i'm chasing a good body for my infamous minimee head,the color,seems a bronze tanned skin,seems very interesting.
    12. I just ordered my first tiny from Sugarble, and I was surprised to see this announcement since it's a funny jump to make from nothing but tinies to a huge 70cm hunk :P But I'm excited to see how it works out! That body looks great, I can't wait to see if they make a female body to match :)
    13. Hunk is right! :D 70cm is a bit big for me, but if that face is as cute as it looks from here, I'm SMITTEN. <33333
    14. I love Sugarble too and this new guy looks awesome!
    15. I would like to see more pictures of the body first, he looks similar to Soom's Idealian, but I think there are differences.........waiting for more info will be torture.
    16. I love sugarble tiny that much, unfotunatly this size isin't my cup of tea, definitely i'll more then interestd in this new project, he look manly, i'm curious to see more pics, and i second that this body liking more Idealian body than EID iplehouse body.
    17. new 70cm man body image update~!!

      * Please check the details of doll's body image on "Notice"

      link : http://www.sugarble.com/
    18. Thanks so much for the info ^^
      This is the direct link:
      I'm smitten..he looks awesome and also are so many difference with IDealian body..
      And here's measuraments:

      Body size

      * Gender : males

      * Weight : 2300g

      * Eye diameter : 14mm,16mm
      * Height : 70cm

      * Head Circumference : 20.6cm

      * Neck Circumference : 11cm

      * Bust Circumference : 31.5cm

      * Shoulder size : 14cm

      * Waist Circumference : 25cm

      * Hip Circumference : 28.2cm

      * Arm length :22cm

      * wrist Circumference : 6.8cm

      * Thigh Circumference : 17cm

      * Hip to ankle length : 44cm (leg length)

      * Foot size : 8.5cm
    19. I need to see more photos before I know for sure, but I'm very interested.

      Looking now at his measurements, is it just me or is 20.6cm a bit small for a head of a doll this size? My 55cm AS Cinderella has a 22cm head, :lol: Does it have to do with proportions?
    20. Imo the shoulder are not so wide, 14cm are definitely smaller if you think that uncle doll dragon doll body has shoulders of 16cm, so the head is definitely proportioned with shoulders.
      The chest is to die for.