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Supia Dolls

Feb 23, 2006

    1. I'm not sure if any related thread has been posted.^^
      But I didn't find one after searching.

      As I think, Supia dolls have realistic faces. ^^ Adorable girls~
      No official homepage yet, here is their club.
    2. The little ones - 43cm - :
      there are 2 box combinations.
      box 1 :
      1 Mini Sup, 12mm Glass eyes, Default Underwear, Wig, blankets, Papers, box
      = 375000 won

      box 2 :
      1 Mini Sup, Blankets, papers, box
      = 330000 Won.

      Face up : 30000 won extra.

      Normal and BW skin available.

      The bigger 60cm Supias are Limited to 20 only, and they have the
      same box combos as the smaller ones (as in, one with a wig, underwear and etc.)
      Box 1 costs 650000 Won,
      Box 2 costs 570000 Won.

      There are 2 versions of Supia, one normal and one customed.

      To order, you'll have to send her an email headed "supia (or mini Sup) Order"
    3. &#49688;&#54588;&#50500;&#47700;&#51060;&#53356;&#50629;&#49368;&#54540;&#49324;&#51652; <- Supia faceup sample pics

      &#49688;&#54588;&#50500;&#46028;&#44068;&#47084;&#47532; <- Supia Doll Gallery

      &#49688;&#54588;&#50500;(60cm) <- Supia(60cm)
      &#51060;&#49556;(mini sup-43cm) <- YiSol (mini Sup-43cm)
      &#50560;(mini sup-43cm) <- Yan (mini sup - 43cm)

      (if you can't see Korean, please change the site's encoding to Korean)
      Hope this helps..
    4. Does anyone know if this is another of Bimong's students? The styles are slightly similar...
    5. How much are the 60 dolls in USD with faceups?

      Are there any wigs or clothing for sale?
    6. As far as I can tell from Hisuida's post on the first page, a 60cm with face-up will cost around $700, including eyes, a wig, underwear, blankets, papers and a box.
    7. when u get to the homepage click on the far left doll pic. then the seccond doll pic. who is that? could someone tell me where i can find more info/pics on the site, but i can't read the writing so that is a problem.
    8. Thats a Unoa Sist.
    9. they look like they use french resin as well.. which is why it may be similar to bimong. there is a very luminiscent quality of the resin.

      i love the 43cm bodies, not too wild about the faces, sadly. i need the big girl head shrunk down.
    10. The Supia 60 cm doll was limited to 20 dolls and they sold out. I was sad too because I wanted one. There will be no more of this particular doll made.
    11. One member already has her Supia60 (limited to 20 worldwide and are now sold out). She posted pics of her girl in the Gallery.


      As for the Minisups, I read in the latest grouporder thread that the first batch from the first grouporder will be sent out on Monday. So we should get some ownerpics soon.
    12. Only the 43 cm dolls are for sale at this time. The 60 cm doll was a limited edition of 20 and sold out. There will be no more dolls of that version made.
      There will be other 60 cm dolls made at a future date. I have seen nothing to indicate that there would be boys made. This is a one person operation to my knowledge.
    13. I hope this is the right place to ask, but for their site (http://supiadolls.com/) at least, you can choose between Urethane resin and french resin, if I understand correctly, can anyone tell me the difference?
    14. French is more luminescent so it looks more real than the basic resin. However its more sensitive to the sun so you have to be sure to keep your doll out of direct light.

      Generally people prefer the French resin but it is more expensive. If you look up Narin dolls they always use french resin you can see the resin looks very soft and real.