Sugarble Limiteds discussion part 1

Mar 1, 2010

    1. It's a content on the homepage and i just brought it from there.i hope this could help you to under stand as well.


      The misunderstanding and the thruth - Juniper's characterization of SUGARBLE

      Hi. This is SUGARBLE.

      We just decided to tell you to make clear all about Juniper's characteristic again,

      due to some misunderstanding of her character.

      Someone even says it feels disgusting - "Why such CHILLD, NOT MAIDEN would be some sort of succubus?"

      But we need your clear understanding - Juniper is still growing, it means she is NOT YET become a succubus

      and she WILL BE a succubus when she's grown up.

      Characteristically, Dolls of "The blood line" of SUGARBLE are the children has feeling of cruel,

      dark and strong, therefore including Juniper herself.

      And this is why we need your understanding of Junipers character.

      To help understanding of her character, We open the main storyline of "Christine"&"Juniper"

      on Korean SUGARBLE community website(

      We sincerely apologize to make you all confuse.

      Thank you for your care and understanging.

      No.- 1R " Christine " & " Juniper" Story

      Every year, when the first snowy day comes,

      In the heavens, with the snow fall, Angels of snow are born.

      Once, unusual day of first snow comes late, two Angels were born,

      but the devil who was watching their birth by chance, felt jealousy with their beauty.

      One of them... was kidnapped by him to hell.

      In the beginning they were twins

      But one of them... "Christine" has grown as an Angel of snow,

      the other, "Juniper" was fated to be grown as an Scucbuss in the deep, deep hell inside.

      Time after time

      Once Christine became an Angel of snow as a apprentice

      though she practiced harder and harder everyday, but seemed she had no elegance to become a

      the goddess of snow... as well as her skill was poor.

      She sprinkled snow in summer. She sprinkled cherryblossom leafs in winter.

      In such slips everyday, Christine was never in gloom, always in bright.

      Deep inside the hell, deepest undergroud sell was the place Juniper was.

      She was grown up as gloomy hearted and silent girl.

      But with her beauty, she was still the one brightest in eternal abyss.

      Still shinning...

      And one day finally Juniper couldn't stand anymore the deep abyss, deep hell.

      She escaped from the hell to humanworld and was wandering around.

      Once she looked up to the sky, she saw the light... alike herself.

      "So this is what they call snow... but it's not cold at all..."

      the moment she touched snow, the child looks just like Juniper herself appeared through the light.

      She was saying with the brightest smile to her.

      "Naturally~! that's a cherry blossom leaf."

      Juniper's eyes were vacantly on Christine's smile...

      Cherry blossom leafs lost their season were dancing in the sky silently.
    2. I haven't found just the right wig for her yet, but here is my Ruby (Rudy girl)
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    3. juniper is a great great mold :aheartbea resin is in a great quality , the body is thin and poses nicely :D it s just a great doll



      pictures by siiara

      more pictures there
    4. yes it s dangerous XD

      me and my boyfriend have openned a flickr galery for sugarble ! hope there will be a lot of other pictures of your dolls! don't hesitate to join us ;)


      sugarble on FLICKR
    5. That's all I need, another company to watch. >.<

      Are these dolls single jointed?
    6. your rudy is lovely , we have create a FLICK for sugarble dolls and would be very pleased to see him there !( i say the same thing for all sugarble owners please join us ^^ )

      very easy and they reply easily even here on DOA

      a little picture of my juniper :aheartbea
    7. yes single jointed but they pose very easily as far as they are light and delicate

      blood518 do you have a releasing date ? ^^
    8. I too am interested in the release date for the new doll!
    9. ..................My little Sugarble arrived yesterday.....I purchased her blank and I am working on her face-up and body blushing atm!

      I think she is a LTD Christine? I purchased her from Blood518....who was wonderful....:fangirl:

      Here she is little 'Sugar'....... sweeeeeeet.....:pcupcake




      She is very well made....her resin is smooth as silk and the most beautiful color........adorable sweet face with little teeth.....I love her :aheartbea

      I will post more piccies when I have her all finished and outfitted ;)

      xen :)
    10. Wow! She is really cool! I love how her eyes almost look colourless :)
    11. She's very pretty, congrats!
    12. Xen, Sugar is just amazing:D These dolls have such fantastic faces, so expressive and detailed! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl:D
    13. The Grim Reaper (Helena and Adrian) open



      Body size

      * eye diameter : 14mm
      * height : 26.5cm
      * head grith : 15.3cm
      * neck grith : 5cm
      * bust grith : diameter(11.7), girl(11.1), intersex(10.6)
      * shoulder size : 3.5cm width (back)
      * waist size : 10.2cm
      * hip size : 13cm
      * hip to ankle length : 12cm (leg length)
      * foot size : 3.9cm ( width : 1.8cm)
      * Please check the details of doll's body image on "Notice"

      Body image :

      HOW TO ORDER :,10).jpg

      SUGARBLE also accepts payment plan as a layaway.
      Those who wants to make layway plan to buy products,
      please deposit 20 percent of full payment,
      and afterwards pay at least for 3 month from the monent by installments.
      When your payment is full, you will be able to receive the product.

      link :
    14. :D Wow, she looks wonderful! I can't wait for the release!
    15. i love your helena so much
    16. Oh I ADORE Hellena!!!
      I adore the new glamour body!
      I adore everything about her!
      This is EXACTLY the sort of thing I've been waiting for someone to do, and I was definitely hopeful that Sugarable would be the ones to go in that direction.
      Wow I need to try and afford her immediately!
    17. Is no one else going to join me in losing my mind over Hellena? ^_^;;
      I will definitely be getting her is grey skin as a comple fullset with everything, including that beautiful new mature body!
      I'm so excited about her!
      I just can't afford her right now and am trying to work out how to budget her in.. but she HAS to come home!
    18. Hellena is on my wishlist! But I won't be ordering any dolls until after the first of the year *sigh*
    19. Yup, I've definitely lost my mind too. She is stunningly gorgeous and I also broke a semi-okay-not-too-serious-no-doll-buying break to get her. I couldn't hold out even one day, I bought her on that first day :) In grey with the faceup and the special eyes, can't wait to receive her! :aheartbea