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Super Dollfie are featured in Kera Maniax volume 9 !!!

Nov 9, 2007

    1. I recently got the Halloween issue of Kera Maniax volume 9. I was really surprised to find out that there is a big article featuring major fashion brands and Volks Super Dollfie. I did a search and I didn't see any posts about it, so I figured I'd scan the images and share them here. (I hope this is the appropriate section).

      Edit: I forgot to add, the book is available to buy on Amazon Japan here.

      If you would like to see larger images to make out the small details please visit my Flickr






      More in the next post....
    2. Thats SO cool! I wish I could get a hold of this! I wish I had some of those clothes for me XD

    3. Eeee, this must have been what Cassiel mentioned! Glad we have nice Kera pictures, instead of resorting to sending spies to Sumika to take stealthy photos XDDD;;; Thanks for scanning, mel! That empire-waisted ALGONQUINS dress shall be the death of me T ^T;;
    4. wooooooooooooow!!!
      i want those clothes!!!
      just looking at this makes me want to start designing again

      and those SHOES!
    5. Wow, I wonder if those doll clothes shown will actually be sold or if they're one-offs? Not like anything would be available in MSD size anyway so it's no difference to me, but... I think it would be awesome if more brands made BJD versions of their clothes!
    6. Oh! This is amazing~!
      All my favourite models with beautiful BJD ♥

      This makes me wanna buy more brand clothes when I should be saving for BJD ¦D I can't decide between the two anymore...

      I want matching things with my doll, I hope Qutie Frash and MAM make some BJD size things...
    7. Man >_> just when I had sworn off getting excited over this kind of stuff.......

      Thanks for the scans, they are lovely >w<
    8. Oh my...
      Please tell me those will be for sale.

      I want them all.
      Especially the Algonquins and BABY dresses.

      (I want them for me too....) :sweat
    9. Woah, that's so cool! I may just have to order this off yesasia! *steals mom's credit card*
    10. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I love Kera Maniax!! :D
    11. I love the H. Naoto stuff!!! :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
      The dolls and the clothes are stunning!
      I want to have anything shown on these pictures!!!

      I just thoght the same!;)
    12. ...so are these people clothes or doll clothes? ( :sweat sorry never heard of Kera Maniax before)
    13. i love the pictures!
    14. Can you PLEEEEEEZE post a larger pic of the last scan with all the limited Dollfies in it! I want to see it clearly so I can read the doll names!
    15. I'm guessing that most of them are one-offs created by the company for this article. Which is probably for the best though... because if they all were available to buy I would be completely broke *_*

      Kera and Kera Maniax are Japanese fashion magazines about Gothic Lolita and Punk styles. Every now and then there are mentions of BJD, especially one of a kind artist dolls.

      As I said, larger scans are available in my Flickr since I didn't want to bog down DOA with them. You should be able to read the characters here :)
    16. ...went ahead and ordered a copy, oh dear >_____<
    17. I want a copy XD
      I can't read anything but then again I can see prettty piccies!!!
      Is there anywhere preferably in english xD that sells this but cheapish lol
    18. eeek! A Life sized matching Kurumi outfit! :fangirl:

      I wish I can get my hands on some of those outfits.
    19. You can get Kera Maniax at yesasia. They also carry Dolly Dolly, Dollybird, Koitsukihime, Kira Doll, Bean's, Gothic & Lolita Bibles, Gothic Lolita & Punk Brand Books, etc.