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Sunrise Dolls and Bears

Feb 19, 2006

    1. I ordered a Sooah from Sunrise and just want to say that Janis is one of the nicest people to deal with in the doll world. She answers emails very quickly and will go out of her way to accomodate requests. Don't hesitate to order from them -- they're great!
    2. The absolute best, and then some. I had two things break and both times she replied replacements. Add that on top of what was metioned above.
    3. I agree, I got my Soulkid Harang girl from Janis, and she was a doll herself. She helped make sure that I actually *ordered* the custom faceup that I had requested (hey, I know how Murphy's Law works) and when there were delays from SoulDoll, she was right up front the entire time. I got emails from her first, didn't have to be the one always instigating contact...and when Sairalindë (my girl) finally *did* arrive, she looked at her in the container (she was a kit) to see her beautiful faceup and verify that they did what I had requested, emailed me to tell me that she looked gorgeous, and packed her SUPER well, immediately shipping her to me. BIG kudos to Janis, I will recommend her forever...she has definitely won a repeat customer in me, by making it feel a lot more comfortable for me to put that much money on the table. Now, if she would only stock MSC UV! HINT HINT, Janis! ;^D
    4. can't say enough about Janis! she was so helpful! and her lay-a-way plan is wonderful! :)
    5. Helpful or *deadly*, depending on which way you look at it. ;D hehehehhe...
    6. I, too, wanna say that Janis is such a great seller! She really cares about making your purchases and your long waits for your doll as stress-free as possible. I purchased both my first dolls from her and she helped me to locate my package when the mailman didn't leave a pick-up card at my door. She responds to all my emails so quickly and is just an overall dream to buy from.
    7. I had a gift sent to someone in USA and was totally happy with the service
    8. Another happy Sunrise customer here! I ordered jeans, shoes, and a wig, all Cheerydoll, late last week. Janis answered my questions very speedily and the package came quite promptly yesterday. But ack! The wrong jeans were in the package! I e-mailed Janis about the problem and she got back to me within hours and offered to make me happy with a return/exchange and a refund of my return shipping cost, plus a small gift, even.

      It turned out that Cheerydoll had sent her the wrong jeans, and so she doesn't have the ones I wanted. She offered a full refund plus refund of my return shipping cost. Well, I've decided to keep them even though they weren't my first choice, but I was impressed with the prompt communication from Janis and the way she went out of her way to offer whatever it would take to make me happy with the transaction. I'll definitely be going back to her site for more stuff another time! I would now feel quite confident about buying a doll from her. :)
    9. I agree again ^-^ I bought my DIM Danbi head from Sunrise dolls and Janis was only ever helpful, kind, informative and wonderful to deal with.
      I would buy through her again in an instant!
    10. I just linked to this thread and, in doing so, noticed I hadn't posted in it myself! I bought my Tiffee from Sunrise and it was an absolutely easy transaction. I had a question close to shipping time and it was answered immediately, too. I look forward to shopping with them again.
    11. Another happy customer!! I ordered a Souldoll Lupinus from Janis and she was wonderful to deal with!! So wonderful, I ended up putting a Souldoll Miryu on layaway! I highly recommend her!!
    12. Another BIG CHEER for Janis. She really went out of her way to help me with my first BJD purchase. I bought my Tiffee from her mainly because of her great layaway plan and I couldn't have made a better choice. I will definitely buy from her in the future!
    13. Almost every doll in the house came from Sunrise, from my very first BJD (Soah) to my latest (which came today YAY!)

      Janis is very patient with newbie BJD buyers who don't know an Elfdoll from a DIM (that was me and in some ways, still is!).
      She goes out of her way to find a way to take my money! Charge! Paypal! Layaway! weird combinations of all of those! if it spends, she'll take it. :love

      I always check Sunrise first when I'm looking for something and go no further if she has it.
      rah rah rah, sis boom bah.

      :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

    14. I bought my Danbi head from her last December and I can't rate Janis highly enough. Her communication is second to none - she's helpful, friendly, professional and a total joy to deal with. I will definately be purchasing from her again in the future!
    15. I have to say I didn't have a good transaction with janis.
      On 29 may I send the order, and requested Air Mail Parcel Post (20$) and bought some wigs. The total for the wigs and the shipping was 101$.
      I payed the 30th (there is time zone difference, and I was waiting for paypal address) and requested the tracking number. She said she'll send it to me the day after when she would have shipped the items.
      No numbers came, I send other 2 mails, one the 2 of june, the other the 13th. She replied to the second one, saying there was a problem because they received a lot of silkstones and they have to send them, she also said that she send me replies, but I never received them.
      the 15th I wrote again and she said she've sent them, I asked again for the tracking number and she said she would have give it to me tomorrow. We have some problems of communication, I was asking for the number and she said she have e-mailed it but I never received it, and when she replied she only said "I've send it". Finally I obtained the number, and I waited for my wigs. the tracking number said the package was shipped the SAME DAY she gave me the number.

      when I received my wigs, one was wrong (white instead of black) and the shipping cost written on the envelope was 3.35$, when I payed for 20$. AND there wasn't any tracking number on the envelope.

      I asked refund and obtained it, but I will not buy here anymore. The wrong wig thing can happen, but I think she send the white one because when she send my order (after asking many many times for it) she didn't have it in stock.