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Supernatural Doll Stories

Jul 7, 2011

    1. It's been a while since I could post here with anything interesting to share, but leave it up to my El to give me reason. :P

      Uriel is my most active doll, and as of late there's been a lot of other activity going on in my house in general. Last night I returned home after running errands and ran upstairs to grab something quickly before walking my dog. Uri was seated on my bed propped up against a pillow with his arms crossed, just as I'd left him that morning. I didn't stop to pick him up and bring him down then, just grabbed the few things I needed and went on my merry way.

      I went back up a little while later to find Uri's arms outstretched and his hands turned in a sort of "No wait, take me!" pose. I'm the only one in the house now aside from the dogs, so I know no one tampered with him. Also, Uri is strung very tightly, as that's how I like my dolls. Generally if he shifts in any way, it's to snap the joints bent. However in this case both arms were fully outstretched, barely bent at the elbow at all.

      Needless to say I felt properly chastized and took him downstairs immediately for some TV and snuggle time. :P
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    2. I have been reading these stories for a while now and i must say, some of them gave me chills:o and just like 10 min ago I had an experience with my one and a half year old BJD Binx!

      You see, he has been wearing the same mohair wig since I got him basically, and it never quite looked right to me:huh?: so I took him down from his shelf and said to him, "I'm gunna try giving it a brushing and see how it goes" and I could of sworn he had the most horrified face on(and seeing that even tho I've had him all this time I still haven't given him a faceup and he's just a 'blank face' it made it even more strange). So I set to work with my brushing(with him still wearing it) and near the end I had him turned around with his hands on the hand I was holding him with(so I could get the back and all) and when I was done and set him down I looked and the top of my hand was all red and scratched where he had been touching:o "Come on! I wasn't that bad!" and I shoved him in front of a mirror...he has a happier and more apologetic face now, so I must of done a good job
    3. love reading these it's intresting what goes on with other peoples bjds and theyre 'movement activities' ;P though just got creeped out because my floating head Alex (first and most loved bjd i have XD well part of him at least ~w~ body be missing ;3) and i just come upstairs to head to get in bed and shoved him in his box(floating heads deserve beds too!) and placed him on my laptop as got changed, kept getting this feeling was being watched ( had my back to Alex at the time) and every time i turned round and looked at him i saw his eyes move from me to straight forward likenormal as if to say 'you didnt see me being a peeper just then ~' and it really has creeped me out XD now hes in his bed box facing the wall i ain't having no eyes following me in my sleep xAx have enough spirits watching me in my house has it is (a teen a child and a cat to be exact with the occational second child) so having my boy watching me would do me in and id end up sleeping down stairs with my kittens :3 can't tell anyone in my family because showed my mum these stories on here and she said 'if that doll moves and i see itor you tell me it'll be in the bin' D'8 cant throw my baby (whos lacking a body xD) boy away besides she forgets theres protective charms round the whole house keeping the eveil spirits out :3 they remain lurking in the ally xD
    4. I've been enjoying all the spooky stories on this thread:) I haven't had any supernatural experiences with my dolls, but once I had a dream about my boy Shinobu. In the dream he was sitting on a chair, wearing a pair of boots that didn't really fit with his usual 'style'. But I thought he looked good in them, and told Shinobu he looked nice in his new boots!
      I didn't give him the boots in the dream, he was just wearing them. It kinda made me wonder if he was trying to tell me what he likes.... at least its more fun to think so:aheartbea
      If I ever see a pair of boots like he was wearing in the dream, I'm gonna buy 'em!:XD:
    5. Well, what with the heavy amount of 'protector' doll stories you can find in this Thread, I would jump to one of two conclusions regarding your floating head. 1)creepy doll eye syndrome (where the doll's eyes are positioned so wonderfully spot-on forward that they seem to 'follow' you everywhere in a room *shudders*) or 2)'protective doll' where it wasn't actually even you the doll was truly looking at . . . but rather some errant spirit in the room at the time *shrug*

      At least if you think about it that way then your loved little resin roommate doesn't necessarily have to face the corner.
      Thanks for sharing!
    6. I have 2 doll stories (one kinda scary I guess, one scary as heck) but not about BJD ^_^;;

      the first one is when I was about 5 years old. I had one of those battery operated dolls whose cheeks turn red and would say "mommy, I'm sick." and you would feed her or something to make her better. I was always with my doll indoors and out, so she would get pretty dirty. One day when my mom was washing clothes she decided to wash my doll, so she took the batteries out and threw her into the washer. That day it had been raining and I guess I stood outside a little too long because I had a small fever when I went back inside. My mother gave me medicine and sent me off to bed. Around 2 o'clock in the morning, as my mother recalls, she heard a little voice say "mommy, I'm sick." and of course knowing that the doll always said that she got up to shut the doll off. When she got to the hamper where all the clean clothes and the doll where, she saw that the dolls cheeks were red. She proceeded to turn the doll around to hit the off button.. but she completely forgot that before she washed the doll she had taken the batteries out... so she screamed and dropped the doll and ran to tell my father what had happened. My father who had also heard the voice of the doll got up and went to go check on me and my brother just in-case we were startled by my mothers scream. When my father and mother went to check on me my head and neck were very hot and I was coughing and I muttered "mommy, I'm sick". My mother froze and stared at me... They took my temperature and it was 104 degrees, so they rushed me to a nearby hospital and they brought my temperature down. If it wasn't for my doll who woke my mother up saying "mommy, I'm sick" I probably would not have been here today. My doll saved my life.

      this other story is the scray one.

      when I was around maybe 12, I had seen a porcelain doll in a store and decided that I had to have her! She had orange curled hair, brown eyes and a beautiful red Victorian dress. It was love at first sight. I begged my mom to buy me her and my mother finally caved in and bought her. I knew I couldn't play with her much because she was really fragile, so I would leave her on top of my or my brothers bed (we had bunk beds). After the first few days, I had noticed that strange things would happen whenever I was around my doll. Like things would move and even my doll would slightly move at the corner of my eye and I would get horrible nightmares. And I also had the feeling that my doll did not like me very much for some reason. She would always glare at me and think she was better than me in every way. About 2 weeks had passed and I didn't want to be around her at all, so I would just leave her on top of my brothers bed. One day (I think a Saturday), I went into my room to change clothes and I had remembered that I had put the doll face down and had put a clothe/blanket over the back of her head, but it wasn't there anymore. I thought that maybe my mom had taken it away or something. So I just kept changing clothes. I turned away from my bed just for a second to get shoes and when I turned back around the dolls body was completely turned around and she was starring STRAIGHT AT ME!! I ran out screaming and refused to go back into my room until my mother threw the doll out of the house!! So she did. I still refused to go back into my room for a few days, just in-case.. I have no idea what my mom did with the doll. If she actually threw it away or gave it to someone else. I hope I never see that doll again.

      - - - - -

      because of that reason I was kinda afraid to get my first BJD.. but now I have 5 and I love them all and I know that they love me ^_^
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    7. I guess it's about time I added my story on here :D

      My story is about my very first BJD that I ever owned (and no longer own, but not because of the events explained in this story). He was my Luts El named Casper.

      In my old house, I slept facing the desk I kept my dolls on. When I sleep, I guess my eyes must sort of relax to the point that they open a crack because everything I "dream" of happens within my surroundings/line of vision. It was in the middle of the night and I was in that stage where you're not quite awake and not quite asleep. (Rem stage?) I distinctly remember hearing typing coming from my Dad's office a few feet away from my bed (my room was in the basement). I remember knowing right away that it was Casper doing the typing. I don't know how ridiculous this may sound or how much of a dream this may have been, but I also remember being aware that it was a spirit in the house who took a liking to Casper (go figure) and this boy spirit was sort of playing with Casper and moving his hands on the keyboard to make him type! I distinctly remember faintly seeing the spirit carrying him then out of my Dad's tiny office and walking around my room with him. After the spirit was finished playing, he placed Casper down in the spot on the desk in which I kept him. The spirit continued to stay in that area and was just sort of oogling at Casper. I then became fully awake at this point and this frightened away the spirit who sort of diminished as I sat up and gained full consciousness, all I remember at that point was that this spirit or whatever it was seemed very scared and apologetic that he was "caught" playing with my doll! When I awoke in the morning, Casper was knocked over on his back, leaning on the other dolls *____*

      I don't know to this day if it was all a figment of my imagination, or if one of our cats may have knocked him over or whatever, but I can tell you that in the moment I was very creeped out. I felt even more attached to Casper after it happened. It lead me to do a photoshoot LOL:

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    8. I think it was sweet the spirit took a liking to him and treated him gently!
    9. :) Thanks Rynn007, I completely agree with you on that one, thankfully the spirit was not malicious in any way, he was just fascinated with him
    10. Not exactly 'supernatural' but it is a bit of an odd coincidence: I have a character doll based off a Disney villain. And we all know how Disney villains usually die, right? Well this doll WILL NOT stay on top of anything high. Even when I'm sure he's rock solid, check him, rock him slightly back and forth and he seems to be staying put... as soon as I step out of the room 'Thunk.' He's even managed to fall on his own while sitting, without disturbing any of the dolls sitting around him. I had him standing behind one of my other dolls, who was sitting, with his hands on her head to keep him from pitching forward. Come back and SHE'S still sitting where I left her, but he's on the ground.

      He can't help it, it's in his nature?
    11. DeadLegato, that's funny! Maybe you should keep him laying down.
    12. lol, that'd be great!

      Nothing paranormal has happened regarding my dolls, yet - but you bet I'll be posting if something comes up!

      Also, REM is the stage of sleep where you're dreaming (it's the deepest sleep). When entering REM, you can hear or see things that may or may not be there. New thing I learned last week: if you find that you wake up after having a nightmare, that dream might not have occurred up to the point where you woke up. Dreams, apparently last 2 hours within the sleep cycle, so while you might think that you woke up from a nightmare, the nightmare might've happened a few hours ago.
    13. Well I'm still slightly confused by this but last night I had the strangest dream about BJDs, and it was oddly detailed considering most of my dreams are based more on impressions than anything else. :sweat

      Well anyways in the dream my friend and I are sitting on the floor with a bucket of water between us. I'm talking to her about my doll, which in the dream I have 5 instead of my actual 2, and how I had gotten them dirty early, and how I needed to clean all the gunk off of them. So I went about undressing them and giving them sponge baths for the most part when I noticed something weird.

      One of the dolls I don't have in real life was acting weirdly, which to begin with it was a strange doll it looked like a basic baby doll but was made of resin and fully jointed, but the weird thing was it was looking from side to side really fast. So I comment it to my friend who completely ignores me and goes on ranting about what ever she was talking about, and I go back to washing the second doll. When I finish washing the second while I go to put it down I look at the baby doll and this time its eyes are just rolling randomly their sockets, and yet again I comment to my friend am ignored then continue to wash the next doll. After the third doll I look back up and see the eyes still going crazy but now the sides of its mouth where twitching about too, so with the routine of pointing it out being ignored and continuing I pick up the fourth doll.

      This time though I look back at the other doll before really starting and see that its started to flail its arms and legs out wildly along with the other facial issues, so I point this out and this time my friend screams bloody murder and backs into the corner of my room, and I just kinda go put the other doll down and pick that one up. I tilt it about before dunking it into the water where it simply vanishes. Then I continue what I was doing as if this was all completely normal, but when I pick up the other doll it turns to me and says 'that was awfully strange' and I agree before waking up. :|

      Thing that gets me about the whole thing is that I don't really react to anything there's just this sense of calm, and a slight annoyance toward my friend :lol:
    14. woah I would have been soooo freaked out if I saw a doll doing that O_O;;;;
    15. Well, after seeing Toy Story, I should start sleeping with one eye open! LOL

      Once when I was planning on selling a doll, I came back into the room, and she had leaned over (as if she was speaking to the doll next to her) and her finger was pointing at me. (She had jointed fingers.) I asked around my house if anyone had posed her that way. (None of them even knew that she was on the auction block, so it was odd that she was singled out among the fifty some dolls that I had displayed in the first place, but I asked anyway.) Everyone denied it. Needless to say, I was a bit creeped out by it, but had a good laugh in the end.

      And...I didn't sell her, afterall. She's still in my collection. (Doesn't sit behind me anymore with her eyes boring into my back, but she's in the room. LOL)
    16. Many of these talking doll ones can be explained away by malfunctions. I have had a lot of experience with mechanical and animatronic toys. I'm a little bit obsessed. *clears throat.*

      For instance, the Baby Heather doll that was computerized and quite advanced in the 80s (though structured poorly with a neck weakness that led to the head repeatedly falling off) had a backup battery component and could be programmed to wake up and go to sleep at certain times. She would then become interactive. There were reports of the dolls coming on at all points in the night despite the time being set due to an electrical error. More than likely it was a malfunctioning microchip.

      I had two dolls growing up that looked exactly alike. Kiyakotari is familiar with my "Alice" stories. I have no idea what brand they were, but they were malfunctioning automated toys. I have searched to find something like her and have never found her on the web. She had a voicebox in her padded stomach and her eyes could move and blink, though her mouth did not move. Her hair was long and black and she was every bit as tall as I was. I was terrified of her as a child and would often stuff her into the closet under piles of clothing. She had several phrases that she'd say at random. She was a poor version of an interactive doll. Over time, I became more and more afraid of her. Removing her batteries did not help.

      Finally, something happened when I was younger... I can't remember if my mother sold it or gave it away, but it was gone and that thrilled my heart.

      Then coming home from college one day, I found her sitting in the attic chair where my father's old Raggedy Andy doll had sat. I more or less stood in the attic frozen for a moment. One eye was open wide; the eyelid chipped and the other one was partially shut. I remember thinking, "How did you get here?" and more or less recalled cinematic scenes of doll terrors.

      I was compelled to see if she still worked and went to pick her up. She had aged batteries and corrosion in the compartment. She shouldn't have worked, but when I lifted her, she made what sounded like a gargle version of, "I love you..." which is what she always said as one of her catch phrases. Not understanding what I explained earlier above then, I had one of those "supernatural" moments.

      I have never been one who destroyed toys or other things, but I remember the frenzy with which I stuffed her in the garbage can and continued to pound her into the garbage until it stopped talking. Something was obviously wrong with it because it continued the cycle of saying those three words. My mother later told me that I had had two of them as a child. Someone had replaced the first one after it was taken away. The person who gave the second one as a gift had thought it was a cute novelty.

      Not supernatural. Mechanical error. It surprises me now that she still worked, but in my younger years (I think I was 20 then when that happened? Maybe 19, even) I only thought of getting rid of the thing that frightened me when I was younger and still basically gave me the creeps.

      I saw many mentions of Robert here too. Though they make him almost humorous on the website, try standing in front of his plexiglass box in the East Martello Museum. He has an aura about him that will give you chills.

      He's one of my favorite stories.

      Imagine giving your name away to a possession. Names do have power, you know...

      Robert Eugene Otto was quite in love with his friend. Some could say a bit too much. His descent into madness is terrifying...
      But after all, he'd still claim:

      Robert did it.
    17. I don't know if this is supernatural or not, but it is certainly very weird. Ai, my mini iplehouse girl, does not seem to like her picture taken at all. I can take 20 photos of her and maybe just maybe I'll get one that isn't blurry. Sounds normal right? Thing is, I can take whole photoshoots of my other girls and maybe I'll find one picture I didn't like, or didn't come out right. Now I know I don't have the best camera in the world, nor am I the best photographer, but it's weird that only this doll seems rather particular when she wants to be photographed.

      Now this is also a doll that I didn't particularly bond with right away, actually that took almost a year to happen when I finally got around to painting her face (she was faceless before then). After that I bonded instantly with her. I was able to take a few decent pictures of her face during this time. Still she was rather moody, and most of them were still blurred.

      There was one time I was able to do a whole photoshoot with her and not a single picture was bad. It just so happens that the very same day I noticed that part of her hand was badly damaged (the part the hook hooks onto), and was able to fix the problem before it got any worse. I have a feeling that the perfect photoshoot was her way of saying "hey, my hand hurts." as I would not have noticed it if it weren't for me taking her out for the shoot and posing her.

      I have since redone her face, and now she looks far different than she used to. She went from being innocent, somewhat sweet to almost sultry and sexy- very fox-like which is fitting. Now I can't photograph her face right at all. I've tried every setting on my camera, different lighting... And no matter what it's as if the face I'm looking at and the face on my camera's screen are two completely different dolls. Once I swore she changed expression just as the camera took the picture, like she's messing with me. Or it was just my frustration making me think that... I'm sure it's just my camera, and I just need practice...though I wouldn't put it past her to do something like that.

      I can still photograph my tinies just fine, and I can take excellent pics of my dollfie dream just fine as well. It's just this girl that gives me problems. Lol
    18. It's not really creepy, but Whenever Neah is meant to be in a bad mood in one of my photoshoots, she's really snappy, and constantly snaps her arms and legs out of place, but when she's supposed to be in a good mood she's perfect, and doesn't move at all.
    19. Whenever I adjust their wigs, such as after changing their outfits, it always looks a little bit off or strange no matter how much I try to fix it. I just leave it that way, but after a day or two, their hair looks normal and all right again.... Maybe they fixed it while I am not around.. xD
    20. I love this thread! Everyone's stories and experiences are so fun to read!

      Nothing super supernatural has happened besides my boys making different expressions. Although there was one time where I was trying to make Adrian hold a wooden skull for a photoshoot and he kept dropping it even though I had made sure it was secure. I couldn't figure out why and kept putting it back into his hand. Eventually I looked and it turned out that it had been staining his resin somehow and he might've been trying to tell me. I got it all off eventually but I felt bad for having insisted he hold it.
      Recently I got a new "floating head" and since I didn't have a body for him I had him borrow Chris' for a few days because I was so excited and wanted to take pictures of him. Chris has his own body back but he has this awful "wet cat look". Like a death glare wet cat look. Perhaps he didn't like sharing his body with someone else even though I told him it was only for a little while. I have no idea how to make it up to him and that "wet cat look" is starting to creep me out :sweat. It makes me hesitant to have my floating head borrow his body again, even though I want to because I got the floating head a new wig :doh.