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Update Suki Yume web site

Jan 10, 2009

    1. :fangirl: Hello ABJD lovers! I have been working on a web site (after going through two other avenues) and I think I'm making progress. It's a very simple site and I am still uploading products (tedious process!). I am trying to open my Paypal account to accept payments so that you can order on-line. Please take a look and, as always, I welcome your feedback. I will keep the store blog open as well for now.

    2. You should include an email address or a form for email for people to contact you.

      Looking good so far!
    3. Thank you, Minuet! Great idea!
    4. I didn't see actual sizes for the clothing anywhere...? I might have just missed it. ^^
    5. Hello fellow ABJD-lovers! Suki and I are very sad to announce the closing of our little brick and mortar shop. :( It's been a short run and we just had a lovely article on Collectasy, however, we just aren't able to keep things going. Please check out the website which is still up and running! Thank you!
    6. Suki Yume has added new items on the site. Check out the wearables page and the misc. page where you can find new goodies for your precious dolls. Blog has been updated too so stop and take a look! I have also been informed that a new feedback thread for my site has been started here (thanks to Bunnydots!). Check that out. Have a great day!
      -Paula, Suki & Elijah
    7. :fangirl: Suki Yume has updated many new items have been uploaded on Suki Yume (ABJD misc. and ABJD wearables)! Take a look. ALSO, a new feature has been added to the site; ABJD Tips. Share yours! :fangirl:
    8. :fangirl: Come see what's new at Suki Yume! We have NEW clothing, NEW shoes, NEW wigs as well as NEW MSD size! More on it's way.
      -Paula, Suki & Elijah
    9. :fangirl: Suki Yume has added more merchandise to the site including stuff for your MSDs! Take advantage of our lay-away plan! :fangirl:

      Paula, Suki & Elijah