Update Supia Doll Discontinuing “Original Tan”

Dec 3, 2017

    1. Hello everyone! I thought it would be important to share that Supia Doll is discontinuing their “original tan” on December 8th 2017. They will add a “light tan” option thereafter, but the current tan will no longer be available. For this reason, they’re running a discount on original tan skin.

      They made the announcement on their website which you can read here. This is your last chance to get an original tan Supia Doll!
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    2. What is the discount? It doesn't state how much or how a discount will be applied. Thank you.
    3. It only costs $14 for a full doll and $15 for heads/body parts.
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    4. I do not have official confirmation from Supia, but the discount is seemingly half of what the original tan skin used to cost and it’s already reflected in the tan option when choosing the skin color.

      Please check with Supia if you want to be sure, however, because I was familiar with the price of the tan before this, I can tell you it was not the price reflected now which leads me to believe the discount is already applied to the option itself.
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    5. Thank you @dollsoflace and @superXasian ! I wasn't familiar with the original price and have seriously been considering a tan Ariel.