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[SUGARBLE] The Grim Reaper open

Oct 15, 2010

    1. The Grim Reaper (Helena and Adrian) open

      The Storyline of Helena and Adrian

      Juniper walking along the light... hears the silent, silent voice.
      Misty sounds, wisperings start to bond herself by degrees.
      "The child of hell... I'm here to get you."
      The cleared but sharpened voice made her frozen.

      Momentary light surrounding her has completely disappeared,
      The pitch black swamp swallows her.
      "I'm not a child from hell.. I...I...!"

      Juniper awaken from her dream, was still gasping for breath.
      If Christine is with me, she might be in peril. She thought so.
      Leaving Christine asleep,
      Juniper hide to dark,dark side where she could make herself vanished.

      She hears the cold voice.
      " You missed me? "
      It's her. It IS her. No one can deny her voice.
      The pure white Grim Reaper... Helena

      Just like her dream, she was slowly faded away to the melting ground.
      Helena is smililg coldly.

      " I thought you shouldn't do that, huh? "
      At the end of the Helena's fierce glare,
      her twin brother Adrian was there.

      " For the repatraition to the hell,
      there must be an accordance between both of us to perform...
      to prevent the case if someone of us get lost one's control and become mad somehow...You wouldn't forget would you?
      Say, You think I'll accept her repatration? ... or not? Helena."

      The fierce scowl of Helena, and the Adrian's smile with twisted pleasure.
      Each of their twisted glaring... starts to fight.


      Helena photo : http://sugarble.com/bbs/data/doll/Hellena_sugarble_BJD.jpg

      Adrian photo : http://sugarble.com/bbs/data/doll/Adrian_sugarble_BJD.jpg

      sugarble discussion thread:

      Body size

      * eye diameter : 14mm
      * height : 26.5cm
      * head grith : 15.3cm
      * neck grith : 5cm
      * bust grith : diameter(11.7), girl(11.1), intersex(10.6)
      * shoulder size : 3.5cm width (back)
      * waist size : 10.2cm
      * hip size : 13cm
      * hip to ankle length : 12cm (leg length)
      * foot size : 3.9cm ( width : 1.8cm)
      * Please check the details of doll's body image on "Notice"

      Body image : http://sugarble.com/bbs/data/notice/sugarble_BJD_26.jpg
      HOW TO ORDER : http://sugarble.com/bbs/data/order/new_order_form.jpg

      SUGARBLE also accepts payment plan as a layaway.
      Those who wants to make layway plan to buy products,
      please deposit 20 percent of full payment,
      and afterwards pay at least for 3 month from the monent by installments.
      When your payment is full, you will be able to receive the product.

      link : http://www.sugarble.com/
    2. Oh, I love her wings. Will they be available to buy without buying the whole doll?

    3. Sorry. for a moment we are not planning to sell the parts separately.
    4. Will you be offering the old girl body for her?
    5. Yes, You can choose the old-type bodies.
    6. gorgeous !!!! do you have an idea of release date ?
    7. Will This Fullset be Limited Edition??
    8. Q : gorgeous !!!! do you have an idea of release date ?

      A : Thank you. opening day is tonight

      Q : Will This Fullset be Limited Edition??

      A : The following products are not limited goods.
    9. The selections of types of body, skin color is available