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Super Dollfie Bible

Aug 17, 2004

    1. I just placed my order with HLJ. Then it occurred to me to check the MediaWorks site, which I probably should have done first.^^;

      It looks as though this book will be printed only to fill preorders. I do not think it will be available on the shelf later. There is an order form on the site that I could have taken to the local Kinokuniya, so I didn't need to go through HLJ... oh well.

      Just as a reminder, the deadline for ordering is Aug. 27.

      As a matter of curiosity, is anyone here planning on sending in the card for a chance at Noel? This is an odd way of marketing a doll, but leave it to Volks to ratchet up interest in a limited edition. Noel is limited to 200 pieces, buyers to be selected from those who send in the card included in the SD Bible. So in essence, by preordering the SD Bible, you're paying for a chance at the right to buy Noel.^^;;;
    2. I think they limit that "chance" though to residents of Japan. That's what they did with the last time they did this (the Carte book had a beauty white sleeping nono in it that you could send the card in for, but only if you lived in japan... :\
    3. Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for the info! So it's also possible that it's only the version of the book with the card that will be limited to preorders. There could still be a mass printing without the chance card, I guess.
    4. What does Noel look like? I'm curious.
    5. it looks like they are dressing "him" in a mini version of Lucas/Chris' sailor outfit?
    6. OMG, it's Little Lord Fauntleroy :?

      Is that the F-06 head?
    7. could you tell me were I could order this from ?
      were is HLJ ?
      could you post the link please
    8. http://www.hlj.com
    9. thank you :daisy
      I have ordered one ! something to read when the nights draw in and winter comes!
    10. I thought Noel was a girl! Like Elsie! :o
    11. And if not, how much use will it be?

    12. I just preorder it *^_^*. Thanks for posting! I'm waiting for this book since March I think >.<
    13. gosh...seems i'm getting too late for everything...besides i don't understand japanese/korean or any other asian languages and i find hard to follow all the links and all...

      i reallly wanted the Super Dollfie Bible. :cry:
    14. You don't need to know a foreign language to enjoy the photos in the book...!
      If you decide to, you can order it directly from Japan from this English-only site: http://www.hlj.com/ and here is a direct link to the actual page: http://www.hlj.com/scripts/hljpage.cgi?MDW22591
    15. I would go ahead and preorder it but... ::winces:: $43 USD? That's quite a lot for a book. I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and get because MOST of the dolls that I want aren't Volks, they're Luts. Hmm... decisions! ;O;

      Nevermind, I preordered it. It was the first time I used my new check card too. Woo! xD;;
    16. thank you! i just preordered it.
      reading the posts here i assumed it was too late for preordering it. and i didn't see the link of the english site so i was a bit confused. lol
    17. Oh, CRAP. ><;;

      I just actually read the first post of this thread, and it looks like I was too late to order it. ::cringes:: Ah, well... I guess that's $47 that won't be taken out of my account, eh?
    18. Ummm... It's still $42.93 at HLJ and it's still available for preorder...
    19. Actually, the finally cost came out to $47.43, with shipping and handling, I assume. I'm just worried about it being too late to preorder... it's almost NOT a preorder anymore, since from what I've read the book officially comes out on the 30th. @_@;;

      Scratch the money thing, that's 4743 YEN. D'oh.