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Super Dollfie Owners Club USA Registration (Begins Sept. 20)

Sep 12, 2005

    1. This is so cool!!!!
      Here is the info from the volks site:

      To every SD owners and Dollfie fans in the USA,

      We thank you so much for waiting for a long time.

      Prior to the Opening of Volks USA and Tenshi-no-Sumika, we proudly announce that registration of “SD Owners Club USA” has begun.

      The registered SD owners will have lots of information from Volks USA.

      Please be a member of "SD Owners Club"!!

      Thank you so much.

      The first Registration Period:
      From September 20, 2005 to October 31, 2005.

      How to register:
      Please send information as below by email. imos@volks.co.jp

      1) Name

      2) Address

      3) Date of Birth

      4) Gender

      5) Telephone Number

      6) Fax Number (Optional)

      7) E-mail Address

      8) Your HomePage URL (Optional)

      9) Name of your Super Dollfie or Dollfie (Ex. SD Sara, SD13 Yori, Dollfie Dream, Dollfie Neo EB and so on)

      10) Name of the shop or site where you purchased SDs and Dollfies

      11) Requests or Messages

      Special Service:
      1) Direct Mail, Mail Magazine ( Non-regularly)

      2) Member Card (Delivered later by post)

      3) Preferential service for our event and many, many more!!!

      SD Owners and Dollfie Owners in USA, Canada, Mexico.

      *SD = Super Dollfie, Super Dollfie 13, Super Dollfie Cute, and Mini Super Dollfie, Yo-SD, Ko-Tenshi, Kyo-Tenshi, Yo-Tenshi

      *DD = Dollfie Dream

      *Dollfie = 27cm Customize Dollfie, Century Model, Who’s that girl?, Lost Angel Story, Der Ring Des Nieberungen

      * Only Emails in English can be accepted.


    2. That is really interesting, and I would definitely want to join. But...are they going to accept Volks dolls bought through ebay, as the "where did you buy your doll"? That's my only concern...

      Thank you for posting this information! :daisy
    3. Or Yahoo!Japan...
    4. Yes they will, is open to anybody who owns a super dollfie or dollfie dream regardless or were did you buy it from ( I asked them in vegas)

      Bu t I am thinking they may not open the store in LA until november because registration ends october 31 and they need to have the registrations complete before they open the store in LA and sell the super dollfie store exclusive to the "new " members

    5. *squee!* Bouncing in my seat. (Marks calendar for the 20th)

    6. Too bad its for USA only :(
    7. Ditto. :(
      They could have the new LA store as a "gaijin head-quarter", ne? So every non-japanese Dollfie fan would be able to participate.
    8. Thank you pony_gery for the important info! I will definitely be joining :D
    9. So do we send this in now and get accepted on the 20th, or do we send this in on the 20th?
    10. It actually says it's for owners in the USA, Canada, and Mexico... not just the USA.
    11. It's not like we (we meaning the rest of the world other than Japan) haven't been able to participate in SD collecting for the past X years.
      Besides, it's a physical store and the fanclub isn't that huge of a deal unless you can make it to the store, it seems. For instance events and special sales...I'm sure there is still a lot you can do if you aren't a member too. Can't you already do after events and the like world wide? I don't see why they would change that to make it North America only. But I could be wrong...
    12. Yay!!

      Yes, I asked in an email a while back if those of us who got our dolls second hand or through an auction site can still register (since that was a big concern for most of us) Though they couldn't give me any details at the time, they did say they were discussing that and so that was hopeful.

      I'm so glad!!! Haha, but I'll forget to register on the 20th T-T; Remind me!
    13. *bounces*
      That's so awesome that you can register Dollfie Dreams, or from the looks of it, even Dollfie! :D I'll totally have to get Mousey to register! (lust for Mimi13 went up 1,000x) I wonder if there will be another registration period, after 31. October, for those of us who can't register this time around?
    14. This is great news! When I went to the opening of the Harajuku Tenshi no Sumika, everyone had these nifty little cards and had to show them before they got in. Luckily, they were nice enough to let in the confused gaijin too. :grin:
    15. HAHAHAHAHA!! Dollfies count!? excellent! I was concerned that my SD would not be here in time to register (Cause I have no idea when/if he will be). But if my herd of dollfies counts then I will definitely register on the 20th.
    16. Yeah!! This is so exciting!

      Question, so will the cards be valid for events in Japan as well if we happen to be in Japan during one? Do you think they'll sort of be like point cards in Japan too?
    17. They don't ask for the serial number for the SDs - do you think they'll want them? And I don't remember what type of Dollfies I have - I have a bunch...guess I can just guess about them...hmm... What fun!
    18. Well, if they allow auction-bought dolls I'm fine. *pats Ephram's disembodied head*

      If not, can we claim deputy-ordered FCS dolls as direct purchases? :lol: I mean, Lukas WAS ordered directly from Volks at TnS. Just because I'VE never been there... X3;;;
    19. I remember Mickey (the girl that does the makeup) said to me that now for the first time is going to be open to everybody who already ows an sd, but in the future to have the membership you need to buy the doll from volks.

      They understand that a lot of people got the dolls in the USA from the second market that is why they are opening the membership to everyone.I quess that is why they don't ask for serial numbes....

    20. Ohhh, that makes me so happy! :) I'll definently be registering me and my Enn, then. :)