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Sun and dolls: Which skintone do you use the most caution with?

May 18, 2007

  1. White

  2. Normal

  3. Tan

  4. Colored (i.e. Blue, Red)

  5. I use the same amount of caution regardless of skintone.

  6. I don't use caution regardless of skintone.

  7. I only have dolls in one skintone.

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    1. I was thinking about this last night, now that I have a doll in every skintone. I never paid much attention to whether or not my boys were in indirect sunlight until my tan boy came, and then I started keeping them all behind a makeshift curtain when I wasn't doing anything with them. I'd heard one horror story about tan dolls and sun, and that was one too many, so having a tan doll changed my whole attitude towards sun exposure. For those of you with dolls in multiple skintones, which skintone do you exercise the most caution with in regards to sun exposure, and why? If you'd heard stories that made you cautious, I'd appreciate any posted links. :D
    2. CP/Luts tanning skin. I have always been extremely cautious with my white dolls, but now that I know my girl could turn green I'm much more fearful of the sun getting near them. I keep mine behind a big curtain during the day and pull up the curtains at night so I can look at them.
    3. I'd say I'll be a wreck with both. I have a Tanning and an Ns on the way. :sweat
    4. So far I just have one whiteskin and one normal skin - I try to be extra careful to keep Aedon out of direct sunlight, but we get a lot of indirect light in our house and I don't feel like stumbling around in the dark, so I've kind of given up worry about that. n.n;; I don't leave Eskar (the normal skin) out in the sun either, but I don't worry as much if some happens to fall on him for a while when I'm not looking. XD I figure he can take it!
    5. Pinky-white French Resin, which isn't on the list.
    6. I only have one normal-skinned girl, but I just never take her outside. Inside, she only goes near windows for picture taking time. I'd hate to have her get damaged in any way.
    7. I don't leave any of my dolls in sunlight, but I only exercise extreme caution with French Resin because it has the strongest tendency to yellow. I have heard that tan French Resin appears to yellow the least of the French Resins (tan would also hide yellowing better). A dollmaker said that French Resin is a clear yellow or amber liquid before it is colored and cast.

      I didn't vote because none of the answers fit - I use more caution based on resin type, not color.


    8. yeppers, that would be the trouble maker with a capital "T" in my gang ( I have two in that French Resin) skintone.
    9. I was told that white yellows the worst, so now I keep Erebos (who is stark white) under a thick blanket when I'm not playing with him. He is very rarely in direct sun and when it is it's fo a very short time. Itzal isn't as white as he is, just pale fleshtone, but I uually keep him under the blanket too or in the shade when I'm out with him.
    10. I try to use caution with all of my dolls (although Tris, with Elfdoll Homme skin, has been in the sun and around smoke and stuff x_x He's the only doll I act that way with, though. XD ), but I'm especially cautious about my French Resin kids, since they supposedly yellow worse. (Which I've seen first hand, even when they're not ever in the sun! ?o_o? )
    11. I only have NS Volks dolls currently, and I do keep them out of direct sunlight but they aren't covered up or anything all day in my north-facing bedroom with closed blinds. Yellowing isn't a big deal to me with my dolls -- sure, my Jun is a very very slightly different color than my Kurumi, but she doesn't look, well, yellow. ^^; They could easily swap heads and it would look fine!

      I do plan to get snowskin and sunlight dolls in the future though and I know I'm going to be paranoid about the white skin! Though since Volks' new resin is supposed to be "UV protect" I might not worry quite as much . . . but my future white skin doll still won't be going outside!

      I'm ordering a sunlight skin doll soon and I think she'll be the one I worry about the least, though I'll treat her like I treat my NS dolls, but not with as much care as a snowskin doll. I haven't heard of Volks sunlight skin turning green with limited sun exposure. *crosses fingers* And though I expect ANY doll to yellow slightly no matter how little sun they get, I think it will be less noticable on sunlight skin.
    12. I only have CP Delf boys so like.... I voted for only having one skintone... I don't really exercise TOO much caution with them unless my Chiwoo is like in DIRECT DIRECT sunlight, because then I tend to turn his head away from it.

    13. I have mostly CP dolls, in all three skin tones (white, normal and tanned-) and I don't let *any* of them spend much time in the sun if I can help it. I do take them outside for photos and such, and I don't worry about occasional, casual, short-term exposure like that... But here at home, I keep them away from the windows and I close the blinds in the afternoon. It's a little obsessive, but some of my guys are sort-of greenish or yellowish from the start thanks to CP's weird resin issues, and I'd prefer them not to get any worse. ^_^
    14. Most of my dolls are white skin. I try to keep all my dolls out of direct sunlight, aside from occational photoshoots (heck, I do the same with myself ;D ), but I am extra cautious about my one tan doll, and have never taken him outside at all yet, aside from when he was travelling in the suitcase to meets. Therefor, I voted 'tan'.
    15. It's a good idea to keep most precious things out of direct sunlight. It can fade just about anything!

      I don't have any tanned dolls--I was aware of some problems with sun exposure there.

      I have white skin dolls and worry a bit about them.

      I started worrying a lot about my blue Bambicrony, since it's French resin and some people reported color changes within a month of buying a new one... I'm still cautious with her, but am a little less worried since other owners have said that their dolls are doing OK with just normal care to keep out of direct sunlight.
    16. Wow, thanks for all the input guys! It makes me happy to know that most of us don't really differentiate between skintone when it comes to sun exposure... I can't say I fit in that category though. ^^;; I keep all my dolls out of direct sunlight, and even with the blinds closed I often cover them, but I by far take the most care of my tanned doll... he does not and will not go outside for photoshoots until I'm absolutely OK with it, whereas the rest of my dolls I'm willing to take out for short periods of time for the sake of pictures.

      I wonder... I know French Resin is supposedly really nice, though I don't think I've seen any in person... but shouldn't there be some way, knowing that French Resin yellows worse than normal resin, for the company to protect it like Volks does with UV Protect? /OT
    17. My dolls are in a room completely covered in blinds windows, but they still see natural sunlight. I don't care very much.

      I don't want them to yellow, per se, but I think in the end, it might be something we just can't prevent.

      And even if they're lemon colored, I still like them. <3
    18. Tanned one. all of mine are white except for her, and I do REALLY care a LOT about her being exposed to sun too much!
    19. I use the same caution for all of mine--I don't display them in sunny windows and there's no smoking allowed in the house. Beyond that, I don't do anything special. I want to enjoy my dolls, which means I want them out where I can see them, and to take them places. Resin yellows over time, and I've come to grips with that. So far though, my AR Crystal Rose skin (whose my lightest) and my French resin doll haven't seemed to have changed much.
    20. I only have white skin, and I don't mind if they yellow some. I actually really want a Beauty Green doll, but not enough to leave one of my current dolls in the sun! Anyway, none of them have changed at all in the six months since I started buying them. My (dyed) green doll gets the most exposure because I don't think it will ever show on her. I take her in the sun and near to people who smoke because she is my constant companion and sun & smoke are everyday things I am exposed to as well. The others don't really leave the (shady) house unless I am taking them to a meet or something rare like that.