Event Summer Sales ( and new means of payment)

Jul 19, 2017

    1. It's summer and here in Belgium it's time to clean the stocks and get fresh ones for the fall :

      :daisy---GENERAL NEWS---:daisy

      - Octarine has a freshened up front page, with current promotions and important info now available at a click.

      - We also added a new way to pay securely with a wide range of credit and debit cards thanks to HiPay.

      - Good news as well, we are now able to lower the shipping prices for a number of dolls !
      (Dollzone, Doll Chateau and Ringdoll dolls for now)

      Note : if you place an order or a group order worth over 2000€ shipping will be completely free. :) (group order can also be on lay-away

      :daisy___ SALES___:daisy

      * We are currently offering between 20 % and 40 % discounts on all BJD related items in stock *

      *BJD in stock can be shipped to you for free with the code FREEPASS*

      *Charmdoll and Loongsoul are both having great promotions on their wonderful dolls and outfits*​


      See you soon, and if you have any question please do not hesitate to send an PM !
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    2. Don't you ship to Brazil? I tried to sign up but the country where I live is not available in your list. I found the website very confusing. I'm interested in buying the second hand IOS Sezz head, but I couldn't find the price, nor the "buy" button and I don't know where I should type "FREEPASS" to get free shipping. Could you help me please? Thank you very much!
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    3. Well, that's... new... I'm sending you an MP :)