New Doll [SUGARBLE] The Soul Huntress Ver.02" open

Jan 21, 2018

    1. Hello everyone! This is SUGARBLE.

      The Soul Huntress Ver.02" is open~!!
      Since everyone had been waiting for, now it's finally the time to meet our new model - "Elisha"!
      Please visit our web and see how lovely she is!

      Also, we are preparing many events for celebrating happy new year.
      We just wish you are all interested!


      * SUGARBLE also accepts payment plan as a layaway.
      The Year 2018 Starting Up Event (January 21th to 31nd, KST)

      1. 30% Discount for "the Soul Huntress Ver.02"

      2. Limited offer for the Special parts - Weapon (upto 30 days, including the period of the Ver.02)

      3. Discount offer for various items on the sale corner
      (Old item – Wig(,5,6 inch), clothes, sugabledoll pouch)

      * The surface shipping service

      Hi, this is SUGARBLE.

      Since there are a lot of customers those are buying small amount of items during the sale period,

      Besides of the EMS, we are temporarily operating surface shipping service as well.

      For the surface shipping service, It would take about 30 to 120 days till the parcels get arrived to the destination,

      which means each delivery period can be different and there's a risk of loss as well.

      The company holds no responsibility for the case.

      We estimate the charge would be almost half the price of EMS.

      Again, the service is only temporarily operated, so for the customers those want to use it, please select surface

      shipping on selecting the shipment zone.

      We shall let you know the total payment including the cost of both the product and the shipping charge trough the invoice

      to your e-mail address.

      We promise we shall do our best to provide the sincerest servise to our customers.

      Thank you.

      LINK :
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