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[sugarble] Limitation "WannaBe Genie, JUST ONE"

Apr 5, 2012

    1. Hi. This is SUGARBLE.

      We are so sorry to you all waiting for our new 70cm model.

      We know everyone is eager to see it.

      So, as showing our personal thanks and excuses for your waiting,

      we have prepared a special limited edition offer - "WannaBe Genie, JUST ONE".

      There are 2 different dolls of Genie, the best beloved one on SUGARBLE dolls,

      each of them is exist only one

      in the world with original customization,

      those are going to be released on the auction on SUGARBLE website.

      How to participate the auction

      please bid for the item by making a comment on "user opinion" at the bottom of the website,and the customer who bids the highest price will get the "Genie the limited edition".
      A personal settlement page will be shown for successful bidder.
      the date of the auction is April 5th~13th

      "WannaBe Genie, JUST ONE" auction is here:


      You can definitely look forward to it!
      Please welcome the first offer - Genie"The Hell Warrior".
      You'd better not to miss this great chance!
      Please join!
      Thank you.
    2. This is the last day for the auction!
      You'd better not to lose the great chance!