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Sugarble Limited edition Christine,Juniper

Feb 27, 2010

    1. "Juniper"


      <blood line>limited edition no1.R"Juniper"

      Limitation only 50EA in the world

      Price : 330 USD

      After each limited selling term has closed,

      non of the same type of head parts will be produced under any circumstances.

      Please make sure about it before purchase our products.



      <Sugar line> Limited edition no.1-R "Christine"

      Limitation only 50EA in the world

      Price : 330 USD

      After each limited selling term has closed,

      non of the same type of head parts will be produced under any circumstances.

      Please make sure about it before purchase our products.

      &#9733; EVENT &#9733;

      &#9734; The 1st EVENT &#9734;

      Every customers who purchase both "Christin" and "Juniper" as a twins,

      there will be 10% discount for each child.

      &#9734; The 2nd EVENT &#9734;

      SUGARBLE accepts postcript mail with every customers who have purchased SUGARBLE dolls.

      We will choose sincere latter, and send nightwear for present.

      (Requirement : Delivered snap shots, more than half of an A4 form/meaninglessly filled out letters would be excluded :( )



    2. I can't find on your site what size they are? How tall are they?
    3. I love these girls, I can't however find a price for them either here or on the site. And the orderform doesn't really help with explaining how to order these lovelies.
    4. Once you go onto the website, you need to click the tab on the left that says "Dolls"
      Then they show you both dolls, and you have to click on the text under their pictures, that will take you to a page showing pictures of them and their exact measurements.

      They cost $330 but I'm not sure if that's including faceup, and I think that includes the clothes.

      I'd really like to know if that price is just for the doll, or or the fullset, I really like Juniper <3

      ETA: Here are the measurements just in case you don't want to look through the website~

      eye diameter : 14mm
      height : 26.5cm
      head grith : 15.3cm
      neck grith : 5cm
      shoulder size : 3.5cm width (back)
      waist size : 10.2cm
      hip size : 10.2cm
      hip to ankle length : 8.2cm (leg length)
      foot size : 3.9cm ( width : 1.8cm)
    5. Webpage is down
    6. Wow, they are really lovely.

      Are those white wings with the white twin?
    7. I don't understand the ordering process. Does anyone else? Do you order via their webpage or send an email?
    8. &#9733; Product detail &#9733;

      &#9734;Product composition&#9734;

      Compostition you will receive is exactly same as on SUGARBLE web site.

      Every compositions on following picture will be on package at $330.

      (Only South Korea by the United States far more than address the land receives an additional fee.)


      Juniper main body(skin color : normal/limited head make up),demonic wings, horn,14mm acrylic eyes,wig,
      outfit(components: top(bra), penties, arm warmers, mesh stockings),shoes, sealed doll box, cotton covers, certification card


      - Christine -
      Christine main body(skin color : pure bright/limited head make up), Angelic wings, 14mm acrylic eyes, wig,
      outfit (components : muffler, cape, corset , cancan skirt), shoes, sealed doll box, cotton covers, certification card

      &#8857; HOW TO ORDER

      Please copy the order form, then click "write" to make your order.

      At last, paste the order form you've copied, and fill it.

      * Example of Order form

      Title [Full set] Juniper or Chirstine

      1. Your name : Angelina Jolie Voight
      2. E-Mail adress : 123abc@hotmail.com
      3. Address of products reception : 1234 Hollywood street Losangels CA. 93321 U. S. A (in detail/including your nationality)
      4. Zipcode(Postcode) : 11111(postcode of your address)
      5. Phone : 111-111-1111
      6. Product(s) you want to but : Juniper or Christine(type you want to order)
      7. Prearranged date of money receipt : March 3, 2010 (write the date you're going to deposit on following account)
      8. The way of remittance (ex : Bank's name): PayPal or KEB bank(write the way of deposit/both paypal or bank remittance are enable.)
      9. The remitter's name : Angelina Jolie Voight(write the name who deposits)
      10. Demands when you order : (If you have demands on your order, please let us know)

      &#8857; HOW TO DEPOSIT

      Please make your deposit on main account(KBE) of SUGARBLE

      or you can remitte via paypal either.

      You can check whether your order has been confirmed

      by checking the title of your order form changed into-

      [Full set] Juniper order<Orders received>.

      And it is your turn to make your deposit on SUGARBLE account.

      After the doll is ready and on delivery step,

      the title again will be changed into-

      [Full set] Juniper order<Orders received>/delivery step.

      And finally you will receive the products in several days.
    9. Are the boxes actually made of wood, or just made to look like that (which would be my guess)?
    10. Is there any chance of getting Juniper with white skin?
      Is the blushing available at extra cost?

      Thank you!:)