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Super Dollfie Owners List Open!

Oct 1, 2005

    1. Awww--I'm fairly sure now that only dolls purchased from an actual official Volks dealer will be listed, as the only dolls listed so far are those from Doll & Hobby or a Volks store or Dolpa. I guess that leaves us secondary-market people out in the cold. :cry:
    2. Y'know I didn't notice that before you pointed that out.
      So THAT's why Cas wasn't listed. ^^; I sent in info and a pic for both of my boys, but only Masa came from an "official" place.
    3. Oh, that's too sad. So my two boys from ebay won't be listed, eh? That's really not fair, considering this a US club! :(
    4. No kidding.... maybe they will filter them in later, after they've got a store here? I'd email and ask.

      We really don't have an alternative. As the last dolpa proved, even when we want to buy from Volks, we have a lot of trouble. (Even though I was lucky enough to get my one doll from an "official" source, I feel bad for anyone whose family was bought where they could.)
    5. ._. Aww...

      I could have sworn someone said that they asked Volks somewhere and they had said they'd be accepting dolls from anywhere.

      That really isn't very fair....Oh well.

      Will owners of dolls from unofficial places still be in the club, just not on the list? Or are we just out in the cold?
    6. I purchased Nana from the Volks website but Liz from Ebay. I sent a photo of them together so I guess that's why they are not listed. Perhaps, Volks is still working on the list.
    7. I can't even order from Volks, as my system won't work with theirs. Like you said, what's our alternative? I can't travel to Japan...
    8. I'm just going to lie on each and say Japan Volks or something.

      I agree they're very against scalpers, and I do agree! But oversea's Volks doll lovers really don't have an alternative, unfortunately. I'd gladly pay an extra 100$ or something to get them directly from Volks, because I'd rather support them.

      But alas, nothing that can be done. :(

      So what do I do when I input a new doll? I'm not going to submit Cicada now, but when I do do I just do this over again? I don't want to re-register, but just add a new doll.

      Can someone shed light into this? I'll just register Abacus for now.
    9. Guess that excludes all five of my crew. =~_~=
    10. Why not just lie Valentine? :(
    11. I thought I read somewhere that Volks said they'd be accepting dolls from anywhere too...which is why I put that I got my boy off of Ebay. :| *sigh* I guess I should have emailed and asked personally myself just to make sure. I guess this is a heads up to those like you, Mortimer, who haven't registered yet. It's basically a trust system as they don't ask for proof where you got your doll, but I don't see why it's so incredibly important that we bought directly from Volks or one of their dealers--I mean, I do understand that they very much dislike scalping, but as so many others have said, sometimes that's our only choice if we want a certain doll. Would they rather that we didn't have their dolls at all? Since it IS a trust system, it's not a very good one, since a lot of people will just lie to get their dolls in...and though my personal ethics wibble a bit where this is concerned, if I'd known ahead of time, I might have lied too. *shrug*

      I do hope that they'll loosen up or rescind their demands that things be from "official" retailers...and that we'll still be in the club, even if we're not on the owner's list. Do you think if they don't and we put together a polite petition, with all of our names and email addresses and reasons for WHY many of us go through other sources, they might change their mind? I know there are a great many people on this board who've had to go through shopping services and bidding services and other sources to get their dolls.

      (And just a random question--was Domuya an official retailer? I haven't noticed any dolls on the list bought from Domuya...only Volks, Doll & Hobby, and Haute Doll.)
    12. There's only so much lying I can do... For one, Jocelyn doesn't even qualify because he's a Seimei head. Justyn obviously has a School A head, which can't be gotten through Haute Doll/Doll&Hobby/Volks website. Valyntine and Jerolyn were both painted by Japanese customizers and won off Yahoo!Japan... in theory, they were probably originally bought straight from Volks, but the fact that I won them off Y!J painted as they were excludes them too. (And dammit, I'm proud of their faceups and the artists who did them!) If Volks excludes any foreign dolls won from Yahoo!Japan, I wonder what they do about all the Japanese owners who have won their dolls the same way?

      I could lie about Vincynt, I suppose...but even then, it's kind of a feeling of - why bother? If they don't want to include the dolls that I love, from the company I love and admire the most, then I'm not really sure I want to be on the list anyway. Kind of a kick in the shins from Volks for being loyal. =~_~=
    13. *sighs*
      It's things like this that really just make me grumpy.
      It's not like you guys wanted to pay scalper prices, it's just that there was no other way. *grumble* I hope that they'll do some sort of preorder system online for their Dollpa limited dolls, because otherwise there's really no way to get them for those of us not in Japan or California.
    14. It's not even like all of them were scalpers. As I mentioned in my post (*coughminirantcough*) above, Japanese artists sell their one-off dolls there. Volks encourages the repainting of SD. They've certainly never asked artists to stop selling their work on Y!J, at least as far as I know. It's not scalping. But still, we're punished because we were unable to bid on those auctions ourselves without the help of a shopping service. =>_<=;
    15. ... but even if you had been able to bid on them yourselves, it's still not an "official dealer," is it?
    16. Nope. So either way, we're screwed. Thanks, Volks. =~_~=

      (This is why I have a website. If anyone wants to see my dolls, go look at World Ruined. Don't need no gratification from Volks to have information about my dolls online. =>_<=;;;)

    17. ?: Even if you aren't on the list, are you still considered a member? (I remember something about discounts or exclusive events or somesuch ...?)
    18. No. Domuya is not an official Volks dealer - that's why their prices are so much higher than Volks. Any official dealer would have to sell at Volks original retail prices. ^^;