Supia Boys Discussion

Nov 15, 2011

    1. *Edit*
      My post was moved.. So now I will make a proper introduction...

      Saw on Supias flickr they are working on a boy : D So exciting!
      Discuss away! x3

      Original post:
      Winter event is up ^___^ I might order my Hael before time just to get the free shipping 8D Yay!
      I can't wait X3 But I have to...

      *edit* Oh my! Have you guys seen their Flickr?? A male body is being made!!! X3
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    2. Well, I went looking on Flickr...please give URL as I can not find Supia on Flickr - thanks
    3. The link's on the Supia website... >.>[email protected]/

      Oh... That male body looks amazing. ;D Delicious... Yummy. *getting insane*

    4. Splynterhayde: Eee thanks so much for the reply. I love the concept! I knew about the medical standpoint so I'm really excited to see that you incorperated it into your character. That's really inventive and clever. I adore Lux. Im always showing him off to people like "Isn't he the cutest thing!"

      as for the male body....I am all over that when it comes out. The Supia heads are so changeable (like Lux). So a female head would even double as a great male doll.
    5. Oh man, I was so excited when I heard they released a male body, but... I have to say, though it looks nice, I'm sadly underwhelmed with what's there. It's not that he's badly sculpted or anything, but muscled men have been such a trend, lately, in the doll community -- now you can find muscle bods of any size! Which is cool, but! - but there is such a lack of detailed, slim boy bodies in the 60cm size range, and it gets tiresome to mod the heck out of girls, all the time. I was hoping for something along the lines because Supia is such a delicately sculpted, beautiful company.

      Oh well! At least he's gorgeous! :)

      Also, guys, Haeun has been released! And! There's a special 'Gold Daisy' limited version of her available for sale, too!

      I've GOT to see if I can get in on this event. I really like this girl! :P

      Plaguebearer: Thanks so much! I'm speechless and also pleased that someone would enjoy my boy (potentially!) as much as I do. Your compliments leave me without words, and thanking somebody only sounds repetitive if said too much! But seriously! I am thankful! How lovely of you -- I hope that you can employ some similar concepts in your own dolls! I'd love to see them! ;D

      I do like that male body, despite my complaints. I'd be especially happy to see some more 'versatile' supia boys. Hael and Nael look like they'd be excellent candidates for that one!
    6. I LOVE what they have so far for the boy. I like that he's well sculpted but his lines aren't too harsh or anything. I can't wait to see more pics of him. the body is gorgeous so far! ^_______^

      I just hope they make him taller than the Supia girls instead of the same size. I would prolly want to pair him with one of them ^^
    7. I love how the male body looks! I do admit I'd love it even more if it had a lower torso joint as well but hey, can't have it all and upper body joint means he can slouch! So that's good! I can't wait to see the male face though. I'm not interested in smiling men so the one on the picture is not up my alley but hey, maybe she will have more then one? A girl can hope! Then again, do I really need another SD and a man in my all-girl collection? :sweat
    8. This. So much this! As thrilled as I am that Supia is taking the leap to male dolls, I am a bit bummed at the muscly body as well. I was hoping for something that fit in with the aesthetic of Supia's girl dolls more. Oh well, maybe we'll see a more delicate 60cm boy body from Supia eventually. c:

      Haeun is so pretty. I love her cheekbones!
    9. I think the male body isn't too muscular... just fit. Perhaps because I've had Mega Gems / Idealians so I'm used to their muscles. If they made him too soft and the boy face is too pretty... then...
    10. I don't think it's overly muscular either; it is beautifully sculpted as well. I was just hoping for something closer to, for example, Spiritdoll's 60cm body, but done in Supiadoll's style.

      Overall, I'd like to see some more realistic, but not muscly 60cm boy body bodies on the market, and I was hoping that Supiadoll would sculpt something close to what I had in mind, given their current, delicate and semi-realistic style.
    11. I like what I can see of the male body. If Supia made him as delicate as their girl sculpts I don't think it would help them grow and branch out as a company. I'm glad I could pair my girl with a Supia boy and not have him look more like a younger brother. I like my guys muscly though lol.
    12. I think what I love so much about the male sculpt is that its so...polished. Alot of male muscled bodies have great abs, great pecs, etc that it all kinds of blends together. This image (so far) has this amazing polished detail on more then just abs and chest. The rib muscles are beautiful. Even the sternum has this great toned pull. The thing that really drew me to Supia is that in any light you get to see multitudes of muscle differences just by shifting the shadows. The sculpts always has great muscle depth and bone structure.

      The tiny details is what really shines in Supia. Nothing is over stated.

      Splynterhayde: Just wanted to say you're very welcome! And thanks for the inspiration and well wishes on my girlie. XD <3
    13. Mmmm. Gonna be following this with interest.
      The body so far isn't too too muscly for me, it is definitely more "defined". We'll see I guess? :>
    14. Finally! A supia boy :love
      I cannot wait~!
    15. I also don't think the boy body is muscular at all. I think lithe, like a swimmer or a dancer even, and not like a body-builder Iple or Soom boys. I am very much loving this body. I can't wait to see it finished!
    16. If you don't like ripped bodies, sand of the chocolate? XD
      I'm really curious about what a Supia boy would look like O= I'm not collecting SD guys anymore but stil.... Curious!
    17. This male body looks so beautiful... I can't believe I missed it in Supia's Flickr when they posted it! I'm really curious too about what his face will look like. He looks like he has a little bit of a smile ^^

      Oh man why does it have to be now that they show me this? *crying for the state of my wallet*
    18. I hope he is a 65cm-ish boy. I really quite like that body and I think he'd be good with a hybrid that I would want to do.
    19. Oh, I didn't say he was overly muscled. I think he's very gorgeous. But I was hoping for a slim boy, since many companies offer muscled bodies these days. :daisy

      navci: Maybe you really should have a Rosy boy. ;)
    20. You know, I'm not crazy about boy dolls generally, but that body looks REALLY nice so far. I love that it's toned without really being beefy!