New Doll [SUPIA DOLL] New Release of 65cm Girls Body with Event!

Sep 8, 2017

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      Hello everyone,:aheartbea

      Our new 65cm girl body and limited edition Dreaming Rosy head (100 worldwide)
      are now released at Supiadoll.

      To celebrate their new releases, there will be various promotion events.

      Information on the events are as follows:

      1. Doll accessories given as gifts for purchases over USD 100.

      2. 10% discount on all doll products. (Parts products excluded)

      3. 10% discount upon purchases of Dreaming Rosy heads.

      4. Dreaming Rosy heads given as gifts to the first 30 purchases of the new 65cm girl body products.
      (There will be no time limits, and gifts will be given according to the sequence of payment confirmation.)

      All promotion events will be up until September 25th.

      Please don’t miss out on this special offer!

      Supia Doll
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    2. hi, the new head (dreaming Rosy) matches the previous bodies? :kitty1
    3. Are there heeled feet options for this body, or are the heel parts from the previous bodies compatible?
    4. Hello belovedoll :aheartbea
      Yes, of course it matches with previous bodies.
      The neck size of dreaming Rosy is same as that of Rosy. :celebrate

      Hello AntarelNefertili :aheartbea
      We added an option so you could purchase 65 Double Jointed Body with heeled feet. :dance

      The image will be updated next week.

      The ankle of 60cm body more slender than that of 65cm Double Jointed Body. So they are not compatible with each other.

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    5. Does dreaming rosy have the option of original tan?
      Can I buy the dreaming rosy of original tan?
      What's the difference betreen tan and original tan
    6. Hello milanading:aheartbea,
      I am really sorry for the confusion.
      The color of tan skin is same as that of original tan skin.
      From skin option of dreaming rosy, please select tan skin.
      Thank you. :blush