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Update Supia Doll Now Offering Heads Separately!

Jun 30, 2009

    1. I wasn't sure if this qualified as a news thread, but I thought it was note-worthy especially for people who want extra heads or to make hybrids. I was just notified from avrilpaeony that Supia is now offering all their 58 girls heads at $130US (including Lina and Lana for an extra $10US). Under their Supia Basics section.
    2. OH wow, thanks!

      But it seems like you *have to* choose a makeup option???

      I'll ask....
    3. Any plans for them offer the bodies separate too?
    4. I have no idea. I'm pretty sure the head-only option was added extremely recently as I didn't notice it at all when I checked on my order a few days ago. Contact them through e-mail here or on their Q&A board here. :)
    5. I used to read supia board ,She said the body will be separate too soon but not know when.
    6. You do not have to have a faceup, just skip the option and leave it blank :)