Summer plans, tips, and ideas

Jun 3, 2019

    1. I know it's not officially summer yet. But it feels like it in Florida. It has me thinking about what I might want to do with my dolls and things I should keep in mind.

      I really want to do a summer theme photo shoot outside but the plans are in pieces as of now. I keep coming to the realization that my crew don't have summer attire despite my living in the sunshine state. What have I been buying for my crew? Hoodies, jackets, coats, and long sleeve shirts.:sweat

      Tips and things I plan to keep in mind this season (if I get out) are umbrella and weather checking to the max. Florida weather can be crazy sometimes.

      You guys got anything to add and share?
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    2. My craft room has become more of a junk room. I don’t even like to go in there, much less stay in there and work on face ups, clothes, or wigs. So my priority one summer plan is to get that space cleaned up and organized so I can be happy using it again. I also want to organize my clothes and wigs and rearrange my doll cabinet.

      I think I’m feeling scattered and disorganized, and that keeps me from enjoying my collection like I should. This is the season to beat that feeling!
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    3. @blukissed I know how you feel. I only have a craft table in my livingroom and it's so cluttered with my stuff and then stuff that doesn't even belong there. Cleaning it up and shrinking it down to a smaller table are on the top of my to do list.

      I just finished somenreally cute outfits for my yosd girls. So the next thing is some photos outside. I don't actually have a lot of summer clothing for my crew either, so that's up there too.
    4. My biggest summer doll plans are the same as the rest of the year: clean out, organize, and buy things to get my crew where I really want them.

      But I do currently have a summer camp roleplay going with my sister, so I'd like to get some "camp" photos of our dolls to go with it!
    5. My summer doll plans include doing hand blushing on some of my dolls. I've historically not liked having their hands blushed since I take their rings on and off, but I'm just gonna do it. Starting with the doll with a ring for every finger. I don't care if I chip it right away. (repeating that til it's true) >_< And then maybe make some wigs, haven't done that in years.
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    6. My plans this summer are simple. First off, survive the summer heat (dreading that). Second is to get my new Granado Napoleon (31cm) all done up. I need to make his wig (started) and design and sew his outfit, then sort out the shoes. Simple! Question is, can I be disciplined enough to do it? Or will I be distracted by other projects? :evilplot:
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    7. Ah yes, Florida. It's a mess down here, isn't it? I'd love to do some sort of outdoor photoshoot things, but when daytime feels like you're on the surface of the sun, it's a smidge... difficult, to say the least. I'd also love to try to work out a meetup sometime, but uh... maybe after I get my current doll's style more settled so I'm not so self conscious about him, haha.
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