New Doll [SUPIA DOLL] new release 'Sarah' promotion -free shipping and 10 % discounts

Apr 7, 2019

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      Hello everyone, :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      SUPIA DOLL has released Sarah (60cm size).
      She is an attractive girl who has cute eyes like a cat. :kitty2

      To celebrate the release, free shipping and 10 % discounts will be offered until April 28, 2019.

      Information on the events are as follows:

      *Double points on all orders!

      *Free shipping on orders of $300 or more!

      *10% discount for 60 Double jointed body
      (This discount will also apply for Full doll purchase)

      LOVE, SUPIADOLL (Full doll)
      LOVE, SUPIADOLL (Body parts)

      * 10% discount upon purchases of Sarah (Full doll)

      Free shipping and 10% discount will be valid until April 28th as well.

      Thank you for your interest.:aheartbea:abow::aheartbea

      Best regards,
      Supia Doll Team
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