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Suntan hound!

Feb 3, 2006

    1. Hmmmm.....I'm not sure this is different than the tan hound already out. I'm skeptical because I don't see the 'normal tan hound' there as well, otherwise I WOULD assume that this is a 'suntan' (ie more lighter tanned hound). It would be worth it to check with Dollmore to make sure I think. To me, these pix look the same in color as Anu's for tan hounds (referring more to Anu's IM Tan Hound pix...it's tricky photographing tanned dolls as they can easily look alot lighter by the lighting used).

      Would be cool if there really was a suntan hound though just to add to the selection of doggie breeds that seem to be popping up out there, huh? :)
    2. Well I mailed Dollmore

      There you are they are the same.