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Super Dollfie Cute Kaede

Sep 3, 2004

    1. From Volks homepage:

      Available to the first 20 web customers on the 25th Sept, noon Japan time.
      She is 55,440 yen ... T_T;

    2. ive read it--- but it will be not only difficult to get one,but Impossible! :( ...zigh...
    3. It's a pity that they are only 20 for all of us :_ . I see imposible to get one too.
    4. Whew!!! I am *sososo* glad I preordered Kaede through Domuya back in July! It really does seem a pity to have only 20 to compete for, and that's 20 total *internationally*--not a good prospect for those who'd still really love to get her. Hopefully the new SDC line will be so popular that they'll begin making them on a regular basis--and I'd just *love* to see a boy SDC produced next!

      Good luck and fingers crossed for any of you who give it a shot on the 25th!!!

    5. Hm. 20 of Kaede. How many do you think there were released of the Dollpa LE's? Funny, they didn't give out a solid number for the int'l orders (Dollpa, After or After-after). I'm still curious to know how many there were - esp. as they say how many Kaedes are going out.

      She's very cute indeed! Good luck in getting her - and remember you'll never know if you don't try. Someone's got to get those 20. Might be you.

      ... I sound like a lotto ad. x_X
    6. From everything I'd read and heard prior to Dolpa, and from the information at Domuya, Volks was producing Kaede on a made-to-order basis, so my assumption was that they were only producing enough to fulfill orders made during Dolpa and the 2 preorder periods Domuya offered. I'm sure, though, that they produced *something* of a surplus, maybe even specifically for an offer like this one, and maybe there were even a few buyers who backed out of their orders, so this could be a combination of all those factors.

    7. :oops: I am going to try and get her, I think she is cute just like her name says :grin: I just have to mail out this credit card application and get approved :oops: . Then if all goes well I will wait for the exact time according to the website and have my info ready to hit the buy button. I live on the east coast of the States so at 11pm the 24 of this month is gonna be a doosey *_* . Hopefully I won't have to work that night and miss out :(
    8. Does anybody know when the new Kaede dolls are scheduled to be shipped?

    9. I got an email from Volks saying that she was due to ship out *soon* and to please look forward to it, but I haven't received the actual shipping notice with the EMS number or anything. Hope this helps! :oops:
    10. Yes, yes, I got one of those emails from Volks, too. Usually, a shipping notice email follows within a few days, which is why I am now on the edge of my seat waiting for her!!

      Hurry, Kaede, hurry... We're all waiting for you!
    11. I'm so sad! Volks is shipping Kaede to those who ordered her in the sept 25th order first...

      even though a lot of us ordered back on July 27th or so and haven't gotten any ship date! I wonder why they decided to do that? I'm so desperate to see my Kaede. :crushed
    12. Yes well I am one of the september ones and she has still not shipped no shipping notice yet.

      Clearly they are behind. Domuya said they would ship in October but not much of October left lol.
    13. I'm right there with you, Aimee, and I was crushed too. I preordered Kaede in July as well, and while I don't necessarily feel like I need to be one of the very first to receive her, I do kind of think it's only fair to fulfill first the orders placed first.

      It's been a rough three months' wait, and I just hope we *all* get our orders fulfilled very soon--I'm dyin' here!!!

    14. *WHIIIIIIIIIINE* :chibi