Event [SUPIA DOLL]promotion in October and the last chance to buy our original body type

Oct 6, 2018

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      Hello everyone:aheartbea,

      Please be informed that SUPIA DOLL will be having a promotion in October.
      Also, we are letting you know that we will be discontinuing the original body type of our dolls.

      *Please note that different promotional items have different expiry dates.
      Please check the expiry date carefully so you can be benefited from the promotion.

      1. Free shipping and 10% discount -until Oct. 14th.

      *Double points on all orders!

      *Free shipping on orders of $300 or more!

      *10% discount for 60 Original and Double jointed body
      (This discount will also apply for Full doll purchase)

      LOVE, SUPIADOLL (Full doll)
      LOVE, SUPIADOLL (Body parts)

      2. Free Gift Animation head -from Oct. 15 to Nov. 5

      *You will receive an "animation head" if you place an order of a 60cm or 43cm girl doll (with her head).
      (The head image is going to be disclosed on October 15th.)

      As for our beloved original body type of 60cm and 43cm dolls,
      they will only be available until November 21th.

      Afterwards, they will no longer be available.

      Thank you so much for your love and support of SUPIADOLL and don't miss the last opportunity!

      * Please note that the original body type (tan skin) is almost out of stock. Thank you for your kind understanding.

      Please don't miss out on this great opportunities!
      Thank you for your interest in Supia Doll.

      Best regards,
      Supia Doll Team
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    2. Oh no I was afraid the day would come when you would discontinue the old body :...(
      Is layaway available for ordering the body, and for the gift head?
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    3. Is the animation head for the 60cm or 43cm body?
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    4. The animation head will be released in 43cm and 60cm sizes. :dance
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    5. Yes, you are eligible for gift head benefits if you place an order during the promotion even if layaway is selected. :aheartbea
      We are really sorry for the confusion because of the sudden announcement. :pout::pout:
    6. How does your layway work?
    7. Hello,
      Thank you for your inquiries.

      Our basic layaway program is 60 days (3 payments).

      You can find more information by clicking on the link below:

      For your layaway order, please send approximately a third (1/3) of your order total for each payment (3 payments in total).
      This is the case of our basic 60-day layaway program.

      If you select "layaway" and complete your order, we will give further information such as payment method by email.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.
      Thank you.

      Have a nice day:)!

      Best regards,
      Supia Doll Team
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