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sumomo123's feedback/good transactions!!

May 19, 2006

    1. Hellos!
      Please feel free to leave me feedback here, as well as feedback for the members who I have in my transaction lists.

      Perfect Transactions-
      Miz Candula
      Kiriko Moth

      Bad/not perfect transactions-

      Thanks for looking! If I missed you please tell me off in a PM!! So sorry if I did!
      I will be updating as new transaction are made! If you've purchased or sold from/to me, please post feedback here! If you want to give a feedback shout-out to someone on my list, feel free!!
      Thanks again everyone!!

    2. I had a great transaction with Sumomo123. :)

      She paid quickly and let me know when the item was received, which I always appreciate.

      I hope you're enjoying the Yo! outfit :cake:
    3. I also had a great transaction with sumomo123~! I would definitely do business with her again! Thank you! :)
    4. I was a first time buyer through DoA and Ebay and I couldnt have had a better person to have had my first experience with. Jen made it soooo comforting to work with and she even let me know what was going on. If I had a request she would do it for me. She was very quick in response with me and she gave me a great deal on my Unoa Light. Heh plus, she didnt get annoyed by my paranoia, hehe.

      Heh she even sent me a letter along with my doll, which made it all the better because if felt more personal to me. Jens sincerely a GREAT seller and I am only hopeing that if jen ever wants to allow someone to adopt one of hers, that she'd be willing to contact me about it. It was that great to do buisness with her!! AHHHHHHHHH!! Im happiful!! What more can I say?? teheh!! Ive even made her the god mother of my Epona!!

      Oh AND lmao the package smelled really nice kekeke
      Thanks once again Jen!!
    5. Very pleasent buyer, very unstanding even though I was delayed in shipping. Thank you so much! :)
    6. great transaction (purchased a rare doll from me), pleasant and prompt payment :) yay!
    7. I could help to get old skin BW legs for sumomo123 :)

      She's a lovely, sweet person. All PMs are always fast, polite and friendly!
      Transaction ended really smoothly.

      Thank you very much, Jen :D
      I highly recommend Sumomo123!!
    8. I bought some parts from Jen and she was great! Wonderful communication too!
    9. I purchased a head from Jen! She was awesome about it, and it arrived exactly when she said it would! Thanks so much hon! :) :D
    10. Another positive for Sumomo123 :)

      I helped her to get BW Old skin arms from Y!J and MSD from FCS this time.
      She's always very nice :D Smooth communication and quick payment. Very trustworthy :)

      I'm very glad I could help you! It's a great pleasure to hear voices of happiness :aheartbea
      Congratulations and thank you very much :)
    11. I bought an old bw F-04 girl from Jen and the transaction was very smooth, and she was very understanding and helpful throughout it. The doll came wrapped and packed very well, Jen is a wonderful seller! ♥
    12. Sumomo123 was GREAT to deal with! Fast payment and super communications! I sold her my Olivia, and once she (Olivia) was gone I missed her.:...( So I told Sumomo123 to email me if she EVER wanted to sell Olivia! Well that fateful day came and she wrote me! I bought Olivia back, transaction smooth as the first one! Can't wait to meet you finally Jen!:D
    13. bought part of a FCS from Jen, the eyes will be here in a few days, but why wait to give her feedback. She is great! kept in contact with updates, and also, one of the best doll people on the board. see you in NY!. - Barb

      - the eyes arrived! well packaged, fast shipping. Thanks again to such a nice person for one of the best and smoothest transactions!
    14. Positive feedback for Jen :)

      She helped me to get Toppin HUIS TEN BOSCH version :D I helped her to get FCS.

      Sumomo123, Jen is really a nice, friendly, lovely person and all transactions go smoothly.
      Thank you very much :)
    15. Great transaction with Jen! She is a wonderful customer in purchasing ED eyes and I would be glad to do business with her again! :D
    16. :D Jen is great! :aheartbea

      I bought a heand & outfit from her,
      She's nice and friendly and keeps Good comunication!
      I'd definently buy from her again! :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    17. Jen is a doll. I highly recommend her for any sales. trades or purchases here on DOA..

      : )
    18. Sold a pair of Zouks eyes to Jen, and she was delightful to deal with.
      Super sweet, understanding, and it was an all around wonderful transaction! Very much recommended. <3
      Thank you~ :)
    19. I recently adopted sumomo123's Mimi13.
      The transaction was fraught with funny problems, but with great communication, everything worked out just perfectly. ^_^

      Thanks, Jen!
    20. I bought some doll items from sumomo123. Great communication. Careful packing and fast shipping. Items were perfect. Just like described. Very nice seller.